What NOT to do when trying to learn a language

In this week’s academic post, our Director of Studies Marianne decided to ask the team for their tips on what NOT to do when learning a language. Here is what our fantastic teachers had to say:

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When trying to learn a language, we often encounter many recommendations and suggestions; many do’s. This time we actually wanted to know what to avoid instead – the don’t’s. To make sure our learning is effective, we asked Tti’s teachers what NOT to do if you’re trying to learn English:

Vesna believes that “translating everything before attempting to say a sentence will only slow you down. It’s not easy, I know but students should really try to start to think in English, for example, if you’re walking down the street and see a jacket you like, try to think, hmmm what a nice jacket, I think I would like that in red… etc.”

Tom says “Don’t give up – Do it everyday, come to class everyday and never forget to review your notes regularly”

Ado thinks that “don’t think that coming to your lessons is enough. Study by yourself too and have a life in London outside those walls”

Justin recommends that you “Don’t stop with only the understanding. Keep practicing, understanding doesn’t give you ability, that comes with plenty practice”

Steve is certain that you “Shouldn’t overuse flash-cards or memorise individual words. Words come in contexts and in chunks”

Sally also suggests “Avoid translation. Get out of your comfort zone and think about the language independently from your own. First step: use an English dictionary for meaning  – not a translation dictionary”

And Huw asks “Please don’t keep looking at your mobile phone while your teacher is speaking!”

So, there you have a nice number of tips on what not to do when trying to learn a language. Thank you teachers!

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