Why study English at Tti? Hear what our current students have to say!

Why study English at Tti? Our students in Vesna’s option class have written a blog together this week to tell you more about Tti from an insider’s perspective. Here is what they have to say about their six top reasons for studying English at Tti:70537704_2519535031423177_7982819425449410560_o

  1. Camden Town – The heart of London

The school is located on the main street of the district of Camden Town. There you can find a big variety of restaurants, pubs and shops. Last, but not least, it is located between two well-connected tube stations

  • Ludovica, Sebastian and Francesco

Camden is the best district to study English in London because there are a lot of restaurants and it is very welcoming. Here is the most beautiful market in London!

  • Juliana, Camille and Kipre
  1. You will experience the famous Tti Spirit!

Due to the size of the school, you will get to know everybody very well and you will meet a big number of friendly students and students from all around the globe.

  • Ludovica, Sebastian and Francesco

The staff are very friendly, we feel like at home! The teachers are very good and helpful. The teachers go with us on the social programme.

  • Juliana, Camille and Kipre


  1. Socialising doesn’t end with your lessons

The school organise a lot of social events all week, from visiting museums to going to the pubs all together.

  • Ludovica, Sebastian and Francesco

fecfc74e-25a7-416e-b6a2-7ecf683c2a10You will make friends from all over the world! You learn about many different cultures. The social programme is a good way to go out, and to meet more people. Tti has different activities everyday, for example pub trips, parties, museums… all with your new friends!

  • Juliana, Camille and Kipre

The environment at Tti gives the possibility for students and teachers to chat with each other in a safe place. The study lounge is a great place to exchange ideas between everybody.

  1. Tti provides you with great accommodation

You have a lot of options from the school for accommodation. You can choose between host families and accommodation with other students.

  • Ludovica, Sebastian and Francesco

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  1. Career opportunities

Nowadays, English takes an important place in work life and this is why it is important to improve your language skill. It is a good opportunity to have a better professional situation. You can take the careers workshop course to help you design your CV and prepare for job interviews.

You can choose your timetable for morning, afternoon or evening, so you can study and work at the same time!

  • Julie, Daisuke and Francesco
  1. The teaching and classes

Due to the small size of classes, teachers have the possibility to meet students’ individual needs.

  • Julie, Daisuke and Francesco

DSC_0208If during your course you want to improve the level you should do it, you just have to pass a test based on your level.

  • Ludovica, Sebastian and Francesco

In Tti you have many options of English classes. There are different levels, and you will learn English with other students of the same level. Moreover, in Tti you can prepare very well for your exams with special classes.

  • Juliana, Camille and Kipre

Thanks so much to Vesna and her class for contributing to our blog! For more information about studying at Tti please check out our website: www.ttischool.com

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