Where will an English Course take you in 2018? Rocio tells us about her experience.

Rocío from Spain studied with us on our 30+ programme towards the end of last year. Today she starts her new life and job in London! Congratulations on achieving your goal Rocio!
We spoke to Rocío about her experience at Tti. Read on to find out more about the course she took and how she achieved her aims.

Rocío, why did you decide to come and study at Tti School of English and how long did you study for? I am Spanish and I speak Spanish and French but I didn´t speak English. So, I started to learn a lot in Spain, but I thought it was really important to go to London to improve, practice and get to know the culture. A friend recommended Tti School to me and I spent two months there and it was really a good experience.
What was your aim/objective? My goal was to improve my grammar and to lose my fear of speaking!
Our 30+ course is designed for more mature students, it is an English course for adults in London! Why was it important for you to study with more mature students? It was really important to study with mature adults because I believe that our learning patterns and interests are very different from younger people.
The 30+ group is usually quite a small group. Can you explain the benefits of studying in a small group assuming you see this as a benefit? Of course it is a benefit because there is more time to practice speaking and the teacher can spend more time with each student. Learning is faster.
Can you comment on the type of things you learnt on the course and how they were taught at Tti? I learnt a lot at Tti School. We worked on grammar, writing, listening and speaking in a very fun and dynamic way. I also learned a lot about English culture and attended several social activities.
Can you comment on how you feel you progressed? I improved a lot and now I feel more sure about my accuracy especially when speaking.
What was a highlight for you on the course for you? What surprised me the most was that I was able to understand everything after a short time and how quickly I was able to feel more confident when speaking English.
Now you have completed your course how are you going to use the English you have learned? Now that I have improved a lot I don´t want to leave it! I continue reading, writing and listening every day and now I have even found a job in London so I will continue to practice it!
Thank you so much for contributing to our blog Rocio! We wish you lots of luck with your new job in London! Many congratulations!

For more details about our 30+ Course please visit our website http://www.ttischool.com


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