This week at Tti by Sara Z. !

This week has been a week of big celebrations…

Our long term student Eimi achieved an amazing score on her IELTS exam, which allows her to apply to university, and she has also turned 18!!! Happy birthday again Eimi and congratulations!!


Tti: ” How are you going to celebrate this weekend?”

Eimi: ”Actually, I have already celebrated with my family, but all of my Japanese friends want to have a skype session with me!”

Tti: “Are you excited that you can finally go to pubs and have your first beer?”

Eimi: “Yes, it is so exciting and I have been waiting for this moment from the time I started the school. But to be honest, before I was 18, I really wanted to go. But now that I can go anytime, I feel it is not so exciting anymore!”

We also celebrated our Director of Studies’, Lucy’s birthday! We all sang happy birthday to her in the study lounge on Friday! (watch this space for the video!)


We also want to welcome all the new students of this week. We asked one of them to share her impressions with us so far.

Philippine: ”I am enjoying London, I like the school very much and I think it is quite easy to make new friends in Tti.”

Now for the twins’ impression: We are happy to have two Swedish twins back at Tti. They were last year too. Here’s what they said about the school:

Tore: ”It is fun. There are good teachers. I really like it and I am definitely loving this experience. I enjoy the sun on the terrace and I would like to thank all the staff, who have been really helpful with questions and information.”

Felix: ”We stayed here last year and it was such a beautiful and rich experience that we wanted to do it again. I already feel my level of English has improved thanks to the amazing teachers. The school is a lovely place and everybody is so friendly and it is easy to have a chat and socialise!”

Nevertheless we want to say goodbye to all the students that are leaving this week and we wish you all the best. We hope to see you again and moreover we hope you enjoyed your time at Tti.

Our student Inigo shared his experience with us: ”I was very happy here, I think all the teachers are really good, the course has been really helpful. I am very pleased that the school is so close to the tube station and I am delighted about the free coffee and the WiFi.”


Thanks Sara looking forward to next week’s edition!

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