Things to do in Kentish Town or Camden if you’re skinted or minted! – by Lucy

Minted or Skinted in NW5

Although London is the capital city, living here doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m going to tell you what’s good in my hood, whether you’re feeling flush or feeling the pinch.

I live in NW5, which includes Kentish Town, Tufnell Park, Chalk Farm, some of Camden and Hampstead, and like most of London you’ll find almost anything you want and need. Here are some of the places you might catch me at the beginning of the month when I’m minted, or at the end of the month when I’m skinted!


Minted: The Bengal Lancer

Curry is Britain’s best-loved dish, you can’t leave the country without sampling it. If you have a bit of spare cash, or someone else is footing the bill, try out this place. It is exceptional. Turks especially, will love Liver Hazri.

Skinted: Dirty Burger

Who doesn’t love a burger? This is a spit and sawdust, cheap and cheerful kind of place. £6 for flesh and bun. It’s a bit tucked away, but worth searching for. If you go in winter, wrap up warm because you’re literally dining in a corrugated iron shed!

Food shopping Minted: Independent shops on the high street There’s loads of independent traders in NW5; greengrocers, fishmongers, butchers, bakers. They may be more expensive than the local supermarket, but the produce is fresh, locally sourced and you know you’re supporting a local business. Like Tti! For the best cuts, freshest veg and fish, head to Harry’s, The Fruitbowl or Meat NW5 all on the long stretch of road between Camden and Tufnell Park tube stations.

Meat NW5

Meat NW5

Skinted: Lidl I love this place! Fresh fruit and vegetables, pastries and chocolate – all affordable even on the tightest budget. Free time Minted: The Everyman Cinema Going to the cinema can be pricey, so you want a worth-it experience. This small cinema on the high street has plush sofas and table service. If you’re a cinema fan and here for a long stay, splash out on a membership. Skinted: Primrose Hill This is so cheap it’s free! And the view is priceless. Primrose Hill offers one of the best views of the city. Take a wander up there in the evening to see the city lights. If you’re around on New Year’s Eve you can see London’e famous firework display for nothing!  


We know you need to save your pennies so on this we are just going for Skinted!

Skinted: The Southampton Arms

The cheapest pints of beer and cider you’ll find in a pub in NW5, a pub that you wouldn’t mind spending an hour or two in anyway. This is a typical old boozer with locally brewed beers on the taps and a friendly local atmosphere. If you can stretch to it, try a roast pork roll with apple sauce and English mustard to accompany your pint. The perfect Saturday afternoon.

Shopping shopping

Minted: SK Vintage

All I can afford is window shopping. But it’s worth a browse to see fashion through the ages finest. This is one you can check out even if you’re skint.

Vintage Shop - Kentish Town

Vintage Shop – Kentish Town

Skinted: Mary’s Living and Giving Shop

Shopping for a great cause! This charity shop supports Save the Children, so you know your precious pennies are being well-spent. Placed in Primrose Hill, you can find designer bargains at rock-bottom prices. I once got a Zadig and Voltaire blouse for a fiver!

No matter how long your stay in London, or what your budget, these are ten of the best whether you’re a princess or a pauper!


feeling flush (adj) Well-supplied (with money); affluent; prosperous
feeling the pinch (verb phrase) To feel the effects of not having enough money
minted (adj) Rich; affluent
skinted (adj) Poor
footing the bill (verb phrase) To pay the bill
spit-and-sawdust (adj) Dirty and untidy and is not modern or attractive
cheap and cheerful (adj) Costing little money but attractive, pleasant, or enjoyable
tightest budget (colloc. adj+noun) A limited stock or supply of something
pricey (adj) Expensive
splash out (phrasal verb) To spend money freely or extravagantly
priceless (adj) Having a value beyond all price; invaluable
for nothing (idiom) Free of charge
stretch to it (phrasal verb) To pay an amount larger than expected
afford (verb) To be able to meet the expense of
bargain (n) An advantageous purchase
well-spent (adj) Usefully or profitably spent or expended
rock-bottom prices (colloc. adj+noun) At the lowest possible price limit or level
a fiver (noun) A five-pound note
a princess or a pauper (expression) A very rich or very poor person

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