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Welcome to Tti School of English

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The Tti Approach

At Tti we aim to provide you with the the perfect language ­learning experience. We will help you develop your English language skills and have the best possible time here in London.

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Our aim is to deliver quality lessons and maintain consistently high standards – we want to give you a real sense of progress and to ensure that the courses represent value for money.

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We will test your level both with a pre-arrival test and an interview on arrival to choose the most suitable class for you. When it is time to change your level I will test your level outside class time and give you the results the next day. 

Tti classes do not follow an individual course book. Instead, teachers follow a detailed and comprehensive syllabus, and select the best and most appropriate materials for your class. We often ask our students to tell us what they want to learn, and what they think about their classes.  We try to meet these needs and interests to ensure that personal learning objectives are met. 

You will also receive copies of study materials to take home and review. We will help you to develop good study skills, which include guidance on how to organize your worksheets and keep vocabulary books, and we will monitor your progress via regular in-class testing, and counselling whenever you need it.

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What our students say

Thanks for helping me all these weeks, I am very happy! In this school, it was very good, and all students and teachers are very kind and nice and friendly with me.

Federico, Italy

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Idiom in a box


These are all expressions you might hear in a pub.

Down the hatch - to drink quickly in one swallow.

I'm on the waggon - I am not drinking alcohol at the moment.

Make mine a double - two measures.

It's happy hour - A time when the drinks are cheaper.

He's legless - very drunk, can't stand up.

It's my round - I will buy everyone a drink this time.

I need the hair of the dog - I need a drink to make me feel better as I drank too much yesterday.

Have one for the road - have one more drink before you leave.

Time gentlemen please - the bar is now closed.

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