What happened on Tti’s Cambridge Exam courses this week? Our students fill us in!

Audrey and Adriana talk about their Cambridge Exam Preparation courses here at Tti! 

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Audrey – FCE student from France


My name is Audrey and I arrived at Tti in January. I started with the General English Course and now I am taking the FCE Exam Course, which is really interesting for working, studying or even just to improve your English.

The first week in my new class was a bit difficult because we had more exercises and we needed to stay focused on our main goal: pass the test! But, to be honest, I’m confident because our teachers are the best and they know how to make us progress. The proof of this is that for the first mock exam I had only 53% but for the last one I got 63%! I’m so happy!


We also had a school trip on Friday morning with our teacher Helena. We went to Kenwood House, on Hampstead Heath. It was really interesting to see this old house, with a lot of old paintings. After that, we got a little break-time with coffee and pastries, before coming back to the school for our next lesson.

I think it’s a chance to be in London, especially at Tti because it’s a kind of family where you can make friends easily and enjoy London by joining in with their many social programme activities !


Adrianna – FCE student from Poland


It is 5th week out of 8 week FCE exam preparation course. I really enjoy that time despite that exam is coming soon.

On Monday we have received envelopes with an information about time and place of the exam. Oh! Time flies. In two weeks time on Saturday we have our speaking exam, then the week after the rest of the exams.


To my surprise I don’t feel nervous, usually I would be really worried. But this time is different I think is because of atmosphere in our class as we all are very supportive of each other and our teachers also are so helpful. They always come up with some ideas if we have any problems.

My biggest problem was writing (I hated it!). So far so good and I have made huge progress. Although at the beginning I didn’t belive in myself. Day after day after a lot of practice I started to be more confident. Belive me it was absolutely worth it. I am so glad right now that I found Tti.

I hope that in near future I will have opportunity to learn here again.

For me learning english is no hassle any more at all.

Big thanks to Tti!


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