This week at Tti by Sara Z. – 26th June

This week we want to dedicate a bit of space in our blog to one of our former students: Raul, an up & coming actor from Spain. We also speak to an IELTS student from France Lucas and Sara writes a bit about her own story at Tti! Also, she gives us some of her favourite places to visit in London during the summer!

I couldn’t think to stay so long… I can’t believe everything started 3 years ago. I wanted to improve my English level, at that time I was elementary, and I found Tti school online. I booked only one month because I was short of money and I couldn’t afford more, but Tti school gave me the opportunity to work in the coffee bar and having in exchange free English lessons!!! I used to study in the morning between 9 and 12, then at the coffee bar between 12 and 3.30pm and after that I had to run to work (I also had found another job which allowed me to pay the rent), it was definitely a really busy period but one of the best of my life!

I stayed in the school for 7 or 8 months and every year I come back for a couple of weeks using those hours I had accumulated! Now I am happy to say I’ve reached the advanced level and I can go back to Spain and go to the International Acting School there and maybe one day I’ll be able to act in London or in America thanks to my English skills!

I want to thank all Tti Team I will always remember this experience. Teachers are cool and they transmit the right energy to students in the class in order to learn as much as possible! Thanks to Tti I made friends from all over the world.”

This is Raul then and now!!


We want to say good luck to all of our students that next week are going to take the IELTS Exam!

Here we have Lucas’ opinion about the course and his experience in Tti:

In my opinion IELTS class is really helpful, I will apply to Cambridge University this October and in order to do it I need a certificate that proves my English level, and IELTS is the best one if you want to apply to University. In addition you will also improve your vocabulary, your listening and writing skills and your grammar.

My experience in Tti was amazing, at the beginning I should have stayed just for a couple of weeks but then I changed my mind and I decided to stay more, now has been 14 weeks. I am really happy with the teaching, and to be honest starting with General English really helped me to get into the language, before coming here I have never been to the UK and my English skills weren’t ready for the IELTS yet.

Another good thing about Tti is that you feel home and it is like a big family, everybody is so friendly and it is a really enjoyable school. The Social Programme is another interesting thing about the school, I really enjoyed the Ukulele Night, a lot of fun, I have never played before but maybe I’ll try again.”

We wish Lucas (also nick-named ‘genius’ for his brilliant mind and his love for physics) all the best and we hope to see you again in the UK maybe in Cambridge!

Here’s a photo of Lucas and Jan at the Ukulele Night!

lucas 1

Perhaps you don’t know but I (Sara Zambelli) am the writer of the weekly blog and I would love to share my Tti experience with you.

My story with Tti began last year when I came her in London as a student, after two months of school I had to go back to Italy (which is where I come from), I still remember the amazing memories I made here and I was really upset I had to leave.

Fortunately thanks to Paola, another former Tti student, I got a job as an au-pair and I managed to come back to London in September.

At first, I came back to Tti to say hello to some of the people I met and to the lovely staff, and I asked if it was possible to work in the coffee bar ( in exchange for having free lessons).

I had to wait until November for the coveted position, but eventually I did it!

I am really happy and greatfull to Tti for the oppurtunity it gave me, and now even more.

After 7 months in the coffee bar I apply for an intern position and here I am., second week as an intern.

I love it! I love helping students, I love writing the blog and moreover I love working here!

I know it can sound fake, but if you have been here you know, Tti is really like a big family!

Thank Tti for everything!


Here are some tips about, nice places to visit and things to do in London, all places I visited my self and that I really recommend!!

Don’t miss this hidden lovely place, Neal’s yard


Enjoy a delicious Fish Wrap at Borough Market ( my favorite place where to eat)


Breathtaking view from the roof terrace at One New Change shopping centre, you can also have drink there!


Go to the globe theatre and see a Shakespeare’s play, the atmosphere is unique!


If it is sunny, enjoy the sunshine and the nature at The Kew Gardens


Have a night out in Shoreditch


And last but not least we would like to say that we are very happy to welcome back to the teaching team Luke Wilkinson! After spending two years living in Seville he has had enough of the sun, so he’s back in good old London!

luke is back

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