What to do in London this Easter Weekend? Alina, our Intern makes some great suggestions.

Buckle up, people! Bank holidays are coming but don’t think you can lie down and stuff your face with delicious food. We have got places to go and things to do!

Easter at Kew Gardens with Lindt


Combine a lovely day at Kew gardens with an exciting chocolate hunt.

This year, the activities are chocolate-themed, as Lindt gives thousands of kids (and adults) the opportunity to get down to some seriously chocolatey events.

KewGardensFollow the Flavour Trail and solve clues that will educate and excite, with a free Lindt Gold Bunny at the end for everyone. Take part in the Bean to Bar workshops and grab the chance to make your own chocolate, or enter the Palm House and discover how various plants have been used to improve the taste of chocolate over the years.

The Passion of Jesus

25/03/2016 – Good Friday, 12pm & 3.15pm, Trafalgar Square

Now a regular addition to Easter in London, The Passion of Jesus is a recreation of the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, put on for free for the public in Trafalgar Square on Good Friday. Not to be outdone by the scores of Easter egg hunts and other events across the city, Trafalgar Square hosts this special adaptation giving viewers the chance to get to grips with the story at the heart of Easter. Featuring a cast of over a hundred, all donning period costumes, a donkey and horses, the 90-minute show attracts up to 20,000 people for each of its two performances at 12noon and 3.15pm and undoubtedly has a big impact on the watching crowds as they witness the tale of Christ’s betrayal by Judas and his trial before Pontius Pilate.



After hours lates Natural History Museum

25/03/2016 – Good Friday,18:00-22:00pm, Natural History Museum

March Lates: Step into the world of dinosaurs


Chocolate Market at Duke of York Square

26/03/2016 – 12:00, Duke of York Square

Easter fever is hitting Chelsea once again with a decadent Chocolate Market descending on Duke of York Square for a third year running. Visitors can feast on chocolates and other treats from vendors such as Amelia Rope who’ll be selling her salt caramel truffles and pale rose bars, and Hans Sloane who’ll have Easter eggs made from rich dark chocolate that transform hot milk into the creamiest of cocoa drinks.


The Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race

27/03/2016 – 12:00, Spitalfields City Farm £ 13

GoatRacePolish your horns and belt out those bleets, because London’s favourite farmyard fracas is back for a eighth year in 2016. The Goat Race is fast becoming as popular as its Thames-based rival, and sees two goats – one representing ‘Oxford’, the other ‘Cambridge’ – take part in a dash around the farm.

The gates open at noon with lots to enjoy on the farm, including bands, booze and other fun, goat-related nonsense. The race takes place at some point between 2pm and 5pm, depending on the mood of the athletes. Book tickets well in advance – the animals mustn’t get overcrowded and places sell out fast.


If a simple egg is not enough, here are “London’s 5 Sweetest Chocolate Foods That Will Make A Chocoholic’s Day”



No Yolk: The World’s Most Expensive Easter Egg Is On Sale In London



3 Wonderful Walks In London With 3 Wicked Pubs At The End Of Them

When you are done eating and regretting it you might want to go for a walk. Perhaps there will even be a nice cool beer waiting for you at the end of it!

1. Go for a walk on… Hampstead Heath, home to Emma Thompson, 180 bird species and a pretty unbeatable view of London, Hampstead Heath is a beautiful place to take a stroll on a Sunday morning. A circuit of the Heath, starting and ending at Parliament Hill, is 6 miles long and leads to a pint at The Spaniards Inn, Dickens’ favourite watering hole back in the day.

2. Go for a walk in…Richmond Park a top UK site for ancient trees and has over 250 different types of fungi (don’t eat them…seriously, what is wrong with you?). The road around the edge of the park is 6.73km long but for a more scenic walk make sure you dip into the Isabella Plantation. And then go for a pint at the The Roebuck. Apparently The Roebuck has fed Pete Townshend, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall…hopefully not all at once.


3. Go for a walk in… Victoria Park, the ultimate East London go-to-for-your-greenery. And then go for a pint at The People’s Park Tavern. Arguably one of the best beer gardens in town, this grown-up hipster hangout backs onto Victoria Park so it’s the perfect place to visit after an afternoon stroll.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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