What happened at Tti & in London this week? Anja our intern fills us in!

Anja’s Weekly blog

We’ve asked our new intern, Anja from Germany to write a weekly blog about her experience here at Tti and in London! 

Now I’ve spent my first week in London and I have already gained a lot of new impressions and experiences which I would love to share with you!

The Beautiful London Eye!

The Beautiful London Eye!



As I am visiting London for the first time, I sure could not wait to see the top sightseeing spots such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square and of course the precious Buckingham Palace. Finally to cap it all off, I tried the typical British Fish ‘n’ Chips.


After having finished my first working day at Tti School and met a lot of lovely people, I joined the school’s Social Programme . We went together to visit Camden Market and enjoy the variety of international food, stunning architecture and different styles of fashion and music. Moreover, we got to know where Amy Winehouse’s “local pub’ was and had a look at what was the place-to-be in the 1970s 

Camden Canal

Camden Canal



Having the opportunity to spend my lunch breaks during the following 4 weeks in Camden Town and Kentish Town (where the school’s second building is), I decided to make it a daily ritual to try a different international cuisine. By chance, I found a simple turkish joint called “E. Mono” and tried a chicken wrap with hummus and chili sauce. It was really tasty and I’d definitely recommend it to you! They offer traditional Arab food like kebabs, shawarma wraps, falafels, kofte and baklava for relatively low prices.


On Wednesday, I decided to go for some shopping on Oxford Street. You’ll find there whatever the heart of a girl could possibly desire, e.g.Topshop (spanning across three floors!), River Island, New Look or American Apparel. Those who have a weakness for decoration and stationary shouldn’t miss Paperchase!


Immediately after work, I rushed to see the beginning of London’s Festival of Lights – Lumiere London. Across London you can enjoy extraordinary light works and artful installations, which are really amazing!

Lumiere Festival of lights 2016!

Lumiere Festival of lights 2016!



Here is a list of words Anja used in her blog!

cap it off – . to complete an experience in a particularly good or bad way

daily ritual – something you do everyday

turkish joint – Joint can mean place and can be used to describe a cool bar or restaurant

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