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Idiom in a box

Around the school you will find these art boxes. They have been made by Bridie, one of the Directors of Tti, as a fun way of illustrating some of the many strange idioms and expressions we might us in English.

Idiom in a box

These are all expressions you might hear in a pub.


Down the hatch - to drink quickly in one swallow.

I'm on the waggon - I am not drinking alcohol at the moment.

Make mine a double - two measures.

It's happy hour - A time when the drinks are cheaper.

He's legless - very drunk, can't stand up.

It's my round - I will buy everyone a drink this time.

I need the hair of the dog - I need a drink to make me feel better as I drank too much yesterday.

Have one for the road - have one more drink before you leave.

Time gentlemen please - the bar is now closed.


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