Why choose the Cambridge Exam Preparation Course at Tti?

Our Senior Teacher Sally shares with you her personal insight into the Cambridge Exam Preparation courses here at Tti School.


Why take the Cambridge FCE/CAE exams?

Nowadays, a wide range of English exams are available to take to demonstrate your level, the choice of which can depend on your individual motivations. If you are an Upper Intermediate (B2) or Advanced (C1) student of English, I believe that whether your motivations are for career goals, university requirements or for your own personal goals, the Cambridge courses are definitely worth studying. Below I will discuss my top five reasons why.

1) Comprehensive course: all skills are developed

The FCE and CAE are the Cambridge B2/C1 level exams which test your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, in addition to your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The preparation courses here at Tti help you develop in each aspect for the exam and clearly see your progress through continuous assessment and tutorials alongside the opportunity to take authentic past papers as mock exams every week.

2) Real, functional English

Having taught many different types of exams courses, ranging from Business exams to IELTS, I feel that the Cambridge courses stand out as providing a fantastic opportunity to deepen your English for everyday life. The course content is beneficial for everyone. For example, during the course, you will learn useful functional language, as well as extensive opportunities to explore new vocabulary including phrasal verbs and idiomatic language and to become far more aware of word-formation. This combination provides you with real language that you can use to communicate effectively, globally.


3) Structure and motivation

It is an extremely structured and motivating platform to improve your level. Additionally, if your goal is achieving the CAE exam (Advanced) but don’t quite feel ready, the FCE (Upper Intermediate) could be a good stepping stone. You will become familiar with the exam format and moreover improve throughout the process. And if you ace the FCE exam, it is possible to get an ‘extended certification’, which proves that you achieved a CAE level. Being small closed group classes at Tti, we really get to know the students and their needs, and it is an awesome and rewarding opportunity for the teacher and the students alike to see your development over the 8-week course.

4) The Cambridge exam certificate does not expire

Unlike other examinations, the FCE and CAE certificates do not have an expiry date. This means that you can continue to use it as a representation of your English level for a long time, which is important because all recognised examinations are expensive. Get more for your money!

5) Internationally recognised

The Cambridge exams are recognised globally within institutions such as universities and businesses. It is a useful certificate for studying abroad, travelling and working in an English-speaking country. Why not set yourself the challenge, and get signed up for our courses this Autumn?

Want to know more about our FCE and CAE Exam Preparation Courses? Please visit our website http://www.ttischool.com

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