Tti Podcast Episode 2 – Interview with Yuji Sugimoto , Tti Student & Lead Singer of Weaver!

Did you know we have a Japanese pop start studying at Tti School!!:) Mel interviews Yuji  in the sunshine on the Tti 2 terrace about his new album with his band Weaver and asks him some questions about his music background and more all on our latest Tti Podcast episode!

Listening Comprehension Activity & Vocabulary

Present Perfect Simple & Continuous/ Future Continuous

Fill in the gaps:

Mel asks Yuji :  How long __________ you _____________ ______________ the piano and ______________ with Weaver?

Yuji responds: I have __________ in this band ______ 10 years. 

Mel: How many albums have you __________________ ? 

Yuji: I have _________ ________ albums. 

Yuji uses the Future Continuous tense – Can you fill it in? 

This album will ______________ __________________ out the 11th of June. 

Do you know when to use the Future Continuous? Write us why in the comments below! :) 

Music Business Vocabulary:

  1. To release an album – when an album will be released it means it will start to be sold commercially on the market
  2. Phrasal Verb Alert! – You can also say an album will come out .
  3. compose songs – write songs
  4. write lyrics – write the text of the song
  5. When musicians go into a studio to make a cd we say to record an album
  6. Mel says Camden Town has a “great reputation for music”
    Reputation means the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.

Bonus Questions

Why is the band called ” Weaver”? 

Why is the name of the new album “ID” ? 

Have you been to Koko recently to see a band? What’s your favourite band?  Do you play in a band ? Let us know in the comments below!

For more information on Weaver – You can find them at

For their new video check out –

On twitter they can be found here –

Thanks Yuji for helping put this show together! :) 

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