What happened at Tti & in London this week? Anja our intern fills us in! – Week 4

Anja’s Weekly Blog 4

We’ve asked our new intern, Anja from Germany to write a weekly blog about her experience here at Tti and in London!

Unfortunately, already 4 weeks have passed and my internship at Tti School of English is over now. This is what I did during my last week in London…

- Changing of the Guard

– Changing of the Guard


I wanted to make good use of my last weekend in London and that’s what I did! It was a weekend full of stunning experiences and places!

On Friday I went to The Hawker House – Street Feast, which is an indoor night market taking place in a warehouse. You find various market stalls offering international foods and also cocktails or other drinks, music plays in the whole warehouse and you also find lounge areas.

- Hawker House Night Market

– Hawker House Night Market

My Saturday started early in the Morning… I felt obliged to see the Changing of the Guard at the Buckingham Palace at least once during my London stay. The ceremony was really interesting and I enjoyed the Regimental Band! In the Evening I went to the Piano Works in Farringdon (London’s only non stop live music venue!). It’s a mixture of bar, restaurant and club and the live band only plays requests of the guests!

I was keen on visiting Greenwich! As this weekend was my ‘last opportunity’ I decided to go there and it was beautiful! I enjoyed the calm and the green spaces (those reminded me of my home town)! To bring my weekend to a close I visited the Skygarden, from where you have a stunning view above London! You can either just go there to enjoy the view and have a ‘walk’ through the indoor garden, or sit down at the bar/ restaurant. Although the entry is free, make sure to book your visit online.

- Greenwich

– Greenwich


I am pleased to introduce Dalila, Tti’s new intern to you! She supported me this week and I tried to help her getting along with her new tasks. She will now stay at Tti for the next 2 months! Have a good time, Dalila!

It was also time to celebrate again! Our Coffee Bar Monitor Yuri’s birthday was on Saturday, so we got him a Birthday muffin and sang Happy Birthday to him :D . Check out Tti’s Facebook or Instagram profile to see how he reacted!

- Me and Tti's new Intern Dalila

– Me and Tti’s new Intern Dalila


I was very looking forward to watching The Phantom Of The Opera’s musical at Her Majesty’s theatre. The theatre itself is smaller than the Royal Drury Lane Theatre (where I went to during my 2nd week), but also in this precious French Renaissance style I love! What I enjoyed the most was the live orchestra, which accompanied the play musically.

- Her Majesty's Theatre

– Her Majesty’s Theatre


One last time Camden Market… As Tti intern/ student you benefit from the fact that the school is located on the Camden High Street and thus also close to the Camden Market. The Camden Market is really busy on the weekends, so I enjoyed going there during my lunch breaks.


There is no better place to go shopping than Oxford Street, I think. Justifying myself by telling me that I have to take the opportunity of being in London once, I could stroll through the shops without having a bad conscience.


I guess, It’s time to say goodbye now. I enjoyed being part of Tti’s team and am thankful for everything that I learned and experienced! I will never forget this exciting month in London!

In Germany we say ‘you always meet twice in a lifetime’ ;-) So, I hope to see you all again! 

But for now I’ll just say…
Goodbye Tti & goodbye London!

Here is a list of words Anja used in her blog!
- to make (good) use of sth - to use something well
- to be keen on sth – very excited about and interested in something
- to stroll – to walk slowly in usually a pleasant and relaxed way

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