What happened at Tti & in London this week? Anja our intern fills us in! – Week 3

Anja’s Weekly Blog 3

We’ve asked our new intern, Anja from Germany to write a weekly blog about her experience here at Tti and in London! 

My internship slowly draws to a close… don’t miss the last but one time I write you about Tti’s news and London’s must-sees and must-dos!

Me & the beautiful Tower Bridge

Me & the beautiful Tower Bridge


I had a stunning beginning of my weekend, going to see the musical of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre on Friday. I enjoyed the grand old theatre and of course also the production of the musical, with amazing sceneries and a brilliant cast! The venue itself is worth a visit!

I was often recommended to visit Borough Market, so that’s what I did on Saturday and I was not promised too much! I got to see, smell and taste a huge variety of international foods and it took me a long while to decide what to eat. However, I would advise you to go early on Saturday in order to avoid being there during its’ peak time. Unfortunately I went shortly before lunch, so it was really really busy there.

Chicken Brioche Burger at Borough Market

Chicken Brioche Burger at Borough Market

Afterwards, I continued my touristy programme. Having already spent two weeks in London, I still had not seen the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. So, that’s where I headed to next. I spent a long time, walking along both banks and taking pictures of the Tower Bridge, the City Hall, the HMS Belfast and of course, the Tower of London. I liked the contrast between extremely modern architecture on the one hand and royal buildings with ages of history on the other hand. From the Tower of London, I went to St Paul’s Cathedral, which was beautiful, too!

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral


Unfortunately, this week began with bad news. Laura-Jade, our Senior Registrar finished her last day at Tti School on Friday. She had a helping hand for everything and supported me each day from the beginning of my internship at Tti. So it was a bit sad to begin this week without her, but I wish her the best for her future! However, Tti also got two new team members, Ali and Tom, who will support our teachers team from now on.


Time to celebrate at Tti School of English! Our teacher Maryam’s birthday gave us reasons to come together during break, eat chocolate cake and raise our glasses (of apple juice).

Cheers! - Tti celebrating Maryam's Birthday

Cheers! – Tti celebrating Maryam’s Birthday


London’s Science Museum organises after-hours theme nights on the last Wednesday of every month. I was very looking forward to it and it was indeed a great night! The museum offered various activities, such as flying in a 3D flight simulator, top up your Moon Walking skills or listen to the fascinating story of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to fly to space. While live music played, you could grab tasty snacks or cocktails and have a look at the exhibits.

Lates is a really good way to spend an exciting evening and bring variety to the day to day routine within a week. Apart from that, the entry and most of the activities are free!

3D Flight Simulator at the Science Museum's Lates

3D Flight Simulator at the Science Museum’s Lates


On my way back home I made a stopover at the Underground station King’s Cross St. Pancras, in order to do some souvenir shopping. There you can find two Harry Potter shops and the famous Platform 9 3/4! – Definitely a must-see for every Harry Potter fan!


to draw to a close – to end, to come to an end
after-hours – occurring in or operating after the normal or legal closing time for business


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