Time to say ‘Good-bye’ !

Hello again everyone!


21 weeks ago I started my internship here at Tti! I remember the day very well because I was super excited and also very nervous. It was the first time for me working abroad!


But after just a few minutes my fears were blown away. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Even though there was a lot of new stuff for me to learn I got used to it very quickly. From the beginning it felt like I had been part of the team for ages.

I started to love the work at Tti because actually it never felt like real work for me. It was always fun being in touch with so many students from all over the world and help them whenever they needed my help! 

I really want to say ‘thank you’ to Tti for making this internship possible! I made a lot of new friends with whom I’m still in touch and I made a lot of experiences I will never forget! 

I had to say ‘Good-bye’ to a lot of people and friends and now it’s time for me to say ‘Good-bye’! I am really going to miss Tti, the people and of course the city! But maybe I will be back one day, you never know..




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