What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (17th July)

I have some surpising news….I have just found out we have a MAGICIAN at Tti!! He even performed his tricks for Mel for her birthday last week! :)

ABRACADABRA here is his magic trick :



ME: How did you get into magic? When? Tell us a bit more about your passion!

PABLO: My father used to cycling in the morning as an hobbie, but when he chenged his working shift he had to choose another one. We ended up together to be really keen on Magic, we know a magician and he intoduced us in this fantastic world. We started in Madrid 5 years ago in a Magician Association, once a week. It is very interesting, we have lectures and perfomers form all over the world and we really enjoy our passion

ME:I know Magicians never revail their trick, but can you make an exception?

PABLO: Can you keep a secret? Me too!

Thank you very much Pablo for your amazing performance!!

This week at Tti I interview some students of the IELTS Course, they are studying in the other building, the lovely and cool 158, which is 10 minutes-ish walking from 148.

IELTS course is not like the other exam preparation course (CAE, FCE), is possible to choose for how long you want to join the course and it is really helpful espacially if you want to apply to a foreign university. Anyaway I don’t want to make you bored with all the details, which you can find on http://www.ttischool.com/index.php?course-detail&newsdetail=20121220-91_ielts-preparation-classes-london#

This is what our students said about it:

PATRICIA: I like that the group is quite small, it is easier to focus and the teacher is always available to answer to all of my questions!

ALONA: My English level has improved a lot, and all of my English skills such as writing, speaking, use of English and listening.

BEATRIX: I really like the class and I feel that it motives me more than the General English.

ADAMO: I have improved so much since I came here, at the beginning I could barely speak english and now i feel more confident and it is easier to communicate.

We are always very happy when our students feel good in Tti!!

And as a last thing, we had an amazing Summer Party at Proud Camden!!

Here are some pics!! I Hope everybody it enjoyed as much as I did =)









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