What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (24th July)

This week at Tti everybody is still recovering from the amazing summer party! Ed did a great job as a DJ, the music was awesome, the location (Camden Proud), carefully chosen by the amazing Maryam, was fantastic and of course the people there, Tti Family, were lovely (and they still are).

Some of the staff performed on the stage, with ukulele, flute and guitar singing ‘Valerie’ and then the Over 30’s Class with their teacher Huw performed as well, singing a song that they wrote during one of the lessons.

blog6 1

Edward takes his task really seriously!


On Tuesday, under the sunshine we hosted a PingPong Tournament in our terrace, all the students enjoyed it.


We want to congratulate the winner Vittorio Maneglia.

Here is a picture of Vitto the most beautiful and astonishing Italian!


And CONGRATULATIONS to all the student who passed their FCE and CAE exam on June!!!

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Here is a picture of the CAE class, with their teacher!

here a picture of our FCE class on Wednesday after a full lesson of expressions and phrasal verbs!

fce class maryam

This week a special guest came to visit us, her name is Remi, she has been a student in Tti for a really long time (almost one year), I seize the opportunity to asker a few questions!

Me : Welcome back to London again, we are really happy to see you! Why did you want to come back in the first place?

Remi: I wanted to see my lovely friends from Tti.

Me: what is the thing that you have been missing most of being here, while you were in Japan?

Remi: its really difficult to explain, I stayed here almost one year and when I was back in Japan I missed a lot Tti, because my life in London basically was Tti, and of course I missed Camden Town!

Me: what are you plans now that you are going back to Japan?

Remi: I work as a pharmacist, but unfortunately in Japan I don’t have many any chances to speak english and I want to find a way to keep practising.

Although, I’m quite excited because I’m moving to Kyoto and there, there are al lot of travellers from other country and I’ll have the opportunity to speak in english!

I just want to say something more about my experience, when I arrived in London it was a bit difficult because everything is different, but here there are many opportunities to try new things and some people told me that London is not Japan and I could no anything you want, and if you have some qualifications you can achieve your goals even though it could be a bit hard!

Since I’ve been here I’ve learnt that I don’t know a lot about my country, teachers used to ask me things and sometimes I couldn’t answer, so now is the time to find out more about Japan!

remi blog6

Here is Remi with some friends from Tti, Alona, Airi and Ellen!!

On Thursday it was John’s Birthday, one of our teacher who has been teaching in Tti for 6 years! Happy happy Birthday John!!





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