What happened on the CAE Exam Preparation Course this week?

We are already in week two of our Autumn CAE exam preparation course. Our student Lukas from Switzerland lets us know what they’ve been up to.



(Lukas, second left, in his prize-winning halloween costume last night!)

In the second week of the CAE preparation course we set the main study area of writing and speaking.

On the first day we looked at relative clauses. This also included verb agreement and uncountable nouns. On Tuesday we looked at the writing task part 2 review for the first time. We discussed the strategy and made a paragraph plan about a movie we saw for which we need to write a review, and also discussed how to write a report, which was later that day our homework. On the same day we also looked at the listening part 3 and did a practice task. We also looked at the speaking paper, because on Wednesday we had our first speaking mock exam. We discussed some useful language we can use, for example when we don’t know what we should say.

On Wednesday we had our first speaking mock exam in the first hour, we recorded this, so that we can listen to it again and to then write down what we said for analysis with the teacher. On the same day we also improved our language development in a part of looking at the topic “use of articles”.

On Thursday we have our pushed forward mock exam because on the same day is the Tti Haloween party so that we don’t need do the exam with a hangover. Today we are doing the reading and use of English, writing and listening in one day just like we will do on the real thing.

Finally on Friday we will get our feedback from the mock and have our 121 tutorials. We will end the week by reviewing what we have done!

Thanks so much for your contribution to our blog Lukas! For more information about our CAE course simply follow this link: CAE Exam Course


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