What is it like to study on an Evening English Course at Tti?

Did you know that we offer a part-time Evening English Course? Our evening classes offer the perfect opportunity to develop your English skills. With lessons from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm every Monday and Wednesday, our evening classes are easy to fit around your current work or family commitments. We recently spoke to our Evening Course students to find out a little bit more about what it is like to study on this course.

Evening Course
The first question we asked them was why they decided to come and study at Tti School of English and naturally, all of our students answered that it was because they wanted to improve their English. However, some replies were more specific with one student explaining that they felt a huge frustration when communicating with native speakers and they really wanted to work on their speaking skills.
On the evening course, students generally study with us for 4 weeks or more but as it is such an economic course we often find students re-enrol three or four times.
We also asked why the evening course suits these students best and of course as expected they told us that they were working or studying during the day and that the evening schedule of is most convenient for them.
writing workshop
The evening courses often have quite small classes sizes and all the students agreed that this was a benefit. One student explained that it meant the they “could enjoy more frequent interaction between teachers and students” another said that it is a “benefit because the teacher knows you and knows what you need to learn in order to make progress”.
When we asked them what they had learnt on the course there was a wide variety of answers which was great to see and we can conclude that lots of areas of language are covered on this course. One student said it was his speaking skills, another said grammar and plenty of vocabulary and others spoke about the listening exercises that they did in class.
All of the students said they felt that they had made progress on the course and highlights of the course included plenty of speaking practice. Thanks so much to our evening students for contributing to our blog!
Want to know more about our part-time Evening Courses? Please visit our website http://www.ttischool.com

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