Top 5 tips for improving your English

Our teaching team give their top 5 tips for improving your English (without a teacher!). Between us we have over 68 years of English language teaching experience, have taught in countries as close by as France and as far away Thailand, and taught students as young as 3 years old to 63! So we feel like we’re in pretty good position to give some advice! Plus, we are all language learners and have been through what all our students are going through. We know that above all learning has to be fun and interesting, and it’s important to take responsibility and study outside the classroom too. So we have compiled a ‘Top 5′ to help you out on your language learning journey. Enjoy!


1. Be obsessed!

Exploit everything English. Even if it is a sign you don’t understand, take a picture on your phone and make a point of working out the meaning. Look it up, Google it, ask an English speaker!

2. Buddy up!

Find someone else who wants to practise English. It’s great to watch TV and read, but how do you know you’re understanding everything? Do the same activity with a partner and discuss it afterwards to check your understanding- and practise speaking!

3. Record yourself!

This is great for pronunciation. The secret is to never delete your first recording then you can always compare your first with your latest and see how much you have improved. It’s great for motivation. Try listening to straplines on Youtube and repeat the phrases and recording them on your phone. Keep doing it until you notice those tricky sounds moving closer and closer to the original.

4. Start your own club!

This can be any kind of club at all; baking, reading books, yoga, bird spotting. But whatever it is- all members must speak in English! You can do this in your own accommodation, or ask at school if they have spare classroom for you to host your club.

5. Be a geek!

Keep notes and get organised. Separate grammar from vocab, keep all reading texts (and your notes!), make flashcards and put them up where you will see them. Do your homework and set aside time for English everyday.


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