Things to do in London according to our students!


Last week in our Listening and Writing Option 1 class, Steve and his students were working on how to write blog posts. The results were fantastic and here a couple of posts written by Meron, Yusuke, Clement and Emmanuele. They give you their favourite places and things to do in London. Enjoy!

Students in the Listening and Writing Option Class. 



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National Pizza day!


9th February is National Pizza Day. And the only proper way to celebrate this day is with pizza, of course! Our in-house foodie and carb enthusiast Marianne lists all her favourite places in Camden where you can get the internationally loved Pizza. And some pizza facts to keep you entertained while you make the decision.


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11 Interesting facts about the English Language


Almost 1 billion people speak English as a first or second language, which makes it the second most-spoken language after Mandarin. It is as fascinating as it is popular with its own history and quirks. Learners of English work hard on grammar, vocabulary and other theoretical aspects and often forget to enjoy English’s most entertaining side. To help with this task, our Director of Studies Marianne compiled a list of some fun and interesting facts about this amazing language.


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Where will an English Course take you in 2018? Rocio tells us about her experience.


Rocío from Spain studied with us on our 30+ programme towards the end of last year. Today she starts her new life and job in London! Congratulations on achieving your goal Rocio!
We spoke to Rocío about her experience at Tti. Read on to find out more about the course she took and how she achieved her aims.

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FCE Course-A challenging experience!


FCE Course-A Challenging Experience!

Guido from Italy returned to Tti in October to take our FCE Exam Preparation Course. He first studied with us on a General English Course between January until July and then he decided to return to challenge himself on this 8 week intensive course. Read about his experience.


I started the FCE course one month ago and it was not like I expected it. So what did I find in this course?

First of all the programme is very hard and with a lot of detail. Every student has to learn a lot of vocabulary and grammar. Moreover, every expression and word that we study is very specific and it can be used only in a certain context.

Secondly, the thing that I most enjoy is my teacher and classmates. I did not expect to find such lovely students and professional teacher. The atmosphere in the classroom is always nice and we help each other. Furthermore, the teacher really cares about our progress and  exam and he is ready to help us with every problem.

Finally, my advice to any students taking this course next year or considering it would be to recommend doing extra homework on top of those that you receive from your teacher! You’ll need to study hard but it is worth the effort!


To conclude at the moment this is an excellent and useful experience that I suggest to everyone wants to improve his English and challenge himself in a different way.

Thanks for your contribution to our blog Guido! If you would like to study on this course in 2018, then click this link to find out more! FCE Exam Course at Tti School of English. Booking now for our next course starting on 22/01/18. Book before 31/12/2017 and save £433.

Exam Courses at Tti!


Our Exam Courses finished last week. Maria studied on the FCE preparation course and took the exam last weekend. Read all about her experience!

Nowadays, most people know how to speak English, even if it is not their mother tongue because most companies demand a high level of English, but how they can they find out what their exact level of English is? Take an exam!


FCE (First Certificate in English), is a Cambridge Exam which allows you to know if your level of English is high enough for the job. The exam has 4 parts. Reading and Use of English, Speaking, Listening and Writing.All of them have specifics exercises and require different skills and it is necessary to achieve an overall score of 60%.

If you want to prepare properly for the exam, you should book a FCE course where they teach you to do the exercises, focus on exam skills as well and improving your grammar and increasing your knowledge of vocabulary and then you will be ready to take the exam as I did.

My most challenging section of that course was Part 1 Reading and Use of English because of my low grammar skills, however I enjoyed the classes a lot and of course, I have improved my grammar skills.

If you are interested in taking this course and want some advice then ask your teacher about any doubts you have and for sure you will pass the exam.


Thanks for your contribution to our blog María! If you would like to study on this course in 2018, then click this link to find out more! FCE Exam Course at Tti School of English. Booking now for our next course starting on 22/01/18. Book before 31/12/2017 and save £433.

London! What is it like for English language students to study here?


In our writing and listening option classes we explore different vocabulary and structures for writing. Recently, the students discussed their favourite experiences here in London, before examining the style of writing required for a blog post. Paulina, from Germany, is a talented student at Tti, and below is an excellent blog post she produced about her experiences here in London.

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Igor Saringer came to Study at Tti School!


Last month we were thrilled to welcome Igor Saringer to Tti School of English. Igor is a successful YouTuber from Brazil with over 1.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel! 


During his stay with us Igor studied on a 20 lesson programme from 9am to 1.20pm. This is our most popular course. To find out more about the course that Igor studied on please follow this link: English Courses at Tti School

He documented his time in London on YouTube filming 9 vlogs about the school and his experiences in our amazing city. We ere also able to follow him on instagram stories. It was fascinating!

Igor stayed in accommodation that we arranged for him through our accommodation provider London Nest. To find about more about the type of accommodation he stayed in check this link to his vlog that he filmed about his studio.

Before he left us we asked him if he would recommend Tti. He said yes and gave these three reasons as to why you should choose Tti School too! 

  • Great location in Camden Town, London
  • Great teachers and a nice environment to study in
  • Great accommodation options many of which are close to the school.

Watch the video of him speaking in Portuguese about these 3 reasons!


Thanks so much Igor. It was great having you to study with us. To find out more about the courses here at Tti follow this link:







Where will an English Course take you in 2017? Caroline tells us about her experience.


Caroline studied on an IELTS course with us at Tti School of English last year! She is now living and studying in London. Read on to find out where her English course at Tti took her!

I moved to London in January last year, with my boyfriend. We had always wanted to study abroad and as both are passionate about music, we decided that London would be the perfect place for us. When we decided to move to London, I started to look at different options. As a singer and dancer, my first plan was to either audition for parts or apply for a musical education. The thought of applying to a University felt out of reach, due to the high level of English required. My English grade from Sweden was not enough to be accepted into university, which led me to research different English Courses in London.


I have always been insecure about my English and especially my writing, that is why I decided that an English course would be a great opportunity to improve my English. The Swedish company “Sprakpunkten” got me in contact with Tti School of English in Camden Town. The location of the school, the different options of courses and the smaller sizes of the classes, are what made me choose Tti.

During my time at Tti I got to work with fantastic teachers that helped me improve my English in both writing, speaking, reading and listening. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. The social programme gave me an opportunity to meet new people and to improve my English in a different environment.

I did two different courses during my four months at Tti, General English and IELTS. The latter was a suggestion from a teacher, and without it I would not have completed the exam with the same results. The teachers always encouraged me to improve and challenge my English level, which made me confident enough to apply for university.

After a nerve-racking IELTS exam, I finally got the English grade I needed and my application for university got accepted. I am now studying a Bachelor Degree in Music Business and Arts Management at Middlesex University!


Something that almost seemed impossible one and half year ago when I first came to London. On the 28th of May, I am organising my first gig here in London with the music promotion company Float Live Music, that my boyfriend and I started earlier this year. This project is a part of my education and is hopefully just a beginning to bigger projects.

For more information about the band please read below and follow the links!

The Swedish garage rock band The Dahmers are set to play at Nambucca in Holloway, on the 28th of May. The band will be promoting their new album “In the Dead of Night” and this will be their UK debut, wrapping up their European tour through Germany, Poland and the UK.
The Dahmers as in the notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, have been compared to other rock acts like; The Hives, The Hellacopters, The Cramps and Jay Reatard. A perfect blend of punk, garage and 60’s rock, wrapped up in a gritty, distorted, vintage sounding production.
Their latest album was released on the 24th of March on Lövely Records, following up their latest hit EP Nightcrawler which have received raving reviews in Sweden.
The event will take place on the bank holiday of the 28th of May, presented by Float Live Music.
Must listen to track: Nightcrawler


The Dahmers Links:


Facebook Event:

FLOAT LIVE MUSIC PRESENT: THE DAHMERS + THE RIVEN + THE INNOCENT The dirty high octane Swedish garage rock band is set to play at Nambucca on the 28th of May.

Ticket Link: (Promotional code: TTI)

Ticketbud – presenting The Dahmers + The Riven + Support – – May 28, 2017 at 596 Holloway Rd, London N7 6LB, UK. Find event and ticket information.

 Thank you so much Caroline for your contribution to our blog. Congratulations on your place at university! We hope the gig goes really well! To find out more about our school please visit our website