What happened on Tti’s Cambridge Exam Preparation courses this week? Our students fill us in!

Our Cambridge Exam courses for the FCE and CAE preparation have started! Are you interested in taking one of these courses? Madoka and Ester talk about their second week of study here at Tti! 

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Madoka – FCE Student from Japan:


This is my second week on the FCE course and it is incredible how fast time flies! It is always hard to learn so many new things every day, but I’m so glad that I have amazing teachers, Helena and Tom, and friendly classmates.

This week we had a first mock exam on Tuesday. The exam was really hard for me, especially writing and Use of English. After that I lost my confidence, but also it’s really important to see what is our individual weakness point, so I hope I’ll improve day by day!

Therefore, we’ve worked a lot on Use of English and speaking as a weakness point of our results of the mock exam. I need to study more harder, but this week I was able to study more relaxed than the first week!

I like my teachers and all my classmates who gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation. Next week , I think we’ll work more harder, but I’m sure I can do that with them! Plus, we have a Tti’s Spring party on Thursday, I’m really looking forward to seeing all of Tti’s students and drink together! “Work hard, Play hard”.

Madoka was also one of the stars in our Shakespeare Lives video which we shot with the British Council from China & is in celebration of 400 years since Shakespeare’s death. You can watch the video here –  http://www.ttischool.com/blog/shakespeare-400-reaching-china/ #shakespearelives #400shakespeare


Ester – CAE Student from Italy:


I’m Ester, I’m 19 and I’m from Italy. This week I moved from the FCE class to the CAE one. Everything is do different! I had to change completely the way I was studying before, because now things are far more difficult.

Also the atmosphere in the class is different… but it’s because people are different, I guess. Every teacher has his own style and his way to teach: Maryam and Helena are so different and Tom and Huw as well! But I really like them all, obviously.

In my new class there are only five students and I think we really get on well with each other, we’re always laughing and having fun, but we work very hard too.. I will miss my ex-class mates, but we meet everyday in the study lounge so that’s not a problem.

Everyday I have a lot of homework , but of course, I still have time to enjoy my stay in London and meet new and interesting people from all over the world. Even if most of them are Italians…( Italians are everywhere!)

Anyway, this city is perfect for young people like us who love wandering, finding new places, museums and music. Two days ago, for example, I was in Piccadilly Circus to see the musical ‘Jersey Boys’ what a great evening! I never have the chance to see a musical in my hometown: it’s too small and boring, I mean, I come from the middle of nowhere! The same evening I ate a chicken tikka masala because my friend told my that English people eat more Indian food than anyone else… I had to taste it.

jersy boyz

Some days ago I also drunk my first smoothie… why don’t we have that in Italy? They’re fantastic! And soon I’ll eat my first subway panini… so excited :D
… London is such a thriving city.

For more information about Tti School of English please visit our website. http://www.ttischool.com

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