What happened on Tti’s Cambridge Exam Preparation courses this week?

Our Cambridge Exam courses for the FCE and CAE preparation started last week! Are you interested in taking one of these courses? Bela and Emmi talk about their first week of study.

Bela – FCE Student from Switzerland:

On Monday, the 8th of April I started my language exchange at Tti School of English. On the first day I met a lot of new people. All of them were really nice and I had many very interesting chats. It is always a great experience to talk to people from other countries. You can find out lots of information about their customs and traditions but also about their food and their lifestyles.

IMG_20160415_115108_HDRIn the first lesson, we discussed the subject of family life and we found out a lot of things about the families of the other students. It is unbelievable how big the difference is among all of these families but you can see also a lot of similarities. We discussed also a text about “pushy parents” and video games and whether they kind of destroy our childhood. It was a very interesting subject and we had a very good conversation in class.

The next day we talked about customs and traditions and compared them. Later we had grammar and looked at the difference between present situations and habits. In the first two days, I learned a lot of things. I hope the next few days will be as interesting as the days I have already had!

Perhaps you are more interested in the CAE course? Emmi from Germany gives us her first impressions: 

Hi guys,

This is my first week on the CAE course and I find it not only constructive but also a lot of fun! On the first day we had an introduction to the exam and I met my two new classmates. We are all girls and only three in my class. We all became friends very fast because of the intensity of the course.

IMG_3607Our CAE course is in the Kentish Town building which is really well located and the building itself is very modern and has a study lounge where you can meet people from other courses.

On the CAE Course we have two teachers. Maryam and Huw, who have different teaching techniques which is very useful because they complement each other. Next week we are going to have a mock exam, wish me luck!

For more information about these courses please email us: info@ttischool.com






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