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TopUp Learning London Participation Identification Code for Erasmus + is 934497128 and our OID number is E10162223.

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Basic IELTS Advice
Basic IELTS Advice

The IELTS, or International English Language Testing System, exam is a test of English as a foreign language which has become hugely popular over the last two decades. Students all over the world join online English classes or learn English in face-to-face environments with the aim of getting an IELTS certificate that gives them their desired score.

London is opening
London is opening

Spring has sprung and London is opening! After a long winter with many restrictions, you can now see and feel the excitement for the months ahead in the air. People start visiting parks, sitting in cafes and walking down the sunny high streets, sunglasses on, sipping their lattes. Slowly restrictions are being eased and more and more life seems to be returning to normal.

The History of English
The History of English

English is undeniably one of the world’s predominant forms of communication. Its reach extends over as much as +2 billion people globally. The success of English is indeed fascinating. It's the world's true Lingua Franca, in other words, it is used widely by speakers of other languages to communicate amongst themselves.

Changing English
Changing English

Languages are like living and breathing organisms, they are made to change and adapt. They don’t belong to the super smart scholars theorising and explaining them. They belong to the people out there speaking them, changing them to suit their contexts, manipulating, bending and experimenting with them. So it’s natural that due to rules of usage languages are constantly evolving.