What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (31st July)

This week at Tti I wasn’t at school, maybe some of you have noticed my absence, at least, I hope so! Anyway I’m still here writing the weekly blog, I have my spies all around the school and they gave all the news about this week!

As a first thing WELCOME BACK HAVA!!! Our ex intern came back from Germany to take the CAE Class, we really hope you will enjoy your time as a student, and I’m sure you will pass the exam easily!

Now I want to dedicate a bit of space to my friend Daniela, who I met last year in Tti, she came back from Italy a couple of weeks ago, and now she is the coffee bar monitor at school! I’m happy to say that our friendship hasn’t changed at all, even if we havn’t seen each other for more than one year (friendships made at Tti last forever).

ME: Hey Daniela, are you happy to be here?

DANIELA: Yes, a lot, I love London and I have lots of nice memory of Tti!

ME: I know you went to Dover and I know you loved it! Do you wanna tell us a bit about Dover and its beauty?

DANIELA: Yes of course! As you know I have always wanted to go there and laid down on the famous cliff, and to be honest it was much more beautiful as I expected! It was awesome, I mean, the grass is so green and soft, and the view is breathtaking, you really feel so small in front of such a majestic natural masterpiece! I was a bit disappointed by the castle, actually I thought it would have been more interesting, but all in all I really recommend to spend a day in Dover!



Also, we are adding a new section on our social media sites. Starting August, in addition to the daily phrasal verb and idiom there will be a quote. So if you want to share your favourite quote, you can send us an e-mail to intern@ttischool.com. It can be a quote of a famous person, but it also can be a quote of something you heard at school, for example something your teacher said.

I’m quite sure that almost all of you know that our teacher John is leaving, this week has been his last week! We are really sad about it, but we know he will have a great time in India and in Australia! Check his blog out!!

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