Collective Noun – One Minute English Series

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Hello, welcome to Top Up Learning, and welcome to your one-minute lesson. Today we are looking at collective nouns.

Video Transcript

Hello, welcome to Top Up Learning and welcome to your one minute lesson.  Today we are looking at collective nouns.  A collective noun is a word of phrase that refers to a group of people, things or animals as one entity.  Collective nouns are mostly treated as singular, although there are of course exceptions.  There is often more than one collective nouns that can be used for each group and the following are just examples, not a definitive list.  You can have a bike of bees, a swarm of bees, a nest of bees, a cluster of bees.  Rattlesnakes, you can have a rhumba of rattlesnakes or a tangle of rattlesnakes.  Caterpillars.  In your garden, you might see an army of caterpillars and then of course,, the caterpillars become butterflies and they turn into a rainbow of butterflies or a swarm of butterflies.  Sharks.  If you go swimming in the ocean, you may see a shiver of sharks or a school of sharks.  Thank you for joining me today and thank you for joining TopUp Learning.  If you would like to see the courses we can offer you, please visit our website at

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