What did the 30 + group get up to last week? Read all about their London experience here!

Our 30 + course is for those who want to learn English in London with like-minded people! Last week’s 30 + course blogged about their experiences in London and some of the highlights of their Tti 30 + experience. Thanks to all the students for getting stuck in!

Tti's 30+ Course

Tti’s 30+ Course




My name is Edwin, I’m 45 years old and I have been here for two weeks. My life in the Netherlands is busy with work and family, because I have three wonderful children, age 15, 13 and 6 and a beautiful wife.

Study English

I came to Tti to improve my English for better career opportunities. Besides the study, I looked forward to spending some time alone to visit museums and watching the main buildings of London.

Process Impressions

As most people I was very impressed by London. Of course the beautiful buildings, like the Big Ben, Tower of London, the London Eye etc. the buses and taxis are lovely and driving on the left is so typically English.

After the first days I met other people and went to the pubs and noticed that the people in London are very friendly and helpful. It is safer and much friendlier and more proper than that I expected and in that case better than Amsterdam.

The first free day I spent in the Imperial War Museum. In this museum I realized how the British were under pressure but kept standing against this pressure. Impressive stories and movies were shown and described how the British lived in this period during the war but also gave a good view of all the preparations that took place to the start of D. Day. I also saw a movie of trained ‘secret’ agents who were trained to work in occupied areas. The work is extremely dangerous, lonely and a lot of people had given their lives for Britain. Unbelievable that a relatively small land like England was able to free Empire and fight also in Africa and Asia. Finally I saw the holocaust exhibition and ended with a drink to think about this museum.

Raquel & Laurent

Two wanderers in a changing city.

We had visited many places before we came here to Great Britain, but now we are visiting London for the 2nd time.

- Why are you back in London (10/20 years after) ?

We remembered a very dynamic, alternative, cosmopolitan but also elegant city. In our countries, London was reported to have changed a lot lately, after 2012 Olympic Games, with new buildings, but it’s still as we remembered it.

-What did change since your last visit then?

The traffic inside the city was limited in the 1st Zone, so it was pleasant to discover a very much quieter city…

- How was the weather in January?

We are happy to check that the weather was not as awful as we’d expected. The sun appeared at times and rain wasn’t last for more than 1 hour.

There will always be London!

What about Londoners, Would you say they changed a lot over the last two decades?

Some say yes, but we’d say no. Our teacher explain to us that foreigners working in customer service have a better and more friendly reputation, but still Londoners are very welcoming in everyday  life.


Our 30+ Course having Fun at a London Pub

Our 30+ Course having Fun at a London Pub



My name is Sandrine Chanteloup, not like “Canteloupe” melons but like “Singing wolf”!

I really enjoyed my stay in London with Tti School.

In the morning = courses, in the afternoon= discovering London!

London is a huge city with buildings, traffic jams but it is also a green City!

I am really interesting in nature so I am going to talk about countryside and nature in London.


You can see a lot of wild animals in the City:

Squirrels are everywhere! They are climbing trees, they are feeding in bins, they are never afraid of human beings. It is obvious that they are not red but grey= red squirrels are disappearing because of contagious diseases spread by grey squirrels….

There are birds like blackbirds, they are great singers and I love listening to them.

Foxes are very famous in London. Edwin, a classmate, took a photo at night. Unfortunately, I only saw a dead one in a park.


Will England be the same without Cats & Dogs?

In parks, there are many dogs walking and running. The dog owners like to throw balls and their dogs always bring them back. Some of these dogs wear coats. I notice that English dogs are better educated than French ones.

Cats like sleeping near radiators but they also like walking on the streets.


Huge thanks to our 30 + group for giving their thoughts on their experience here in London with us at Tti! If you would like more information on our 30 + course please visit our 30 + information page on our website HERE or email us at info@ttischool.com

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