Tti’s launches its first Saturday club !

This July we launched Tti’s first Saturday Club! We opened our doors at 12:30 pm and Luke , our Teacher and Social Programme Organiser , ran two interactive workshops -
Conversation & Pronunciation and Memorising Strategies!

photo 2
Here are Luke’s thoughts and some more details on his Saturday workshops!
I had taught conversation and pronunciation lessons before, but never with any of these students, so it was nice to be able to begin on with the basics and cover something which would be beneficial to students from a range of levels and abilities. We began the lesson by covering the basic vowel sounds and differentiating between long and short vowel sounds and diphthongs. This is always an interesting lesson because different students’ abilities to form particular sounds is often affected by their mother tongue and the sounds the are most familiar with from their own language.
After this we moved onto a vowel sound dominoes game where students, in groups of three, had to match the tiles given to them based on their vowel sounds. Students often find this activity difficult as some vowel sounds are often confused or considered to be somewhat similar. We finished the lesson with an overview of the phoneme chart (see below) and an identification of particular vowel sounds in common English words. Again, this is a bit difficult but it was evident that there was improvement as students were able to clearly form and differentiate between many of the difficult vowel sounds.
birtish-council-phonemic-chartFor the second workshop, Memorising Strategies, we focused on strategies for memorizing vocabulary. The main strategy we focused on was the use of location memory as a method for learning and reviewing new vocabulary. What I liked about this class was that although I gave students a foundation through which they could retain and associate new vocabulary with my own concepts, they all had a chance to create their own approach in a way which was relevant to themselves. I am confident that all the students came away from the lesson with a clearer understanding of how to make clear and cogent associations between new vocabulary and the words and objects with which they are familiar from their own cultures.
photo 1
All in all the workshop was a success! :-)
Missed the last Saturday Club ? No worries! Our next Saturday Club will be on August 30th with our teacher John who will be teaching who will be teaching Idiomatic and Colloquial English expressions!
Watch this space ! More details to follow!

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