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Learn English in London


  • As a student you are expected to attend classes regularly and on time. You will lose tuition if you are late, absent or leave before a course ends. Please see our Attendance and Lateness Policy.


  • All accommodation is subject to availability and early booking is advisable.
  • If you require an accommodation, one weeks’ rent plus the £60 finding fee is payable at the time of booking.
  • Full payment for the accommodation booking must be received two weeks before arrival at the latest. Tti reserves the right to cancel accommodation if payment is received late.
  • For homestay, in the case of full or partial cancellation of accommodation before arrival, two weeks’ notice must be given to the office staff during the normal office hours of Monday to Friday, not after office hours or over the weekend. If less than two weeks notice is given, two weeks’ accommodation will be charged, plus the standard accommodation finding fee.
  • For student residence or house, in the case of full or partial cancellation of accommodation before arrival, four weeks’ notice must be given to the office staff during the normal office hours of Monday to Friday, not after office hours or over the weekend. If less than four weeks notice is given, four weeks’ accommodation will be charged, plus the standard accommodation finding fee.
  • For homestay, If accommodation is cancelled after arrival, two weeks’ payment will be taken plus the accommodation finding feeIt is forbidden to smoke in any of the accommodation provided, however in some accommodation, an outdoor space may be available. (If required please request this at the time of booking).
  • For student residence or house, if accommodation is cancelled after arrival, no refund will be provided.
  • Bookings are Sunday to Saturday as standard, so in the case of a late arrival or an early departure, you will be charged for a full week.
  • Any refund agreed will be made after the departure date as originally booked.
  • If, in exceptional circumstances, the accommodation booked becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control an alternative will be arranged, but details may differ.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 without a guardian in the country must book half board homestay accommodation and Tti School can only arrange this with written consent from either a parent or legal guardian.
  • TopUp Learning London (Tti) uses reputable agencies to assist with the provision of accommodation for its students.
  • We try not to place students of the same mother tongue in accommodation together in order to encourage the use of English at all times. If you have a strong preference either way please tell us at the time of booking.


  • TopUp Learning London (Tti) reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss any student without refund of fees, in the event of misconduct, non attendance or repeated late arrival.
  • TopUp Learning London (Tti) also reserves the right to refuse to provide tuition or accommodation or any other service normally offered, if payment has not been made as agreed, either by an individual student, or an agent acting on his or her behalf.

Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits, registration fees, and courier fees are non-refundable and nontransferable.
  • Minimum £500 is non-refundable at any point of cancellation.
  • Minimum 2 weeks of accommodation fee is not refundable at any point. For cancellation during the course, minimum 2 weeks notice is required.
  • There is no refund of tuition fees after arrival in the UK, or after receiving the visa, or after the start date of the course.
  • However in the case of unsuccessful visa applications, and providing the correct documentation is provided to support this, we will refund any fees paid, less the deposit, registration fee, and courier fees if applicable.
  • If unsuccessful visa applications are a result of fraudulent, misleading, falsified documents used during the visa application, then no refund will be processed.
  • At the discretion of TopUp Learning London (Tti School) and with at least three weeks’ notice you can postpone the start of your course up to a maximum of one year, with no loss of fees or deposit.
  • There is no refund of tuition fees after arrival in the UK, but at the discretion of TopUp Learning London (Tti School), if a course cannot be completed for good reason, a credit note for the remaining time may be offered. However a minimum of two weeks’ notice must be given and course credit notes are not transferable.
  • All cancellation or postponement requests must be made in writing, and any repayment has to be made as it was received (i.e. to the originating credit card or bank account, or in cash if applicable).
  • All refund will take up to 90 days to complete.

Complaints Procedure:

  • We aim to provide service of a standard that is acceptable to all students. If we fail to do this we want to know about it. This will enable us not only to deal with a specific problem but also to avoid it happening again. Our main objective is to respond promptly and effectively to any student dissatisfaction as it arises. If you are not satisfied with our service, please talk to us immediately. We shall try to solve the problem quickly and informally.
  • If informal discussions do not solve the problem and a student wants to register a formal complaint the process is as follows:
  • Make the complaint to the Principal either in writing or orally. The Principal will keep a record of the conversation. The Principal will attempt to resolve the matter in person or by letter within 5 working days.
  • If the student wants to pursue the complaint further, they will be asked to put the complaint in writing to the Directors of TopUp Learning London (Tti), the letter should be marked ‘private and confidential’.
  • The Directors will respond to the complaint in writing within 5 working days. The written response will summarise what investigation has been carried out and what action is proposed in order to resolve the matter.
  • All complaints will be recorded and kept on file. All complaints are subject to the school’s confidentiality policy.
  • If you are not satisfied with the response from TopUp Learning London (Tti), you can contact English UK for further advice.

Data Protection

  • In order to deliver education and protect student’s welfare, the school will collect and process personal data including sensitive and special category personal data (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR respectively) that relates to the student and their circumstances.
  • Full details of the data collected and processed by TopUp Learning London (Tti), the purposes for which it is collected and the legal basis for doing so are contained in the TopUp Learning London (Tti) of English Privacy Policy which can be accessed by this link: https://www.ttischool.com/privacy-policy/

Exam Preparation Courses

  • Examination preparation courses will run as advertised if four or more students are enrolled.

Free Wireless Internet Access

  • Tti School and Tti accommodation provide this service but with no guarantee, or promise of technical support. You should use appropriate malware and virus protection as you use this service at your own risk.


  • We recommend students take out health and travel insurance. The school is not able to accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

Lesson Recordings

  • All lessons are recorded via zoom for Safeguarding and Quality Assurance.
  • These recordings are kept for 15 days and after that are deleted.
  • The IT, Academic, and Management teams have access to these recordings.


  • Please send the total fees for the course.
  • Payment can be made by using our international payment system (Flywire) at www.flywire.com, or International Bank
  • Transfer (you are responsible for all bank charges), or Debit / Credit card.
  • The payment of the balance of the course fees must be paid on the dates agreed when you register (normally 2 weeks before your course starts).

Public Holidays

  • There is no reduction in the course fees where the course includes a public holiday.
  • TopUp Learning London (Tti) reserves the right to cancel or alter a course if necessary and will offer an alternative if this happens.

Promotional Photography

  • Classes cannot be filmed or recorded in any way without the written permission of the Principal or school Directors.
  • Tti may use film or still photographs of students for promotional purposes.
  • You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) must inform the school before your course starts if you will not allow us to use such images. Parents of under 18s will recieve a Parental Consent form which must be completed and returned to us.

Student holidays

  • Holidays can be taken by arrangement but two weeks’ notice must be given.
  • Holidays taken from your course must start on a Monday and end on a Friday.
  • The amount of holiday you can take depends on the length of your course.

TopUp Learning London (Tti) reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, which were correct at the time of publication.

Company Registration No: 3666896
Registered Offices: as above
Director: Sam Malafeh
© TopUp Learning London (Tti) 01/2020

Important Information:

  • A £60 registration fee applies to all courses.
  • A £60 finding fee applies to accommodation
  • All courses are from Monday to Friday.
  • All Lessons are 50 minutes in length, except One-to-one lessons which are 60 minutes.
  • Maximum class sizes:
    Exam preparation and 30 plus courses – 12
    General English courses – 15
  • Prices include all course materials and E-learning, but not external exam fees.
  • Prices do not include the social programme, although many activities are free.
  • Minimum age:
    16 for General English, Exam courses and volunteering placements.
    18 for Paid and Unpaid Work Experience progs. and Teacher Development Courses.
    30 for 30 plus General English courses.
  • Students under 18 are only supervised in lessons and on class excursions. For more details about how we safeguard our students see our website: Privacy Policy.
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