Tti Podcast Episode 5 – What’s it like to do business in China?

Mel sits down with Adam Robyson who is a Sales Executive for Aykroyd & Sons Ltd , a leading supplier of character nightwear and swimwear into the UK retail stores and specialise in both children and adult product. Adam talks about doing business in China, the differences between doing business there and here in the UK and the importance of building relationships in business!

See below for our glossary of Business English terms which Adam uses during the interview! 

Business English Vocabulary List

  1. Account manager  (n.)- is a person who works for a company and is responsible for the management of sales, and relationships with particular customers.
  2. Licensee (n.) –   a ​person or ​organization who has ​official ​permission to make, do, or own something: 
  3. Retailers -(n.)  A business or person that sells goods to the consumer, 
  4. Socialising (n.)- mix socially with others.
  5. Networking (n.)- interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.“Building relationships is part of networking “
  6. Properties – a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively. – In this case Adam is talking about the different cartoons or characters that they use in their nightwear – i.e – Disney ‘s Frozen
  7. (Shorter )lead times – the time between the initiation and completion of a production process.
Some other great Business English language..
react quicker 
growth in .
Do you know what these words mean?

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