What happened at Tti & in London this week? Anja our intern fills us in! – Week 2

Anja’s Weekly Blog 2 

We’ve asked our new intern, Anja from Germany to write a weekly blog about her experience here at Tti and in London! 

Another week, another blog post. I discovered a lot of new places not to miss in London!


I want to strongly recommend a place to you, I went to see on Saturday! If you have the opportunity to visit the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (also known as the Neasden Temple), you definitely have to do it! It will take you about 50 Minutes to go there, but you will be impressed by the stunning architecture and uncountable stone carvings… and it is free!

Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple

After having visited the spiritual and silent temple, I went to the exact opposite: Harrods – the well-known upmarket department store in Brompton Road, where crowds were running around with their shopping bags and cars and busses trying to make their way trough the rush hour. Unfortunately, it is not a place to go shopping for average earners, but nevertheless I enjoyed going there. Well, at least I could afford a box of tea.

Harrods at sunset

Harrods at sunset

Apart from the temple and Harrods, I went to Piccadilly Circus to have another look at the Lumiere Festival (see my last week’s blog) and made a short trip to China Town afterwards.

On Sunday, I visited the Natural History Museum. It took me hours to observe each area, but it definitely was worth it. Like most museums in London, the entrance is for free and it is a perfect activity for rainy days.


Monday is ‘new-student’ day at Tti School! This means a lot of work for the office team, but also a lot of new kind people in our study lounge. So, again welcome to all of those, who started their course this week! I wish you a great time and unforgettable moments at Tti School of English.


I discovered a new place you should definitely try. The ‘Tortilla’ at Camden High Street. A very cool designed restaurant, where you get delicious Mexican Burritos, Tacos and Tortilla for £5-7. Having found this spot, could probably spoil my plan to daily try another cuisine. I LOVE IT!


This week’s highlight at Tti School! Mel and Huw skyped with a NY high school class to talk about the differences between American and British accents, dialects and cultures. Looks like a lot of fun!

Mel & Huw skyping with NY high school class

Mel & Huw skyping with NY high school class


On Thursday, I went to Goodge Street for some gift shopping and afterwards I met a friend at ‘Le Pain Quotidien’, which is a sweet, french cafe/ restaurant. I love the rustic and warm atmosphere there and their lovely way of preparing and serving the dishes. Just have a look at my picture underneath. Bet you get jealous of this delicious cheesecake I had :D.

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien



Here is a list of words Anja used in her blog!

upmarket – upmarket ​goods and ​products are of very high ​quality and ​intended to be ​bought by ​people who are ​quite ​rich

to spoil – diminish or destroy the value or quality of sth

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