What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (10th July)

Hello hello everybody! I’m still here, still writing the weekly blog!

Hope everybody has enjoyed it so far!

This week we want to give a big and warm welcome to our new intern Leonie, she is going to stay with Tti Family for 6 weeks.

We really hope she will have a great time here in London and in Tti.

I asked her to do a little interview and to tell us what her impression is so far.

ME: Hi Leonie, do you want to tell something about you?

LEONIE: Of Course! Originally I’m from Velbert which is a small town near Duesseldorf. Two years ago I moved to Bonn to start my training at Deutsche Telekom which is one of the biggest companies in Germany. Next to my training I also do an additional qualification as foreign language correspondent. My company organised this internship with Tti so I can experience working abroad and to work on my English skills.

ME: are you enjoying your staying in London? I know this is your first time abroad for a long time, how do you feel?

LEONIE:This is my third time here in London and I absolutely love the city. I like the diversity London has to offer which is sometimes missing in Germany. There is so much I want to see. Even though I am staying 6 weeks I still think it is not enough time to see everything i’ve planned to do. I just hope I can make the best of the time that I got. :-) 

ME: how is going your first days here at Tti?

LEONIE:My first days at Tti were great. It’s been really busy so I had already a lot to do. I really like that the whole team is so helpful and patient with my training. I’m really grateful that I have the chance to come to work here at Tti. 

ME: do you want to add anything else?

LEONIE:I like to thank the Tti team for welcoming me to the school and I hope that we have a great time working together. 

IMG_1566Thank you so much Leonie!!

Now we want to ask to one of our students, who has just upgraded to the afternoon FCE class, how is it going and what does she think about it.

Akiko has been in Tti on and off since september, she is a very close friend of mine and she is a beautiful person.

ME: Hey aki how’s it going? What do you think about the FCE course? Was it worth it to upgrade?

AKI: I think this course is amazing because students are just four people and we have the same aim which focus on exam exercises so I can concentrate to study with them. In fact I might not take FCE exam when I finish this course, however i think it’s good way to improve my English, I won’t take it though. So of course it was worth to upgrade for me.

ME: What do you think about the class and about your teacher?

AKI: We’re a small group so our teacher ,who is the lovely Maryam, can give me a lot of advice individually, in addition I have a good opportunity to speak with her a lot. It helps me to understand everything.

ME: Do you feel more confident now? Do you think this class has helped you to improve yor english skills?

AKI:Actually I haven’t have a confident yet, but this class has absolutely helped me, and now i can enjoy studying English because It was my new challenge in Tti!! I’m happy to join this class anyway.

ME: Thank you so much Aki, I’m sure you will rock it!

11161696_10206755631232034_5952798208025226100_oAki and Kansei at the Ukulele night!

This week on Wednesday was MEL’s birthday!!!


You are a wonderful person, lively, full of energy and you always have a smile for everybody!

You are like a ray of sunshine which makes everyone’s day better!!

We love you Mel!

mels birthday

she is sharing with us her birth story!

The story goes that my mother was down at the beach with my sister and brother when all of sudden I wanted to come out and play! My mother started going into labour right there on the beach so my grandma took my other two siblings, my dad got the car and sped down to long beach bridge to take my mother to the hospital..

when all of a sudden the bridge went up & got stuck!

long beach bridge

Long Beach Bridge, Long Island, NY

Finally the bridge came back down and my father broke the speed limit and I came out doing a jig! Ok that part’s a bit of a lie ;) . That’s my New York birth story!


This week also a bunch of students went to the Bowling Alley in Finsbury and had a lot of fun! Here are some pics!!








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