A week at Tti School of English!

Last week we were very pleased to welcome Julia from our partner agency Kolumbus-Sprachreisen to study with us and have the Tti experience! She was kind enough to write about her week with us. Read on to find out more about her week at Tti!


I stayed at Tti School from the 23rd April until 27th April 2018. Before I arrived in London I was very excited and maybe a bit scared. Scared because it’s a big city that I have never been to before with new people and a new experience awaiting me at the school.

On my first day at school me and the other students who arrived at that day, had a very warm welcome. My fear turned into happiness.The teachers and staff are really kind and if you have any questions or need some help they will be there for you. I had a very personal feeling with the students and the teachers.

Julia Vogel Kolumbus

Every day the school offered a different social programme activity. Most of the activities were free and organized by the school. During my week-long stay, I joined a guided walking tour around Camden, a Speaking Workshop and a pub crawl! Especially at the beginning of the week, these activities helped me to meet other students and get used to speaking English.


I recommend Tti School because it is really helped me improve your English, meeting people from all over the world and having a shared experience with them. It was a pleasure to be there. Thank you Tti School.”

Thanks to you Julia it was great to have you studying with us. To find out more about our school and the courses we offer please visit our website www.ttischool.com

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