What’s good in your hood – Turnpike Lane!

Turnpike Lane is a tube station on the Piccadilly Line that you probably won’t ever find in a guidebook! However, two of our staff members (Viv & Mel) live in this neighbourhood and it is packed with cool places to check out and fantastic food!

Perhaps some of you have actually been to this neighbourhood for a Social Programme activity? Maybe it was at the Turkish Restaurant, Gökyüzü? That’s a Tti favourite! The area is famous for the Turkish food but we thought we’d focus on some of the new local shops, cafes and restaurants that are popping up!

Local Street Art

So here is our list of top things to check out in Turnpike Lane:

1. Beans & Barley – for coffee and all sorts of organic goodies! This is one of Viv’s favourites and has loads of different goodies to try out.

Beans & Barley

2. Haringey Local Store – for craft beers, fresh bread and vinyl!

3. Blend – for coffee, cake, brunch and dinner on vintage Danish furniture!

4. Bun and Bar – for gourmet burgers and rosemary fries! Mmm :)

Bun and Bar

5. The Salisbury - for Swing dance classes and terrific pub quizzes! One of Mel’s all time favourite pubs! This is a great local!

Address: 1 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, London N4 1JX
Phone: 020 8800 9617

The Salisbury

There’s also the shopping centre in nearby Wood Green – the 2nd busiest high street after Oxford Circus and last but not least… ALLY PALLY – The people’s palace!!

Alexandra Palace


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