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Fire Safety Notice and Procedure Given?(Required)
By signing this form, I consent to AXO Student living sharing my personal information with *Third Parties. I also agree that they may freely share information with TopUp Leaning London in relation to the conduct of my tenancy.
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AXO Fire Safety Briefing

Your safety is a top priority to us at AXO during your stay. Please familiarise yourself with the following information.

1. Read through the Fire safety poster located in the kitchen of your flat/Studio. This explains how to prevent an alarm activation or fire.

2. Pay attention to all Fire escape signs in the flat or building to ensure you know where the nearest exit is in the event of a fire.

3. Please read through the Fire evacuation notice located in your flat/Studio and building. This explains what you need to do and go when an alarm is raised. A separate information sheet is provided which tells you about the fire evacuation procedures for your chosen accommodation.

4. Any misuse of the Fire alarm system will result in a charge of £150 being added to your account by TopUp Learning London Please DO NOT tamper with any fire equipment. It is there for your safety By signing this form I agree to read the Fire Action Notices in my flat & agree that I have read the Fire Safety Information

DD slash MM slash YYYY

AXO Parcel Disclaimer

Any parcels received will be handled in accordance with AXO’s Post/Parcel procedures. I understand that I have the right to change my mind at any point during my tenancy and that any changes must be put in writing to AXO Student Living.
DD slash MM slash YYYY

Welcome to AXO Islington

We welcome you to Axo Student Living and hope you will enjoy living with us. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to come and speak to us at reception. We welcome feedback and are always looking for ways in which to improve the Axo Student Living experience.

Moving In:

As part of your Welcome Pack, you should find your keys. The keys allow access to the main flat door and your bedroom.

We have taken care to ensure your room is clean, tidy and free from repairs but if you find any issues with your room let us know so we can take care of it for you.

Please remember to complete the inventory sheet and return it to reception within 48 hours. If not returned within the stated time period this inventory will not be accepted.

Reception Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday, 9am - 6pm. Security 6pm-9am 7 days per week

AXO Islington Contact Number:

+44 (0) 203 307 1970

Kitchen Area:

AXO Student Living will provide Kettle, Toaster, Microwave, Hoover, Iron and Board, Cooker and Hob, Fridge and Freezer. You will need to provide Cutlery, Pots, Pans, Plates, Cups, Tea towels and any other personal items you wish to bring


Post boxes are located next to reception, ask reception for the key.

Your address at AXO Islington is:

Your name

Your flat and room number 556 HOLLOWAY ROAD ISLINGTON

N7 6JP


If you find something that is no longer working, or has a fault, please report it to our staff in reception or by emailing

We will ensure our maintenance team responds to the issue as soon as possible.

Kitchen Inspections:

AXO clean all kitchens weekly and empty the bins daily and inspections will be carried out on a weekly basis.

Please note that all students are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and tidy and to take their rubbish to the refuse area.

Please Note: this is a communal shared area and all are responsible for the clean and tidying of this area

Washing Machine:

Washing machines are provided by circuit laundry, the pricing and laundry cards can be found in the dispenser in the laundry room

Guest Policy:

Guests are allowed to stay for 2 nights in a 7-day period.

  • Only 2 guests per person
  • All guests will need to be signed in and out regardless of length of stay
  • Guests must be let in and out of property by residents only
  • Guests will not be let in or out by members of staff.
  • It will be the resident responsibility to let guests enter and exit the property at all times.

Smoking Policy:

Please see notices on ground floor notice boards - AXO along with the University and TopUp Learning London has a zero tolerance to smoking in any building at AXO Islington and this includes any illegal substances. Any breach is taken very serious & guarantors will be informed immediately

along with the school of study. The smoke area is located at the far end of the rear courtyard by the bins

We hope that you really enjoy your stay here with us, and if you need to talk with us regarding any issue do not hesitate to come and speak with us at reception.

Instructions for connecting to the new wifi named Glide:

Please visit:

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