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Camden Town’s History

Camden Town is one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in London, best known for shopping and entertainment. It is artsy, creative, and buzzing with live music and famous markets. All this makes Camden one of the city’s most popular boroughs to visit.

Camden Town often shortened to Camden, is a district of northwest London, England, 2.5 miles (4.1 km) north of Charing Cross. Historically in Middlesex, it is the administrative centre of the London Borough of Camden, and identified in the London Plan as one of 34 major centres in Greater London.

Laid out as a residential district from 1791 and originally part of the manor of Kentish Town and the parish of St Pancras, Camden Town became an important location during the early development of the railways, which reinforced its position on the London canal network. The area’s industrial economic base has been replaced by service industries such as retail, tourism and entertainment. The area now hosts street markets and music venues that are strongly associated with alternative culture.

Explore Camden Town’s Alternative Music !

From the early 1930s music has been at the centre of all activities in Camden. Some of Britain’s’ most famous artists, like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Oasis, Radiohead and Coldplay, have started their careers in music venues in Camden Town. Roundhouse, Koko, Electric Ballroom and Proud Camden have all hosted their fair share of gigs, but it’s the small stages of pubs like Barfly (Permanently Closed) that have now become the go-to for the some of the best alternative live music in the city.

Explore Camden Town’s Alternative Fashion !

Camden is probably one of the only neighbourhoods in London where nobody cares about your fashion sense. Here everything goes! This freedom of expression in fashion and design led to the development of some of the best and most unique markets in all of London. Camden Lock Market, known as an arts and crafts market since 1970s, is home to over 100 stalls ranging from jewellery and clothing to food and drinks. Camden Stables Market, located just up the street from Camden Lock, is the spot for unique looks, alternative fashion trends, interior design, books, and multicultural cuisine. Camden Lock Village, located just across the street, houses 500 stalls of unusual gifts and accessories, and the Buck Street Market offers more main stream fashion, accessories, and footwear.

All about Camden Market !

Camden market began in 1974 in the former Dingwall’s packing case factory at Camden Lock and gained a Sunday licence two years later. The market has since spread to fill every available open space and covered site nearby. The emphasis is on youth-oriented clothing but there are also hundreds of stalls devoted to handicrafts, artwork, music and food. There have been predictions that visitor

numbers could reach 40 million a year. Government statisticians report that Blackpool pleasure beach is Britain’s number one leisure destination – but that’s only because they don’t measure Camden market’s hordes.

In Camden Market there are plenty of food stands, but the most appetising ones are those located in the square, although they’re a little more expensive. You can also find tasty food in the fixed stands found in the arcades, and in the international food stands you can get trays of food for 3 or 4 pounds.

Due to Camden’s alternative residents, many of the shops in Camden Town sell gothic clothing or are tattoo and body piercing studios.

Within the market itself you’ll find stalls to cater for all tastes, and in the square’s main building, where the food stands are, you’ll find shops and stalls with very peculiar items.

To visit Camden Town Market you’ll need to spend at least a whole morning wandering its streets as the area is sizeable. Sunday is the best day to visit this unique Market.

Although Camden Town is full of peculiar shops, Cyberdog is one that especially caught attention, with techno music blaring out, go-go dancers, and very interesting clothing, including space suits.

People in Camden Town

Above all, what makes Camden such a great place to visit are the people. It has such a diverse mix of locals and visitors, many hailing from all over the world and all enjoying the area’s hip, cool and friendly vibe. It will come as no surprise that Camden has been home and inspiration to many artists, writers, poets. Charles Dickens, Amy Winehouse, Virginia Woolf, and Dylan Thomas are just a few of the famous residents of Camden Town !

Top 12 Things to do in Camden Town

1. Camden Markets & Shopping
2. Street Art & Creative Artwork
3. Primrose Hill
4. The Regent’s Park
5. Regent’s Canal
6. Jewish Museum London
7. ZSL London Zoo
8. Camden Pubs
9. Good Food in Cool Venues
10. Live music, Giggs & Concerts
11. Live Comedy
12. Study English in TopUp Learning London

Central Location

  • 10 mins by tube to Oxford Circus
  • 10 mins by tube to Covent Garden 
  • 6 mins by tube to St. Pancras International
  • 10 mins by tube to Trafalgar Square

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