Theatre Review of Thriller

This review is written by Sandra Huesser.  Sandra is currently studying General English at Tti School of English, Upper Intermediate level.   Organised through our Social Programme, Sandra saw Thriller The Musical in the West End.  Here is her review of the show:



I didn’t have any expectations for the musical Thriller because I am a big fan of MJ .  I have 25 CDs and a few DVDs at home. When the musical started , a little boy imitated Michael when he was young and on stage with his brothers. He had the same voice as Michael when he was a young boy.  It was amazing!

The only thing I didn’t like in this musical was that the double of Jacko didn’t sing at all! Someone in the backstage was singing for him and he just moved his lips.  But it’s worth seeing it because the music and the singers were fantastic: really good moves and the entire audience was in such a good mood!  Everyone was singing and dancing as well!

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Thanks Sandra!

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