Three Verbs Play Do & Go – One Minute English Video

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Hello, welcome to TopUp Learning and welcome to your one-minute video. Today we are looking at 3 verbs that we use when we are talking about sports and free time activities, play do and go. Play is generally used to talk about teams sports or competitive sports where we play against another person or games that use a ball. e.g. I’m playing tennis tonight. Do you want to play football later? Do. Do is used with recreational activities that you do on your won and without a ball. e.g. Do you do karate on Monday or Tuesday? Monday, I do aerobics on Tuesday. Go. Go is mostly used with sports and activities ending in -ing. e.g. Do you want to go swimming later. I’m going to go jogging in half an hour. Thank you for joining me today and thank you for joining TopUp Learning. IF you’d like to see what courses we can offer you, please visit our website at and I hope to see you there. Goodbye..

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