What happened on the FCE & CAE Course this week? (Part 4)

Each week we ask our FCE & CAE classes to blog about their 8 week course here at Tti ! This time it’s Raffaele from FCE and Lucas from the CAE group ! Raffaele talks about his attempt to export Italian words into the English language & Lucas shares his cultural day out in London with his class! 


Lina and Lucas

Lina and Lucas out and about in London!


FCE Diary by Raffaele 

My name is Raffaele and I’m from the wonderful Italy! It seems to be yesterday when we began our FCE course but we already passed half of it! Exam is not as far anymore, but the class is going very well. Our skills are improving fas and it can be confirmed with our last week’s mock exams.

The class is amazing thanks to the perfect  combination of Helena in the morning full of sweetness even when we are still almost sleeping and Maryam in the afternoon after lunch time with her fun energy when we are still absent-minded  because of the previous break.  It’s also thanks to my classmates all happy each in their own different and interesting way.

Finally, last week we also started to improve our Italian thanks to my attempt to import Italian words into the English language and trying to create Neologisms. So Taka being afraid to forget English escaped from the course and he moved to New York for a 1 week with the hope that this free extra Italian course lasts just two weeks without knowing that it will actually last till the end of the FCE course! :)

Bye for now!

CAE Diary by Lucas 

It’s Lucas again and I’m here to tel you about our 4th week on the CAE course. This week started with a mock exam to see if we have improved our skills. The exam was hard because you had to concentrated a lot over a long period of time. Like every week our lessons are very productive but also very funny and our teacher always try to create a relaxed atmosphere .

This week we’ve been working a lot on writing and listening as a consequences to our results of the mock exam. When it comes to grammar we have been doing noun clauses and gradual and unarguable adjectives. Our topic this week has been global issues so every task has been related to this topic . As you can imagine we have picked up a lot of vocabulary.

We also had the Halloween party organised by the school . Everyone was dressed up fantastically and we went to a club with one DJ only playing for us . It was amazing we had a lot of fun and danced all night long. The next day as a treat for doing well on our mocks and working so hard , our teacher took us out for a London culture day! . We went to West London to one of Europe’s biggest indoor shopping centres. Our teacher Maryam told us about London and we spoke a lot. We also learned expression dn idioms like “better to be safe than sorry”. At the end of our journey we went to the cinema to see the new James Bond film . All in all , we improved our speaking and listening a lot on Friday and it was different to our normal exercises in class that’s why I have enjoyed this day so much. Many thanks to our teacher Maryam for organising the day trip!

blog pic cae 2015

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