Ever thought about being an Au Pair in London? Read what two former Tti students have to say about their experience!


Have you ever thought of being an Au Pair while studying in London? As you will find out from the stories below, it is truly a unique experience.  Enjoy our Tti Au Pair tales below!

A former Tti student from Hungary, Reka, writes about her inspiring journey and experience in London as an Au Pair. She says it was “life-changing” Find out why below:

Watching the sunset in London from a tiny café, finally understanding (at least the most of it) what they’re talking about on BBC, tasting the real fish and chips,knowing what sophisticated and quirky means , becoming a fun of car boot sales, getting around both London and the rural English countryside, and having the confidence to start to talk to anybody in English – that’s just a tiny bit of everything I’ve got from being abroad as an au-pair.

Going to England and becoming an au-pair was really much more than a  “nice experience” – looking back, it was totally life changing for me! It opened the whole world for me, in every single meaning. I found it fantastic that I became part of a family (a very nice one!), and even if I couldn’t really speak at the beginning, I immediately felt safe and welcomed by them. I got really close to a sweet little girl who was not just my soul mate but also my best English teacher – I had so much fun with her and I’m incredibly lucky to watch her growing and meet at least once a year!

With the help of my family, I got to know the British culture, from the expression „Make yourself at home” to the Henley Regatta festival or making the perfect Christmas pudding ever. Travelled around the heart of the country, discovered London, and mainly, I could hear and listen to really nice native speakers all the time. I made friends from all over the world, have so many lovely memories – even if is seemed scary first, stepping out of my comfort zone was really the best thing what could happen to me.


My English knowledge, my experiences from being an au-pair and all the inspiration from England also helped a lot to build my professional career in advertising .

Paola , our Tti Coffee Bar Monitor from Italy, has been an Au Pair since September 2012. Below she tells us a bit about her journey from Italy to London and why she recommends the experience:

I’m Paola and I’m from Italy.
I’ve been working as an au pair since September 2012 and I’ d like to tell you about my beautiful experience. Firstly I’d recommend this kind of job if you want to move abroad and learn a new language. Being an au pair means that you need to take care of the family’s children (working around 2530 hours per week) and do some house work including washing up, ironing, cooking and tidying up the house.
At the beginning  I was a bit scared of moving to a different country but especially living with a new family. Anyway now I can say that my host family is my second family: the girls for me are like my sisters and I can’t stay more than two weeks without them!!


Obviously there are pros and cons. You don’t have for example your independence because you live in the same house as your family. On the other hand you have some money every week and you don’ t need to pay the rent bills or food. You know that London is really expensive so this job is perfect for the first experience.

A very important advantage of living in a family is the safety that it offers. You can ask for advice and quickly learn about how to get around London safely.

Now after these two years I feel so confident in everything and more independent than before!!

To conclude I would advise you to look for a family carefully because sometimes ” all that glitters is not gold” !!

Enjoy and good luck :):)


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