What to eat this Easter?

Our registrar Ophelia introduces us to some typical dishes from around the world that are popular at Easter time!

Hello everyone! Easter is nearly upon us and, as with all global festivities, they are an excellent reason to sample the traditional foods from different countries. London offers such a diverse and multi cultural environment that you can find all of these delicacies in London, or, better yet….make them yourself with the recipes I have linked for you… enjoy!

1- Pashka (Russia)

Pashka is a Russian Easter tradition, a sort of custardy cheesecake without the biscuit base, traditionally shaped in a pyramid mould, with the letters XB, from “Christos Voskres”, the Russian for “Christ is Risen”, imprinted on it. Serve it with some poached rhubarb or cinnamon-scented poached apples with a handful of frozen raspberries stirred in, so that they melt to a ruby sauce You can find the recipe here.

2- Chervil Soup (Germany)

Chervil soup, Germany. Maundy Thursday is known as Gründonnerstag or ” Green Thursday” in Germany, when Germans traditionally eat green coloured food. Chervil soup is a popular choice. Recipe here

3- Rosquillas (Spain)

Many Spaniards tuck into special treats called rosquillas at Easter. These baked or fried doughnuts, made from fermented flour, vary from region to region. Some are dusted with sugar, some are flavoured with rosemary or even soaked with aniseed liqueur….all delicious! Try making them yourself with this recipe

4- Empanadas de Vigilia (Argentina)

Like the majority of South America, Argentina is a traditionally Catholic country, thanks to its Spanish colonization, and in Argentina’s case, its abundant Italian population. And like Catholics in other cultures, Argentina has an array of holiday dishes, including Empanadas de Vigilia-literally, Vigil Empanadas-which are prepared during the Lenten season before Easter. They are a beef free version of the traditional pasties , and although there are many different fillings, my favourite are the tuna version that I remember growing up in Argentina.

5- Dulce de Lechosa (Venezuela)

This is a traditional Venezuelan dessert , typically prepared in Easter as well as Christmas and served with white cheese and crackers. This is a dessert made of green papaya, brown sugar and cinnamon. The consistency it’s a little similar to a marmalade, but with big chunks of green cooked papaya. Check out this easy recipe!


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