What do you study on Tti’s IELTS Course? John from Hamburg shares his experience!

Moin! (a typical expression in Hamburg to say Hello). My name is John from Hamburg and I am 20 years old. I would like to give you an overview about my great time in London and the academic IELTS course.

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From the 12th of October I was given the opportunity to study 2 months at Tti School in London to prepare my IELTS certificate. This certificate is very academic and is useful when you decide to apply for University, which teach in English. There are a lot of English schools in London, so you have a wide range of schools to select. Tti School was recommend by my circle of friends and also the internet appearance left a very good impression, that’s why I finally chose Tti.

I decided to choose the IELTS 30 course which means, you have 20 lessons IELTS in the morning and 10 lessons General English in the afternoon per week.

The IELTS exam is divided into 4 sections consisting of he listening, reading, writing and speaking part. High qualified and enthusiastic teachers like Huw and Anthony know, how to focus on the different sections to get the best result in the exam. Moreover, we did a lot of mocks to work under time pressure and under real IELTS circumstance and did some actual IELTS papers.  When I did not feel confident with some tasks, my teachers appreciated to give me more exercises focusing more on my fields I wanted to improve. A lot of homework, which were checked and marked, made me to improve more my English skills. We spend a lot of lessons on academic writing using the right structure and vocabulary, which is very important in this exam. Even after 3 weeks I noticed that I improved my Use of English and I got more confident with the language.

Another really good thing is in my opinion, that the teachers change their classes every month. So students, who stay longer in school, have the chance to get to know different teachers and their teaching-styles. Furthermore, the school offers every afternoon/evening a social programme. A lot of students take the chance to take part at these attractions or workshops. I would recommend to take part in this programme, because you get to know more students and, in addition, you improve your speaking skills and get to know the beautiful city London with its different faces (Hamburg is still my No.1!). Finally I did the IELTS exam and I have noticed, that my teachers prepared me well for it.

I would like to say thank you to everybody who was involved to offer me a great time in London. This includes, my IELTS teachers Huw and Anthony, my General English teacher Mike, Melissa who works in the Marketing Department and is always in a good mood and makes the students to feel at home, my House  Manger who had a hard job in our flat but solved the matters professionally, the Principal of the school Viv and the whole Tti team. Last but not least thank you to all the people and now friends I have met and I am hoping to see them again.

In this sense, goodbye but we always meet twice in a lifetime. 

John Frederic Weissenborn


Thank you John for this lovely blog and your kind words! We so enjoyed having you here at Tti! To learn more about our IELTS Preparation Courses please visit – www.ttischool.com 


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