What happened on Tti’s Cambridge Exam courses this week? Our students fill us in!

Bela from Switzerland and Julien from France talk about their Cambridge Exam Preparation courses here at Tti! 

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Hi everyone!

Bela here, it’s now the 6th week of the CAE exam preparation course. This week we had our third mock exam. It’s great to see the progress we’ve made from mock to mock. Because of the great results of the mock by our class we are going to visit the V&A museum today. The course is still very interesting and during the last few weeks I’ve learned a lot. Time flies by because all the lessons are so interactive and mind blasting!

When I think about the fact that I have to fly back to Switzerland in 3 weeks I am feeling very sad – Tti School has become like a second family for me.

Today it is the last day of Maryam, one of my teachers. She is going to take the DELTA exam! We will really miss her even though she gave us a lot of homework. She always motivated us and was helpful whenever we needed her. I really like coffee but I have to admit that I will miss Maryam more than coffee. – Goodbye!

Now I need to focus on the last two weeks and prepare as well as I can for my exam.

Bela & Julien

Hello, my name is Julien. I am a 17 year old French student. As I am staying at Tti for a long time (4 months), I had the opportunity to take the FCE course (2 months).

By preparing for the FCE exam, you basically learn how to use good and proper English by practising 4 points: Reading and Use of English, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

So far, after 6 weeks, I can say that I have enjoyed the course. Of course it is not meant to be funny but the teachers are really friendly (like the students). Every 2 weeks we have a mock exam, so we can train ourselves for the real exam. Since the first mock test I have improved. In the last mock I scored 80%, whereas it was about 70% for the first one.

Even if you only need 60% to pass the exam, the higher your percentage is, the better it is because it will appear on your certificate. I’m sure that the other students and I will pass and get our certificates!

To conclude, the FCE course is nice with great teachers and you are most likely to make friends.

For more details on our FCE and CAE  Courses please visit www.ttischool.com 

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