The Notting Hill Carnival by Andreas Bartel

One of our students, Andreas, went to the very famous Notting Hill Carnival, we asked him to write something about it, here are his impressions!


….so my Expression about the Carnival is:

There has been so many different people from different countries and classes, but at this  festival they are all the same. To me it seems like they want to enjoy  life  to taste different food, listen to good music, open your mind, inspire other people to try something new and let the chains of life behind. Of course there was also a law and you can see him but not to discover the rules over the free mind. It was more like to serve  and protect the spirit of this festival. For me the most impressive part was the music, it was like a mix between South American music  and electronic beats.  When I thought about it, in my mind grows a picture of emotional dance who comes from the heart and the straight electronic beats which comes from the head and I haven’t felt that before that, they  both can work together. In the end, it was so impressive to me  that I had started to dance on the street and normally I never do that. For me this time meant freedom and staying in line with the Universe.



Notting Hill carnival happens at the end of August every year and is one of the biggest festivals in Europe! You can check out the Guardian’s interactive visual tour of the carnival this year here!

Huge thanks to Andreas for his blog!

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