Where to go for a nice lunch in Central London?

With over 6,000 restaurants in London , it’s hard to choose where to go out to eat! Our Principal, Gemma, tells us about her latest trip to Soho for  lunch!

Being based in Camden, we look to take our students out around this area for lunch and dinner through our Social Programme. Recent pubs and restaurants include The Pineapple for Thai lunch, The Chicken Shop, Bengal Lancer for Indian food, Café Doppio for coffee and cakes and the Sheephaven Bay for Sunday lunch.

Recently, I’ve become intrigued by The Breakfast Club! This is a chain of restaurants around London – but not in Camden sadly! There is one near my home and there is always a queue but I was told it moves fast! My friends kept telling me – “You have to go, it’s yummy, order the pancakes!”

As it was being recommended to me so much, I suggested it go on our Social Programme as a recommendation for our students at the weekend. Last Sunday, I wanted to go myself, finally, the time had come!!

My Sunday plan was, up early, go to central London, have breakfast there and then go shopping with my husband. Unfortunately, I was a bit slow getting moving on Sunday morning. By the time we arrived to The Breakfast Club, Soho it was lunchtime and this was the queue!

TBC queue


The people of the queue were mainly Londoners like myself! Some had been before and were happy to queue again! My husband wasn’t so keen (partly as there was football on at 4:30 that afternoon he wanted to watch!). We therefore decided not to wait – boo!! The Breakfast Club remains on my “to-do” list”! I will go back, I want my pancakes!

Instead, we chose to eat at The Diner, Soho! In the same area of London and a restaurant we have visited several times before! We over ordered, for sure!


Here is our yummy selection of food. We chose to share a burger – so this is not a photo of my half eaten lunch! I was so tempted by the side orders and starters I had to have them! Tater tots with cheese and bacon, chicken wings, burger, wet fries (so delicious!!!!). I love the American vibe at The Diner and thoroughly recommend it! It’s relaxed, plays good music and serves good food and drink! The milkshakes are great, although I treated myself to a Bloody Mary this time!

Diner - Bloody Mary


There is a “The Diner” in Camden Town and we are going with the students later this month! We know the Tti students enjoy it there! Watch out for pictures of this event on Facebook later this month!


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