What happened at Tti School of English in London this week? Sara Z. fills us in! (3rd July)

These 2 last weeks we had a special group in our school: the Camden B&B group! These students came all together from Italy and they studied at Tti for two weeks as a group in the same class. They had their own special social programme run by our amazing teacher Edward! Edward took them to Hyde Park, The British Museum, The London Eye, the Tower of London & More! 

Here are some of the students’ impressions:

ANGELA: ”It was a beautiful experience, I had a lovely time here in London. I enjoyed almost all of the social activities, Kenwood house and Hampstead Heath are fantastic places. To be honest I thought the British Museum was a bit boring! My favourite place in London is Piccadilly Circus because the big screens remind me of New York!”

MATTEO: ”I liked it, it was good and I had fun during the free time. My favourite place in London is Shoreditch for its street art which I really liked !”

ALESSANDRA: ”It was a really nice experience, the free time with the class and the teacher was amazing. I think it was useful for me to come here to improve my english skills! My favourite place is Hyde park, we went there with Edward, and I liked it so much because it reminds me my own town!”

SARA F.: ”I enjoyed a lot this experience, the school and moreover the activities around the city!! Hyde Park, Camden Town and Trafalgar Square are my favourite places. I hope to have improved my English with this experience!”

REBECCA:” I had a lovely time and I liked a lot the social programme and the  trips with our teacher Edward around the city! Camden Market is an amazing place especially if you want to eat something nice and cheap! I feel that after two weeks I can speak English better and I feel more confident! Maybe in the future I’ll come back! “

SARA M.: ”It was an amazing experience and Kenwood House was one the most beautiful places I have visited.”

LUCA: ”Cool, I like it, maybe in the future I’ll come back. London is a fantastic city, I really enjoyed the view from the London eye and going to Greenwich as well. The negative thing about London was just the tube during the rush our!”


Our DOS Lucy at our special leaving party ! :)


Our teacher Edward with Luca


Edward with Alessandra

beb7Camden B&B Group with their Certificates!!

This week has also been our intern Hava’s last week at Tti.

Hava has been our lovely intern for 6 months and she has been a great addition to our team!

We will definitely miss her and we will have to say goodbye to her but not for good, because she is coming back as a student taking the CAE summer course in one month!!!

We asked her if she could share her feelings with us:

Can’t believe it’s already been 6 months. The time has flown by. I have been working here in the most vibrant part of London, but I’ve also met the most vibrant people in London! The teachers and students are an eclectic mix of interesting characters and personalities. I will miss sitting in the sunshine outside on the rooftop and chatting with people from all over the world.

Although I’m coming back soon, I feel sad because I’m leaving this lovely place for now. I feel as though it has changed me forever, and for the better.”

hava1Hava in Canterbury


Hava with Tti Team on Friday drinks!


Hava with Annika and Maryam during Tti drinks Friday!

And Surprise Hava!! We also asked the Tti’s staff (ourselves) to write something:

MEL: Hava has been my right hand girl since starting in January. She has been such a huge help in terms of generating fantastic blog ideas, helping me with the social media and keeping on top of me about all the blogs we’ve done and still need to do! She’s been such a supportive member of the team and very generous with her time. She is a girl who will surprise you . My favourite moment is when she asked me if I knew Nancy Sinatra ‘s “Summer Wine ” & did a little half turn… :) Great taste in music if you ask me!

Hava, you will be missed but we look forward to welcoming you back in August for your CAE course when you get to enjoy being a student at Tti! Thanks again for all your handwork lady!! :)

LUCY: What I would say about Hava:

Hava and I started at Tti within a week of each other, so I’ve always seen her as a colleague, ally and friend. Such a trustworthy friend that she stayed at my house for a week and looked after my precious cats while I was on holiday. They are still wondering when she’ll be back…

JOHN: Hava always has a smile and a strawberry for everyone…

SARA (me!): Hava is a lovely girl, she trained me with a lot of patience and I will definitely miss her, but not for long! She is coming back soon!

EDWARD: Hava has been very welcoming and helpful to me. She always has a smile on her bringing the good vibes whilst remaining professional. We have gotten to know each other quickly in the last couple of months and although it would be sad to see her go, she’ll be back very soon. She said she wanted to see more of me around and that’s what’s happened. Thanks for your support. It’s always fun to have Hava around! Hava safe return and see you soon! Haha Hava Hattie Huw! A good name for a rap group! 


I can’t believe you are leaving already after 6 months! Time flies!

You will be missed a lot! I feel proud of meeting such a good colleague and, of course, friend! I really enjoyed all time that we spent together in the office and…outside! I will keep it in my memories and I’m sure we will have much more!

See you in one month and good luck!  X

MARYAM: What will Tti be without our little Hava? Not the same that’s for sure!

I will miss her beautiful friendly smile and her random hugs during the day. I will miss her love of chips (especially the Hawley Arm ones). I will miss her actively avoiding pictures and always asking for pictures to be deleted, Hava always the photographer never the photographee :D I will miss HAVA PAVA! xXx

JOE: Me and Hava have been pals ever since she first started. I sometimes walk up to her and just say “Hava” and she just says “Joe” and that’s it. That’s enough. We understand. I’m going to miss that.

I’m going to miss saying things like “Hava great day!” or “Hava nice weekend!” and generally just enjoying Hava’s name. Hava Hava Hava.

Hava always encourages people to be the best bit of themselves and to do stuff about it. She keeps asking me to write poetry. Here’s a poem I wrote about her:

Hava the calm, Hava the wise,
Hava the bringer of doughnut surprise.

I hope she likes it.

HUW:Ten facts about Hava:

1-She pretends she can’t do anything when actually she can pretty much do everything.

2-Her put downs are so sweetly and softly delivered you barely realise you’ve been owned until you get home 3 hours later.

3-She knows exactly how to do freckles. I should have taken advice before getting carried away in my teens.

4-Given time, she could probably persuade my cat to write a blog.

5-She is either a superhero with a day job (see 4. power of persuasion and 1. ability to do everything) or a double agent (see 6.)

6-She only has one drink of choice: Gin and Tonic, neither shaken nor stirred.

7-Every teacher thinks she has good taste in music – but every teacher thinks most other teachers have shit taste in music.

8-When you shout at photocopiers and computers in a Monday morning teacher stress, she can calmly tell you you’re an idiot just by looking at you.

9-It is approximately one tenth of a second after your brain’s electronic impulses first spark the chain of thoughts that will lead to the idea that you might, possibly, take a photo, that Hava begins to move out of the frame.

10-If Carlsberg did interns…

MIKE : “Hava has an enquiring mind and enthusiasm for the right things. Also, there are only 2 kinds of people, those who think Hava rocks and those who haven’t met her yet. “

HATTIE: Sweet Hava! So sad you’re going and I’ve only been here and known you two weeks! My fellow creative spirit (way more talented than me), I’m going to miss you and your aesthetic assertiveness – you know what looks good and the right way to do things and we’ll so miss it, and you! Counting the weeks till you’re back. xxx

ANGELA: Hava has not only been an excellent colleague but also an amazing friend and a beautiful person who has always supported us in the office since she arrived. Her progress has been increasing every day and now Tti will not look the same without her. She will be terribly missed and I look forward to having her back in August to keep her on our team and go out for drinks and chips to The Hawley Arms in Camden! Hava don’t go!!! XXXX

As a last thing we want to say goodbye to one of our teachers…

Joseph is leaving us, and even if he didn’t stay for a long time with us we are definitely going to miss him and he is welcome to come back anytime!

To learn more about Tti School please visit us on the web at www.ttischool.com ! We hope to see you in Camden soon! :)

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