Difference Between “Been” & “Gone” – One Minute English Video

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Welcome to Topup Learning, a complete online English school. A global online learning platform focus on English language, business, and bite-sized professional programs. Today we are going to learn about the Difference Between “Been” & “Gone” in our one-minute English lesson series.

Video Transcript

Hello. Welcome to TopUp Learning and welcome to your one minute lesson.  Today we are looking at the difference between “been” and “gone”.

Both are past participles, “been” is the past participle of the verb be, and “gone” is the past participle of the verb go.

Both are used with the present perfect, “She has been…”, “She has gone …”.  Let’s have a look in a sentence.   “She’s been to the park”.  Is she still in the park?  No.  Has she returned from the park?  Yes.  Let’s look at the difference.  “She’s gone to the park”.  So is she still in the park?  Yes.  Has she returned from the park? No.

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