Summer and English

In the northern hemisphere, it is now summer, and for many people this involves outdoor temperatures that they find enjoyable. Unsurprisingly, this leads to people spending more time outside and away from their desks, computers, and books. However, whether you choose to learn English in London or learn English online in the country where you …

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101 Christmas things to do in London

Make the most of the capital’s jolly festivities and add some sparkle to your trip with 101 of the best things to do in London during Christmas. You’ll usually find unique, iconic and unusual Christmas activities at venues across the capital. From atmospheric outdoor markets filled with chalets, to memorable pantos, carol singing and concerts. Experience magical …

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100 great World Cup moments

Think of the 1970 FIFA World Cup™ and the Azteca Stadium and you will doubtless picture Brazil’s fantastic, free-flowing final victory over Italy. Yet while the iconic Mexican arena does indeed have a plaque on its exterior commemorating the ‘Partido del Siglo’ (Game of the Century), this grand title has been bestowed on a match …

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41 things to do for Halloween in London 2022

Experience a scarier side to London with some of the spookiest things to do in London for Halloween, on and around 31 October. Venture into haunted venues, brave bone-chilling attractions, dare to go on special Halloween tours and find tricks and treats with gripping family events. Plan your Halloween in London with this roundup of gory ideas …

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Living on Borrowed Words

English is very comfortable with absorbing words from other languages, and you can find words from many, many languages in English dictionaries. Unlike, say, Welsh, Icelandic, or French, there is no official body whose job it is to invent new native words for concepts that did not previously exist or were not previously needed. As …

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Using English with Friends

Whether you are studying English in London or studying English online, one thing that can really help your progress is using English regularly. Students often feel frustrated because they find that they are always translating in their head before they speak, and speaking English frequently is a way of forming connections in your brain that …

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Gonna? Wanna? Gotta? Get to grips with informal contractions!

“It’s late, I gotta go.” “Do you wanna get a coffee?” “I’m gonna visit my parents next weekend.” We all know that English has contractions. Cannot becomes can’t. I would becomes I’d. She had becomes she’d. But what about those crazy words in those sentences above? Gotta? Wanna? Gonna? What’s that about?!?! When we speak English …

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