Useful information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Due to the current global situation with Covid-19 (more commonly known as Coronavirus) it is important to keep yourself up to date on the UK government response so that you know what precautions to take. Follow this link for these updates. The government also publishes its advice through the NHS website (it also contains advice for travellers). You can check the World Health Organization (WHO) questions and answers on coronaviruses (COVID-19) for more information. 


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Get reading with ‘Readers’!


What is a ‘Reader’?

Have you ever read a book ‘cover to cover’ ( = from start to finish) in English? I can still remember reading a book all the way to the end for the first time in English. It wasn’t easy, but I stayed up for nights to read it, because I really got into the story. When you have finished your first English book, it gives you such a sense of achievement and satisfaction.


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Accommodation at Tti School


What kind of accommodation does Tti School of English offer?

Tti is proud to offer our students a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and preferences.

We work closely with selected third partners who provide the best quality accommodation for you, so you can stay in London in comfort. We also offer our own accommodation, managed by Tti, in the heart of Camden Town.

Single Bedroom-Tti's Study Rooms

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New Year Resolutions!


So, it’s the time of the year when we set ourselves some goals for the coming weeks, hopefully months and if we are really committed we may be able to make these changes for life! In this blog we look at the resolutions that we have set for us ourselves for the coming year but also review some of the resolutions that some of the team set for themselves in 2019! Have they been able to stick to them? Read on to find out more.  

Image result for books reading

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What is Burns Night and how can I celebrate it in London?


Burns Night 2020

Sally, our Senior Teacher, tells us about the famous Scottish night celebrated on 25thJanuary, and the best places to join in and enjoy the festivities here in London.


A traditional Scottish dance, the Ceilidh

My dad is from Scotland, so I was brought up celebrating Burns Night. It is a night to celebrate the life and works of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). Burns is the national poet of Scotland, who wrote lyrics and songs in Scots and in English. Continue reading

How the Tti Team will be celebrating Christmas!


So the big day is almost here and as you might already know we love celebrating Christmas here at Tti and take it very seriously. We run a Christmas Course, have at least two Christmas parties, open our beautiful advent calendar every day and eat a lot of chocolate! However, we are closed for a few days and most of the staff take some holiday. Read on to find out how the team will be celebrating Christmas this year!


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Christmas In London 2019: A Guide To Festive Events, Ice Rinks, Christmas Food, and More


Christmas In London 2019 Tti’s complete guide for Christmas 2019 is here!

Looking for things to do in London at Christmas? Whether you live here or are visiting the capital over the holiday period, it’s a great place to get festive, with plenty of different events taking place, from ice rinks to Christmas markets, Christmas lights and festive food and drink.

London Christmas Lights

Christmas In London 2019: example of a street of London decorated with Christmas Lights

London’s Christmas lights

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English UK Student Experience Conference 2019


Hello everyone! Ophelia here with a blog about the English UK Student Experience Conference that I recently attended.

One of the perks of working at Tti is that I get to go to workshops and conferences that allow me to keep up to date with the latest developments in the EFL industry, and in October I was lucky enough to attend the Student Experience Conference organised by English UK.
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-18 at 15.35.19

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CAE Blog Week 3 – Guillermo


Guillermo, from Argentina, tells us what’s been going on in the CAE preparation course this week.DSC_0371We have just finished a particularly special week because it was after having our first mock exam in week 2. Therefore, we could focus on all our weaknesses in order to have a better performance next time. The result was training many aspects of our reading, listening, writing and speaking techniques, pretty much everything I should say, but after the mock exam everything has a different meaning: we know now what we are dealing with.
However, that was not all we did, we still had time to finish a new module, the third one, that included a lot of new vocabulary regarding leisure time.

A greener school!


As thousands of people around the world joined forces to raise awareness of the climate crisis in a week of climate action, which started with the international school strike on September 20 and culminated last week in the global climate strike on September 27, we’d like to share with you what we are doing here at Tti to take action.

As we are located in the centre of London all of our students and staff either use public transport, cycle or walk to school. This is a good start!


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Free Museums in London


Aloha! Ophelia here. It’s been a while since my last blog, but we have had a very hectic summer here at Tti.

Our summer students enjoyed many activities within our social program calendar, including one of my favourites: museums!

We as Londoners are extremely lucky that, unlike most of our European counterparts, the vast majority of the public museums are free of charge. This means that whether you are an art, history or nature fan, or you are simply curious, there is no excuse not to check out these wonderful places while visiting our capital. See my top five favourite free museums below :

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The Rugby World Cup


The Rugby World Cup 2019 will be held in Japan from September 20th to November 2nd at 12 different venues spread between Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido and Kumamoto in the southern part of Kyushu. This is the first time that Japan is hosting the 20-nation, 48-match tournament, and the first for a country outside of the traditional rugby strongholds. As such, it presents a rare opportunity for people worldwide not only to learn more about the sport but also about the rich and vast culture of this beautiful country.


Pool stage

The twenty teams are divided into four pools of five teams. Each pool is a single round of ten games, in which each team plays one match against each of the other teams in the same pool. Teams are awarded four league points for a win, two for a draw and none for a defeat by eight or more points. A team scoring four tries in a match is awarded a bonus point, as is a team that loses by fewer than eight points – both bonus points are awarded if both situations apply.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 9.29.51 AM

The teams finishing in the top two of each pool advance to the quarter-finals. The top three teams of each pool receive automatic qualification to the 2023 Rugby World Cup.


The first final of the Rugby World Cup was contested in June 1987, in Auckland, between New Zealand and France. New Zealand won the tournament’s inaugural final 29-6.

As the hosts, England reached the final of the 1991 tournament at Twickenham, where they faced Australia. It was an Australia’s victory at 12–6.

The tournament hosts reached the final again in 1995, as South Africa faced New Zealand in Johannesburg. With seven minutes to the end of extra time, Stransky scored a drop goal to secure a 15–12 victory for South Africa. Nelson Mandela, the South African President, wearing a Springboks jersey, presented the Webb Ellis Cup to South Africa captain François Pienaar.

The 1999 final saw Australia face France at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Australia won the game by 35 points to 12, and with it, their second World Cup.

The 2003 Rugby World Cup Final was played between England and Australia on 22 November 2003 at Telstra Stadium in Sydney in front of a crowd of 82,957. Jonny Wilkinson, fly-half of England scored a drop goal in the last minute of the match to give England a 20–17 victory. They became the first side from the Northern hemisphere to win the tournament.

England reached the final again in 2007, where they faced South Africa. This time it was a South African’s victory 15–6 and secure their second World Cup victory.

The 2011 final pitted hosts New Zealand against France for the second time in the tournament. It was a tough match, despite constant pressure from the French for the remainder of the final, they were unable to score more points and New Zealand won the match 8–7 to lift their second World Cup trophy.

New Zealand reached the final again in 2015, where they faced Australia at Twickenham. It was 34–17 win for New Zealand. With this victory, they became the first team to win the World Cup three times and the first holders to retain the trophy. It was also the first time that New Zealand won the competition outside of their country.



It is now only 2 days until the first match of Japan vs Russia at Tokyo Stadium on Friday 20th September at 11:45 am (UK time).

New Zeland is the clear favourite to retain the trophy but South Africa is showing they are a strong team and wants to obtain the trophy for the third time. Some of the northern hemisphere teams such as England or Wales who is the last Six Nations Champion are also real contenders.

Is it time for a new champion? It might be time for Argentina and Los Pumas?

The final countdown to the Rugby World Cup is upon us. All the auditions are over and now the show begins. It is the most open tournament in the competition’s history, with more genuine contenders than ever before.

Here at Tti School, we are going to display the games during the weekdays at our Study Lounge so get involved! And if you want to experience a real rugby fans atmosphere around London then you need to go to one of the many pubs around the city, grab a pint, interact with native speakers, learn about the rules and enjoy the game!

To find out more about the Rugby World Cup you can check the official website or download The Official RWC 2019 App for the latest news on your favourite teams, fixtures and venues. Available on both Apple and Android.

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What is it like to study on an Evening English Course at Tti?


Did you know that we offer a part-time Evening English Course? Our evening classes offer the perfect opportunity to develop your English skills. With lessons from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm every Monday and Wednesday, our evening classes are easy to fit around your current work or family commitments. We recently spoke to our Evening Course students to find out a little bit more about what it is like to study on this course.

Evening Course
The first question we asked them was why they decided to come and study at Tti School of English and naturally, all of our students answered that it was because they wanted to improve their English. However, some replies were more specific with one student explaining that they felt a huge frustration when communicating with native speakers and they really wanted to work on their speaking skills.
On the evening course, students generally study with us for 4 weeks or more but as it is such an economic course we often find students re-enrol three or four times.
We also asked why the evening course suits these students best and of course as expected they told us that they were working or studying during the day and that the evening schedule of is most convenient for them.
writing workshop
The evening courses often have quite small classes sizes and all the students agreed that this was a benefit. One student explained that it meant the they “could enjoy more frequent interaction between teachers and students” another said that it is a “benefit because the teacher knows you and knows what you need to learn in order to make progress”.
When we asked them what they had learnt on the course there was a wide variety of answers which was great to see and we can conclude that lots of areas of language are covered on this course. One student said it was his speaking skills, another said grammar and plenty of vocabulary and others spoke about the listening exercises that they did in class.
All of the students said they felt that they had made progress on the course and highlights of the course included plenty of speaking practice. Thanks so much to our evening students for contributing to our blog!
Want to know more about our part-time Evening Courses? Please visit our website

Everything you need to know about Notting Hill Carnival 2019


Have you ever heard of the Notting Hill Carnival?

It is the second-largest street carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro, where many people from different countries and cultures come together all at the same time every year on the streets of Notting Hill area in Kensington, to celebrate the culture and traditions of London’s Carribean communities.


Despite the name, Notting Hill Carnival is not part of the global carnival season, but it is a significant event in Black British culture and is led by members of the British West Indies community and it attracts around one million people annually.

The roots of the Notting Hill Carnival go back to the mid-1960s when the first Carribean Carnival organized by the Trinidad-born journalist and activist Claudia Jones was held in St. Pancras Town Hall as a response to the problematic state of race relations at the time.
Todays Notting Hill Carnival is a vivid and thrilling spectacle where traditional carnival elements are blended with Jamaican-style sound systems, soca floats, and fantastic live music, including reggae, dub and salsa. And not to forget the great variety of delicious Carribean food which is definitely worth trying.

So if you are planning to see the Notting Hill Carnival, make sure you are wearing comfortable closed-toe flat shoes and don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you to always stay hydrated.
To make the best out of your experience, you could wear your most colourful clothes and take accessories, including flags, whistles and hats so you can also be a part of the celebrations.


When is Notting Hill Carnival 2019?
25 – 26 August 2019 from 10:30 am

Where is Notting Hill Carnival 2019?
Notting Hill area in Kensington
Ladbroke Grove
Westbourne Park
Westbourne Grove

How to get to Notting Hill Carnival 2019?
Nearest Tube stations:
High Street Kensington, Ladbroke Grove (closed!),
Notting Hill Gate (exit only), Westbourne Park (exit only)
Overground: Kensal Rise, Shepard’s Bush
Buses: Notting Hill Gate and The Prince of Wales on Harrow Road


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Improve your English by watching Netflix!


If you are an English language student then you do not need to feel guilty about binge-watching Netflix series! Watching TV is a great way to improve your English. Improve your listening skills and learn English slang while immersing yourself in the world of popular culture. We have asked the team here at Tti what some of their favourite Netflix English language series are. Check out their recommendations here:


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Do you think you will get this?


In our latest academic blog, our amazing teacher Tom gives you a comprehensive overview of how to use that omnipresent English word – get. Keep on reading!

DSC_0100 copy

“If you get to the BBQ before I do, try and get to the front of the queue and get a couple of burgers before they get cold!”

Get get get get get!

You might have noticed that native speakers of English tend to use the word ‘get’ all the time. Why is this? What does it mean in these cases?

Native speakers love the word ‘get’ because we can use it to replace so many other words! Let’s take a look at five different examples, and soon you will be speaking like a native!


One of the most common ways to use ‘get’ is to mean ‘become’: If there is some kind of change happening, we can often use get! Look at these examples:

‘London usually becomes cold in September.’

‘If you leave your coffee for 20 minutes it will become cold.’

‘Messi is a good footballer, but he’s becoming old now.’

These sentences are fine, but they might sound a little formal! We can make them sound much more natural like this:

‘London usually gets cold in September’

‘If you leave your coffee for 20 minutes it will get cold’.

‘Messi is a good footballer, but he’s getting old now.’

Much better!


Another very common use of ‘get’ us to replace ‘arrive’:

‘I usually arrive at work before lunch.’

can also be:

‘I usually get to work before lunch.’

Notice the change in preposition! While ‘arrive’ uses the preposition of place (arrive at the airport/arrive in London), ‘get’ uses the preposition of movement (get to the airport/get to London). If we use ‘get’ with ‘here’ or ‘there’, then we don’t use any preposition! (What time are you getting here?)



This is an interesting one because this can replace quite a lot of similar verbs, such as win, earn, and buy (basically situation where before you don’t have something, and after you do).

I got a bike for Christmas. (receive)

He gets $125,000 a year. (earn)

I got £50 from a football bet. (win)

I went to the supermarket to get some bread and milk. (buy)


We can use ‘get’ to mean ‘understand’, both in positive and negative situations!

For example, if your friend tells a joke and everyone laughs except you, you can say “I don’t get it”.

‘I don’t get why this artist is so popular’

‘The party is at kgsnfsogihn@^&$*’

‘…Sorry, I didn’t get that, could you say it again?’

‘I need to to take this to room 45B, get this signed, then bring it back to me. Understand?’

Got it.’

BE (passives)

In passive forms, we usually use the verb ‘be’:

‘Coffee is grown in Colombia’

‘His leg was broken in the crash.’

‘Don’t leave your phone there, it will be stolen!’

In casual speech, and especially in situations where something bad or negative happened, it is common to use ‘get’ instead of ‘be’.

‘His leg got broken in the crash’.

‘Don’t leave your phone there, it will get stolen!’

So why don’t you try to get some more ‘get’ into your English? Try using ‘get’ to replace these verbs, and see how it feels! It might be hard at first, but it gets easier!

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Being an Intern at Tti School of English


Hello everybody! My name is Max and I come from Germany, more precisely from a place near Frankfurt. I am 20 years old and am doing an apprenticeship as an Industrial Businessman at Telekom. After receiving the offer from my company to do a 6-week internship at Tti School of English, I was very pleased.

Since the beginning of June, I’ve been living in the neighbourhood of Battersea. My daily commute is around 30 minutes by tube to my workplace. The first days were very exciting because I got a very good impression of London.



On my first free weekend, I started sightseeing. I was lucky to be able to explore the city with sunny weather and witness the parade for the Queen’s birthday  in front of Buckingham Palace. It was a great experience because normally I can only see these things on TV.


I spent the following day at the Harry Potter Studios in Watford. Going behind the scenes was very interesting because you got a feeling of how much work goes into each Harry Potter movie and which techniques were used for the special effects.


Now back to my daily work here at Tti School of English! I usually work from Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 5:30 pm and I have an hour of lunch every day. Throughout the day I take care of any questions and concerns of the students, I tell them in which classroom they will be taught in, where to find our Coffee Bar, what our social activity of the day is! Also, I give administrative support at the office so they can run smoothly and provide the best customer service.

Thanks for reading my blog and I wish you a nice day!

Thanks so much Max for all your amazing support! To find out more about our school please visit

The Most Instagrammable Places In London


Last year we published a blog giving you a bunch of “Instagrammable” places around London. If you missed that, go and check it out here London’s Instagram Hotspots

This year we thought we’d give you some more photo motifs to make your friends look at your Instagram feed in awe. So let’s get started on that!

The Gallery at Sketch

The millennial pink Gallery designed by French architect India Mahdavi boasts 91 artworks by British artist David Shrigley on its tables and walls, setting the perfect backdrop for your afternoon tea ‘gram. Don’t forget to grab a bathroom selfie amongst their futuristic egg pod toilets.

Best time for pics: Anytime
Cost: Free
Location: 9 Conduit St, Mayfair, W1S 2XG



God’s Own Junkyard

This incredible warehouse is a museum-like display for neon artist Chris Bracey’s personal creations, from vintage signage to his custom-made orders used in Hollywood blockbusters.

Best time for pics: It is open Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 9:00 pm and Sunday from 11:00 to 6:00 pm.
Cost: Free
Location: Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall St, Walthamstow, E17 9HQ


St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel – Grand Staircase

This stunning hotel has one of the most impressive staircases I’ve ever seen. Technically you should be a guest to enter so maybe ask for permission first. For nice pictures look for leading lines, shapes and patterns, or also consider adding someone into your photograph.

Best time for pics: Anytime
Cost: Night at the hotel or ask for permission
Location: Euston Rd, Kings Cross, NW1 2AR


The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College

Close to the Queens House is the Painted Gallery in the Old Royal Navy College. The ceiling has impressive paintings on the ceiling and the entire room is just stunning. In the main room keep an eye out for reflections to use in your photographs such as below.

Best time for pics: Open daily 10:00​ – 17:00
Cost: Adult £11, Student £7.50. Online booking discount of £1 applied.
Location: Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, SE10 9NN


The Churchill Arms

Probably the most decorated pub in London, this pub makes for an awesome photo (or drink). As it’s located close to Notting Hill Gate you could pop here before, or after, exploring the other areas.

Best time for pics: Day
Cost: Free
Location: 119 Kensington Church St, Kensington, W8 7LN


St Paul’s Cathedral

Below is one of the classic St Paul’s Cathedral shots that you may often see on Instagram. The Cathedral is iconic Christopher Wren architecture at its best and has dominated the London skyline for over 300 years.

This shot is from One New Change. The reflections in the shiny mirror-like windows of the mall add to the Instagrammability of the shot. Another great place for photography at this location is to take the elevator (which is behind in the image below) to the top where you’ll find a nice roof terrace with a bar and you will get some high views. Try coming to this location at sunset for much better light.

Best time for pics: Anytime
Cost: Free
Location: 1 New Change, EC4M 9AF


 We hope to see you soon and to book your course with us this summer visit our website or email us

Working as an Intern at Tti School of English


Hello everybody. My name is Yohann, I am 20 years old and I come from Britanny in France. In my country, I study International Trade and I had to do an internship in a foreign country to validate my first year of study, so here I am.


I spend most of my spare time doing sport, especially Thai boxing and going to the gym, it allows me to get rid of all my bad energy and to only keep the good. I also love technology and science so I keep some time for that.

The only thing that caused me trouble when I arrived in London was the road direction, it’s a hard habit to undo. One bicycle man insulted me because I didn’t look the right side so he almost hit me!

Before my internship, I was a 1-week student at Tti in order to warm-up my English, I had already done an English course in another school in Cambridge but it was not the same at all, I had the impression that I was a vending machine! When I arrived at Tti School, I instantly felt the difference, I was very well-received, the people were very friendly and the courses were very well done. I was reassured about my internship to come.

My internship here allows me both, to improve my English and to learn to work in an office. I mainly do administrative tasks like putting details in a database, correcting level tests, preparing some papers, checking students accommodation, but I also help the office team for others special tasks according to my skills, like video editing!


My life in London on weekdays is waking up at 7 am, working from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, going to the gym, sleeping and repeat. During the weekends I try to do most of the countless things to do in London with my friends. I already saw a lot of beautiful places that I would recommend to you all, like Greenwich Park, London Eye, Leadenhall Market, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, St Paul’s Cathedral, Canary Wharf. I also went on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, it was awesome!



Thanks so much, Yohann for all your amazing support! To find out more about our school please visit

Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View-Part 3


Our amazing intern, Anh Viet’s is leaving us today!  Read on to find out about what he has been up to in the last few weeks!

Yahoo! It’s me, Mario! Woohoo! Just kidding! Anh Viet here.

Unfortunately, time goes by quickly when you’re having fun and I want to share more of my experience here before I leave!

IMG_5373During the lunch break, I like to hang out with the students in the study lounge. We play many different games like UNO, Scrabble, Bananagrams, and Shiritori, a popular Japanese word game. While playing this game, I noticed some students have a talent for drawing! I was kinda curious and gave them my iPad + Pen.Paper.Skizzen.4Paper.Skizzen.6

Impressive right?

Sometimes we go out to have dinner, but one of the Tti students had the brilliant idea of hosting a dinner together, tasting delicious homemade food. Since then, we often met, having fun and eat different kinds of authentic food. fecfc74e-25a7-416e-b6a2-7ecf683c2a10IMG_5142

Well, that’s all from my side. After living here in London for 5 months, it’s time to say goodbye! My experience at Tti School of English was fantastic and I was able to improve my skills regarding doing social media, convincing people and taking pictures! Many thanks to my lovely colleagues for the great support, the teachers for teaching me English and the Tti students for doing so many cool activities! #together !!!

If you are interested in doing an internship at Tti, feel free to ask my colleagues, they are happy to help! Just do it! Don’t be afraid!


 Thanks so much Anh Viet, not only for this great blog post but all your amazing work. We will all miss you very much! 

For more information about our school please follow this link:

Beaches surrounding London


Blue sky, a light warm breeze, the slight taste of salt water on your lips and the sound of waves in your ear. Great Britain is an island and these usually come with the perk of being surrounded by water and having a lot of beaches. So for the summer season, I thought I’d provide you with some suggestions of beaches surrounding London one could go to.

Camber Sands, East Sussex

Four miles from Rye in East Sussex, the impressive dunes system that makes Camber Sands the south coast’s most Arabian-looking beach destination is filled with wonders, from the marram grasses and pretty chestnut fences that help keep the sands from shifting to the Kit Kat Café, perfect for watching kitesurfers on the water and horseback riders along its edge. A number of ‘desert’ films were shot here, including ‘Carry On Follow That Camel’.Camber Sands

Get there: one hour 40 minutes by train from London St Pancras International to Rye, with a change at Ashford and a short bus ride to the beach



Tankerton Beach and The Street, Whitstable, Kent

The Street, a 750-metre-long stretch of shingle that pokes out from Whitstable’s pretty Tankerton beach at low tide, offers lovely views back to the groyne-dotted beach, and beyond it the colourful clapboard houses and beach huts of nearby Whitstable. When you’ve had your fill of beach time, it’s time for a bellyful of the town’s native oysters; head for Harbour Street and High Street for a fantastic selection of places to try them.Tankerton Beach and The Street

Get there: one hour 20 minutes by train from London Victoria or one hour 10 minutes from St Pancras International to Whitstable





West Wittering, West Sussex

Weathered shabby-chic beach huts on a huge Blue Flag beach makes this West Sussex spot one of the south coast’s finest for all kinds of beach activities. You can get involved in sunbathing and safe swimming (lifeguards patrol here in the summer months), go rock-pooling or just explore the ecology of the salt marshes at the western end of the beach, where East Head marks the entrance to Chichester Harbour. Behind the beach, the South Downs stretch away to offer lots of great countryside walks, too.West Wittering Beach

Get there: one hour 30 minutes by train from London Victoria to Chichester, plus a bus ride to the beach.



Margate Beach

Margate’s central beach offers visitors an award-winning wide, sandy stretch backed by a traditional seaside resort. A boardwalk gives easy access to the beach and is the perfect spot to while away a sunny afternoon.

Get there: one hour and 30 minutes by train from St. Pancras International to Margate and a five minute walk to the beach.Margate





Bournemouth Beach

Nestled beneath a magnificent cliff line, the bay enjoys its own micro-climate, some of the warmest sea temperatures in the UK and stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the Purbecks. Whatever you want from a day at the beach, you’ll find it all here.Bournemouth

Get there: one hour and 45 minutes by train from Waterloo Station to Bournemouth and a five minutes bus ride to the beach


Brighton Beach

A very popular feature of Brighton’s seafront, a huge expanse of shingle with a wide selection of bars, restaurants and art galleries located under the arches. The pier is one of the most visited features while the i360 is one not to be missed.

Get there: one hour and 10 minutes by train from St. Pancras International to Brighton, plus a 10 min bus ride from Brighton Station to Sea Life Centre.

Brighton Beach

I hope you’ll like my little selection of local beaches. Remember to use a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher. Put on sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before going out in the sun.

To find out more about our school and studying with us this summer please visit our website

FCE & CAE Summer Courses


Intrigued about the Cambridge Exam Preparation courses? In this Academic Blog, one of our amazing teachers, Tom tells you everything you need to know about the Cambridge exam courses. The advantages, the content and what to expect while studying it. Tom is a seasoned exam teacher with an impeccable track record on students’ pass rates. So here is what he has to say.


“Have you ever thought about taking an official English qualification? Many English learners, sooner or later, think about taking an examination, whether for a specific job requirement, to get a certificate, or just to prove their ability to themselves. However, once they start to do some research they are confronted with a bewildering array of options, IELTS, CAE, TOEFL, BULATS, FCE, TOEIC, and more other confusing acronyms, which can make it a very difficult choice for the student!

I would like to talk about two exams from Cambridge, the First Certificate in English (FCE) and the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), the value of taking those exams, and the advantages of studying for the test on our Cambridge summer course here at Tti School of English.

Both the FCE and the CAE are internationally recognised qualifications, with over 20,000 organisations specifically recognising the certificates, a number that is only growing. This figure includes businesses, academic institutions like schools and research centres, and even governments! They can be useful in college applications, as well as giving your CV the edge over other job candidates with similar work experience. One advantage in this area is that, unlike the IELTS and TOEIC certificates which both expire after just two years, once you have the FCE and CAE you have them for life!

There are also advantages in terms of language-learning itself; the Cambridge exams are the only major English tests that include a ‘Use of English’ section, the practice of which will improve your knowledge of the language as well as giving you more confidence with English grammar. Not only this, but the difficulty of the questions are targeted to students of a specific level (B2 for FCE, C1 for CAE), whereas in the IELTS and TOEIC there will be questions above your level as well as below because with those exams everybody takes the same text regardless of ability.


What are the benefits of taking a Cambridge exam course at Tti School of English in the summer? Of course, there are the obvious advantages of studying here in Camden, a vibrant counter-cultural hotspot in the heart of London, and learning at such a friendly school with a great community as we have here at Tti! The other thing we can offer is flexibility. Many dedicated courses for Cambridge exam preparation have a fixed length of say eight weeks, and a fixed start and end date. Here at Tti, we recognize that this is not always a realistic proposition for our busy students, who may have to fit any course around existing commitments like jobs or family, so we offer you the ability to choose when you start your course and how many weeks you want to study.”

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Tips on how to nail the CAE Exam


The Cambridge Advanced Certificate is a much sought after qualification. It is the final reward for an often long journey of English Language studies. Here at Tti School, we offer preparation courses for the exam, led by our very experienced teachers – who boast an impeccable pass record. It is a long and demanding course which requires grit, endurance and hard work from the students. But fear not! We spoke to our teacher Luke who’s currently teaching the Cambridge Advanced course to ask for his best tips. And we asked his students what they expect from the course and exam. Keep on reading!

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Sports events around London


Summer and sports really go good together, especially when you don’t have to do the sports yourself and can watch others do them! In this blog entry, I’ve collected and compiled a list of sports events happening around London this summer which you might like to attend.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup is taking place in the UK this year with games scheduled in the Oval in Kennington. If you’d like to take a look at this popular English sport then what’s better to get an impression than to have a look at the biggest event happening in it?ICC Cricket

When: (30 May-14 July) 30 May, 2 June, 5 June, 9 June and 15 June
Where: (England and Wales) The Oval, London
Nearest Tube Station: Oval station


Mr Porter Nocturne London

The Nocturne Series is an established highlight of London’s event calendar and has been running since 2007. It was held in Smithfield Market, Farringdon before moving in 2016 to the City of London. At the core, this is a cycling event but it also involves fashion, music, food and drinks.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

When: 8 June
Where: Cheapside, London
Nearest Tube Station: St. Paul’s station


MLB London 2019: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees

An old rivalry adds a new chapter to its book when the Boston Red Sox face the New York Yankees in London in one of the most heated sports rivalries of sports history. On June 29-30, history will be made as two regular season MLB games will be hosted in Europe for the very first time.MLB

When: 29-30 June
Where: London Stadium, London
Nearest Tube Station: Stratford Station, Pudding Mill Lane station, and Hackney Wick Station


Wimbledon Championships 2019

WimbledonThe Championships, Wimbledon, commonly known simply as Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is regarded by many as the most prestigious. It has been held at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, since 1877 and is played on outdoor grass courts.

Wimbledon 2
Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open. Since the Australian Open shifted to hardcourt in 1988, Wimbledon is the only major still played on grass.

Wimbledon remains one of the very few major UK sporting events where you can still buy premium tickets on the day of play.

Tickets are sold strictly on the basis of one per person queuing. More info:

When: 1-14 July

Where: All England Club, London
Nearest Tube Station: Wimbledon Park


Muller Anniversary Games 2019

Returning in 2019, the Müller Anniversary Games is one of the best international athletics meetings in the world and is not to be missed, attracting the world’s biggest athletics stars.Muller

When: 20-21 July
Where: London Stadium
Nearest Tube Station: Stratford Station, Pudding Mill Lane Station, and Hackney Wick Station


Longines Global Champions Tour London 

Royal Hospital Chelsea will once again be the unique and prestigious venue for the London leg of the Longines Global Champions Tour. The high calibre showjumping event features the sport’s Olympic and World Champions.Longines

When: 2-4 August
Where: Royal Hospital Chelsea, London
Nearest Tube Station: Sloane Square


NFL London Games 2019

The world’s greatest American football competition returns to the UK in 2019 with four NFL fixtures announced for this year. The release of the International Series fixtures have become some of the most anticipated in the UK sporting calendar – and this year’s draw does not disappoint.wembley-nfl-0

This year sees the Los Angeles Rams, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 2019 NFL London games will be played at both Wembley Stadium and at Tottenham’s new stadium, with each venue hosting two of the four games. These will be the inaugural games for the new and highly anticipated Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium.

Make sure you don’t miss out!

When: 6, 13, 27 of October & 3 of November.
Tottenham Hotspur & Wembley Stadium
Nearest Tube Station:
Wembley Park Station & White Hart Lane (Overground station)


Formula 1 British Grand Prix in Silverstone

This could be the last time Formula 1 comes to Silverstone so you should definitely go and take a look at it at the Home of British Motorsport. In addition to the race, Silverstone offers an incredible line-up of concerts and entertainment activities throughout the whole weekend.Formula 1

When: 12-14 July
Where: Silverstone Circuit
Get there: The best option would be to book a coach transfer. These mostly cost around £30.


2019 GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP

The MotoGP race at Silverstone will be the pinnacle of two-wheel racing in the UK in 2019. In addition to the track action, there will be a line-up of concerts including Grammy winner Clean Bandit.MotoGP

When: 23-25 August
Where: Silverstone Circuit
Get there: Again the best option would be a coach bus. Prices start around £20.


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Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View part 2


Hello everyone! I am Anh Viet, yes it’s me here again…It has been a few weeks since my last blog entry and, I thought it was time to share a little bit more with you about my experience being an Intern at Tti School of English.
To be honest, my first weeks here were a little bit difficult to follow all the tasks and to understand everything, but thanks to my lovely and patient colleagues I could manage almost everything after a few weeks. The best part is that I am able to improve my English skills every day! Of course, making mistakes is a normal part of life. Taking responsibility and facing up to our mistakes is a great way to learn.
If you have the opportunity to come and study at Tti School of English, I would like to recommend that you join the Social Programme. It is a great way to make a lot of new friends and continuing practising outside the classroom. At the same time, you can explore London and get to know more about this multicultural and diverse city.
One of my favourite activities was the International Food Evening. Everyone got the chance to bring different dishes from their countries and we shared them together in the Study Lounge. It was a very fun night!
In my previous blog, I mentioned to you that I went to a lot of places, for example, we went to Oxford with other Tti students. It is just 90 minutes by bus from London. The city is completely different and has a very charming atmosphere. We discovered all the Harry Potter filming locations and left a message in the Christ Church Cathedral visitors’ book! #TtiSpirit
IMG_3677 (1)
The number of amazing places in London is endless! I have visited Kew Garden, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and many other famous locations in London, but I’m still not done yet.
IMG_5034 (1)
Pubs are one of the best places in the UK to hang out with friends and we do it at least once a week! You have the opportunity to interact with native speakers and learn lots of useful expressions, slang, phrasal verbs, it all about discovering how to talk like a real Londoner.
The vibrant location of the school, in the middle of Camden Town, offers you plenty of different and affordable pubs, even if you do not drink alcohol, you can have an unforgettable moment. Cheers!
d6c51ebf-03eb-4dfc-a3c4-97058b346b02 (1)
That’s all for now, I hope I gave you a positive impression about my life here in London as an Intern at Tti School of English. If you have any question at all, or you are thinking about coming to London, please ask me or one of the members of the staff, we are here to support you. Thanks for reading my blog!

Thanks so much, Anh Viet! To find out more about our school please visit

Rooftop Bars and Cinemas in London


Contrary to Game of Thrones “Summer is coming”, and as someone who might not like being inside all the time and may also like to go out for a drink or to see a film, I thought about giving you some ideas about rooftop bars and cinemas to visit in London over the warmer months!

Queen of Hoxton – Rooftop Bar and Cinema in Shoreditch

Queen of Hoxton

The Queen of Hoxton is one of the most famous clubs in Shoreditch. I myself have been there a few times now and always had a perfectly good time. While the drinks may not be the cheapest in London they don’t make that big of a dent in one’s finances either. The club itself has two floors + the rooftop bar and all of them play different kinds of music so there should be a floor with good music for everyone. The rooftop cinema usually has screenings from Sunday to Tuesday at 9 pm starting at the beginning of May.
Where: Queen of Hoxton, 1-5 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3JX
View cinema programme:

Roof East – Rooftop Bar and Cinema in Stratford

Roof East

This season, Londoners can get an extra helping of fun as Roof East opens its doors earlier than ever before. It’s an explosion of brightly coloured backdrops, quirky visuals and non-stop fun- every Instagrammer’s dream- all teamed with a selection of delectable drinks and an assortment of the best rooftop games around (including Curling, Bowling, Shuffling, Cornhole, Jenga, Table Tennis, Foosball or Table-top Curling and many more). The rooftop cinema screenings usually happen from Tuesday to Sunday at 8.30 pm starting at the beginning of May.
Where: Roof East, 45a Broadway, London E15 1XD
View cinema programme:

Bussey Building – Rooftop Bar and Cinema in Peckham

Bussey Building

Perched atop the iconic Bussey Building, Bussey Rooftop Bar literally stands above the rest as the highest drinking hot spot in Peckham, offering delicious cocktails, seasonal bites and unrivalled 360-degree views of London’s dazzling skyline. Screenings at the rooftop cinema can usually be attended from Tuesday to Sunday at 8.30 pm starting at the beginning of May.
Where: Bussey Building, 133 Rye Ln, London, SE15 4ST
View Cinema Programme:

Prince of Wales – Rooftop Bar in Brixton

Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales pub & POW forms a large music venue with two-tier outdoor roof terrace in Brixton. A great location for late night drinking and dancing.
“The best outdoor terrace in London’ you’ll find the sounds of sunset then the night – every weekend!” says Time Out Magazine.
Where: The Prince of Wales & POW, 467-469 Brixton Road, London, SW9 8HH

Sky Garden – Botanic Garden high above the City of London

Sky Garden

While this is not exactly a rooftop bar because it’s not on top of the roof, Sky Garden has a fantastic view over the London skyline being located on the 35th floor of 20 Fenchurch Street Building. Enjoy yourself and some drinks in this botanical garden high above all the noise of the City of London. I would recommend booking a time slot in advance. Visiting is always free but with a booked time slots (which also costs nothing) so you can be sure that they let you in as only a certain amount of people can be up there at a time.
Where: Sky Garden, 20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 8AF

The Garden at 120

Last but not least, The Garden at 120 a new addition to the crayon box. A new mid-level roof garden on Fenchurch Street. This suspended pocket park lives 15 floors high, atop One Fen Court. And the best bit? It’s completely free. No pre-booking necessary, just turn up and ride the lift up.


The roof garden offers 360-degree views, but as it’s only 15 floors high, some pesky neighbouring skyscrapers are unfortunately in the way.


Where: 10 Fenchurch Avenue, EC3M 5BN. Nearest stations are Aldgate and Monument.

Summer opening times: between 1 April – 30 September (Monday to Friday 10:00hrs – 21:00hrs). Winter opening times: between 1 October – 31 March (Monday to Friday 10:00hrs – 18:30hrs).

Where: Sky Garden, 20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 8AF.


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Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View


Hello everyone, my name is Anh Viet, I am 25 years old, and I am doing an apprenticeship as an Administrative Assistant at the Senate Department for Interior and Sports in Berlin, Germany to become a Public Servant.

Anh Viet-Intern

In my vocational school, I am taking part in the language project, that means I have more English lessons, and in exchange, I can do an Erasmus+internship in Europe for 5 months. Before I came to London, we had a lot of exams and it was necessary to pass them all. I would like to say thank you to my class teacher for giving me the opportunity to do an internship in London at Tti School of English in Camden Town.

One of my first challenges was to find affordable accommodation in London, it is not an easy thing to do and I was afraid of being scammed. In the end, I found a room on Airbnb, located in Holloway, very close to Camden Town, I just need to walk 30 minutes to work, very convenient and I won’t be late!
I always get very excited about going abroad for a long period of time and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Everyone here is so kind, friendly and helpful. Surprisingly, I love London and British cuisine.
My work time is from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm with one-hour lunchtime and my basic tasks at work are to assist with students arrivals on Mondays, put the new student details into the database, print student cards, class lists, registers, timetables, the starters list, the social programme sign up sheets and prepare the E-learning platform and the attendance letter for the students. Furthermore, I correct and update level tests, put the attendance of the students at the end of the week in the database and do some social media tasks.
During my time here at the Tti School, I made a lot of good friends, we did many many many activities almost every day, especially at the weekend. Sometimes it exhausting, but thanks to them, I have seen and discovered so many different places in the UK and London.
Thank you so much for reading my first blog, I hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks so much, Anh Viet! To find out more about our school please visit


How to make the most of your first days in London!


On this blog, Christian our 30+ student from Switzerland, share his advice about how to get the most of your first days in London!

“Hello, my name is Christian, and I recently studied at Tti School for 10 weeks. I would like to share some advice to enjoy this amazing city when you are studying here.

If it is your first day in London you should start with a full English breakfast. It is served in lots of pubs and restaurants around and will fill you to the brim with grilled bacon, cumberland full-english-pagesausage, free-range eggs, slow-roasted thyme tomato, baked beans, roasted mushrooms, black pudding and toast, all for around £10.

After filling your belly, why not visit the Tate Modern? Even if you are not interested in art, this modern art gallery is impressive! The building is close to the Millenium Bridge and you can go to the top floor of the Blavatnik Building where there is an open viewing terrace and it is free. It boasts spectacular 360-degree views of the London Skyline. Enjoy a drink and snacks from the bar as you look across the River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral, and as far as Canary Wharf and Wembley Stadium. The view over the city of London is overwhelming.


Why not explore one of the many markets in London? By this time of the day, you should be feeling hungry. I would recommend walking 10 minutes from the Tate Modern to Borough Market and try delicious free samples. Part of the fun is wandering around, gawking at fresh and strange ingredients, and scouting out prices and quality, so take your time before buying!


How about a 20 minutes walk to discover Tower Bridge and Tower of London? Unique and beautiful, Tower Bridge is an icon of the London skyline and is definitely a must-have picture or video any visitor to London will want to take home.



If it is getting dark how about a breathtaking view of London by night from the London Eye? At that time, It is not so crowded and you do not have to queue to get on. Students save over 40% on London Eye tickets, only available when you book online! It is £16.00, but if you london_eye2like London by night, it is worth it and of course, you will be able to see the lit up Big Ben very clearly. You should finish your day with a tasty pizza and a pint in a traditional English pub! 



On the next day, you should start early, have a coffee near Piccadilly and try a jam croissant or a pancake. Then go shopping, but today not at a market, go instead to Oxford Street. There are lots of shops and the famous Selfridges department store with over 300 stores inside.

If you aren’t exhausted from walking up and down the streets, you could visit Madame Tussauds near Baker Street, also where Sherlock Holmes used to live.


After that, you can walk and cross Regent’s Park to reach the huge Camden Market. Don’t get confused, this market has a lot of narrow streets and alleys and it’s impossible to experience C503E2B3-5F45-4B94-A2EB-D90CE6996565the entire market by your first visit. From street art to souvenirs, music and food Camden has a unique and vibrant atmosphere, the best of the best is that Tti School is only 5 minutes walking distance from here!






Go out of the crowded market and walk to Primrose Hill. It’s located on the north of Regent’s Park and you can get a great view of the skyline of London.

Primrose Hill

On your last evening, you must experience one of many musicals and plays, even if you don’t understand so much English. There are always stunning actors and great live orchestras.

After those strenuous days have a beer or eat something in an atmospheric pub.”

Thank you so much Christian for these amazing recommendations! For more details about our 30+ Course please visit our website

Summer Festivals in London


Summer is coming up and with summer comes the festival season. This blog will give you some suggestions on where to have your best festival experience in London this year. So read it, book your tickets and let’s party all summer long!

May 2019

Jam on Rye Festival

Our Jam On Ryerecommendation for a chilled out start into the festival season would be the Jam on Rye Festival. Just hang out in the wide area of Peckham Rye Park, enjoying the grassland and ornamental and water gardens whilst having a listen to the reggae and urban styled line-up including Kelis, Jazzie B, Omar, General Roots, Greentea Peng and Barney Artist. The venue also offers all kinds of street food from all over the world, so don’t worry about bringing loads of food with you.
When: May 27
Where: Peckham Rye Park
Nearest (Tube) Station: Peckham Rye Station (Overground)
How much: £30 (adult), £15 (up to age 17)
Book tickets:

June 2019

Field Day

Field Day

This festival was already in last years blog and is a “must-go” in June! Located at a venue called “The Drumsheds” in Meridian Water, Enfield, the festival ground spans across 10 acres of outdoor space and 4 gigantic interlinking warehouses. Enjoy your time on the stages, where EDM music will be played by a line-up including Diplo, Skepta, Jorja Smith, Earl Sweatshirt, Jungle, Todd Terje and Bonobo (DJ set). You can sample sensational food from some of London’s finest traders in their Street Food Arcade, check out 10 independent breweries in the Beavertown & Friends Beer Market, take a Photography Masterclass with the Guardian, be part of Boiler Room’s first live festival broadcast and much, much more.
When: June 7-8
Where: “The Drumsheds”, Meridian Water, Enfield
Nearest (Tube) Station: Meridian Water Railway Station (Overground)
How much: £77.50 (weekend), £40 (Friday), £47 (Saturday)
Book tickets:

July 2019

British Summer Time Festival

British Summer Time

British Summer Time Festival has by far the most recognizable line-up including big shots like Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Barbara Streisand, Florence + The Machine, The National, Robbie Williams and Black Eyed Peas. The show goes down right in the centre of London in Hyde Park (so don’t worry about having to travel a long way). With a lot of food and bar stands around, which will serve drinks and food from all over the world in all different varieties (vegan, pescetarian, non-diary, sugar-free,…) you will not have to fear to get hungry or thirsty at any time.
When: July 5-14
Where: Hyde Park
Nearest (Tube) Station: Hyde Park Corner Station
How much: £89.75
Book tickets:

August 2019

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s biggest street festival is organised by Notting Hill Carnival Limited. The festival is filled with free open-air performances and always joined by a massive parade with live and recorded music, dancers and performers.
When: Aug 24-26
Where: Notting Hill
Nearest (Tube) Station: Notting Hill Gate Station
How much: FREE!

September 2019

Hospitality In The Park

Hospitality In The Park

Hospitality In The Park is back for round four and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! On Saturday 21st September they’re be bringing the unbeatable Hospitality atmosphere straight into the heart of London with their 12,000 strong Hospital family in tow. The UK’s best drum & bass festival will once again unite all corners of the scene, spanning the entirety of D+B and beyond. After 3 years of sold-out showdowns, world-famous stage takeovers, A-List DJs, MCs and live acts, they are upping the stakes once more for the biggest line-up to date! There’ll be world exclusive live performances, brand new stages, unparalleled sound-systems, incredible food, guaranteed vibes and plenty more are all on the menu for Hospitality In The Park 2019!
When: Sep 21
Where: Finsbury Park
Nearest (Tube) Station: Manor House Station
How much: £45.60
Book tickets:

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What is it like to be an intern in London?


Hello guys and gals (and people of any other gender). Allow me to introduce myself to you: My name is Gerrit Herrmann, I am 22 years old and I am from Kiel, which is located in the northern part of Germany. I am doing vocational training in Germany, which is a kind of educational programme where you learn to do a certain job. In my case, I am learning to become a salesman for dialogue marketing with the company “Deutsche Telekom” (known here as T-Mobile).

Gerrit Herrmann

Because I am doing very well in my vocational training Deutsche Telekom offered me the opportunity to do a six-week internship abroad here in the UK Tti School of English. I wasted no time on taking that opportunity and now here I am, working with the office team of Tti for six weeks from the 1st of April to the 10th of May. So far I have really enjoyed being part of this team. My colleagues are about the nicest people on this planet and very helpful with everything at any time.

My tasks here at Tti mainly consist of administration tasks like putting student data into our database, checking students accommodation, creating certificates and evaluating grammar entry tests. Also, I am very much involved in the creation of content for our blog. I have already created the Easter blog for this year and am now working on summer blog topics like festivals in London, rooftop bars and cinemas and beaches in and around London (so you will definitely hear more from me). But for now, I am creating this intern blog entry so that you get to know me better.

But life is not all about work is it? So I would also like to share with you how I spend some of my free time here in London:
As I have only been to London once before (1 week in October 2018) there is still a lot of things to see and explore for me here in this gigantic city. So I spend most 662e1750-6a73-4771-823b-950fc3532e4bof my time going to markets (and eating loads of street food), sightseeing and going to different pubs and clubs at the weekend. I’ve been to Brick Lane and Camden Market already which are both very interesting and offer a bright variety of food, drinks and art.

Regarding sightseeing/tourist attractions I’m planning on going to Madame Tussaud’s and London Dungeon this weekend as I have already seen the major sights like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Big Ben, London Eye and so on the last time I was here. For pubs and clubs, I am trying to go to different ones every weekend to have some variation and figure out which ones are the best. There are some good ones in Soho near Leicester Square (especially when you are LGBTQ+) but also near Tooting Broadway where I live while I am staying here.


Also, if you are a sporty person and like being outside I can only recommend going for a run in one of London’s many parks like Regent’s Park or Hyde Park because they are very beautiful, especially right now where everything is turning green again.

Thanks so much Gerrit! To find out more about our school please visit

What did the 30+ group get up to last week?


Whether you dream of improving your English for professional or personal reasons, the 30+ General English Course is perfectly tailored to help you reach your goals faster. As well as improving your language skills, you’ll also learn about important topics such as British politics, current affairs and the arts. Plus, you can take advantage of our cultural and social activities just for adult students!

Last week’s 30+ course students have written a blog about their experiences visiting Kenwood House and Hampstead Heath. Thanks to all the students for getting stuck in!


“Last week, we went to Kenwood House in Hampstead Heath. We had a walk around the lovely park, enjoying the sunny weather and the view of the skyline of London. In Kenwood House, there is an exhibition of paintings, painted by different artists. But there are not just paintings, there are technical exhibits as well. For example, Claudia and I discovered an old wheel-chair! One of the guides in Kenwood House, explained to us, that the inventor of this chair had also invented several other things, roller blades for example! The guide told us a funny story about the flamboyant inventor. Finally, we had a little break in the cafe before we went back to Camden. It was a nice and interesting trip!”



“Hampstead Heath is a lovely big park in the north of London. There is a nice viewpoint, called Parliament Hill, a lot of walkways and Kenwood House. Kenwood House is a majestic mansion and was built in 1616. Inside, there is a collection with old beautiful impressive paintings. So thank you so much to our teacher Jonny for this excursion on a sunny day. It was wonderful!”



“On Thursday 18th of April, our teacher Jonny proposed us to take a walk in Hampstead Heath. So we left school around 10:00 AM and we went by bus.

We started in the south of the park and walked probably for one and a half hour and finished at Highgate. I really enjoyed this peaceful park because there are different atmospheres, green areas, woods, lakes and a wonderful view of London despite the fact you cannot clearly feel the city!

At the end of our walk, we visited Kenwood House, had a drink and went back to the school.”



“Oh well. I almost was late for school today. I don’t know what happened to my alarm clock. It just didn’t ring. But finally, everything was fine. I was at school on time. But at the beginning of the class, our teacher Jonny reminded us of the trip to Hampstead Park.

Oh my god, I had forgotten about this. I didn’t wear my sneakers. Ok, nevermind, I thought. When we arrived at Hampstead Heath, we started walking along a road that led us to the top of the hill. There was an amazing skyline of the city. We could identify the main buildings of London despite the slight haze.

I confess that in the middle of the road, I was a little tired. When we got to Kenwood House, I was able to rest and stretch my legs. Kenwood House is very pleasant. It was probably built in the early 17th century.

There is a renowned collection of Old Masters and British paintings. Most paintings of the time served with a summer house for the Royal Family. After we visited the museum outside of the house, we enjoyed some drinks together around the table.

Then we went back to Tti School. Just a great day trip!”

For more details about our 30+ Course please visit our website

A new series of Option Classes!


Here at Tti School of English, we are constantly updating the courses we offer, in order to stay in tune with students needs and desires, and in line with this we are rolling out a new series of option classes. The option classes are a chance for students to take a more specialised class and focus on a specific skill or area of language, such as pronunciation, listening skills, or even debating, in addition to the more wide-ranging areas covered in their General English course.

Our new range of option classes includes both those with an academic focus as well as some which are more about communication.


“Like a Native” is focussed on giving students the ability to understand real, natural, modern English; an opportunity to replace classic ‘textbook’ idioms like “It’s not my cup of tea” with phrases such as “I’m not a big fan of ________” or “Can’t say I’m really a _______ person”, which might have more currency on the streets of London in 2019. Students can also examine modern pronunciation, abbreviations for WhatsApp, and be equipped to better understand the latest Netflix series and top memes.

“Function Room” is all about students gaining to tools they need to do certain things in English. Want to complain about service? Interrupt someone without being rude? Express regret about a bad decision you’ve made? Often there are several ways to do the same job (‘I wish I’d brought my charger!’/’I should have brought my charger!’/’If only I’d brought my charger!’). In this class, students gain the flexibility of expression and the ability to re-word themselves if they are not understood.


“Test Time” is exactly what it says on the tin; while students gain plenty of reading, speaking, listening and writing practice in their other classes, in Test Time they have the opportunity to practice those skills required for official English tests (IELTS, CAE, FCE, TOEIC etc.) in an examination context, furthering the essential skills that are tested on these assessments and also gaining experience with the specific techniques involved in answering exam-style questions.

“Key Words” is a chance for students to focus in more detail on those tricky words, either those that have too many meanings (‘get drunk’, ‘get home’, ‘get broken’, ‘get £7.50p/h’, ‘get a gold medal’), or are used in two ways (‘since 2004′, ‘since he was unable to pay’), or even words where the meaning is the same, but the grammar is different (although it was expensive, despite the high price). Taking this option class, students will gain vital confidence with some of the most important words in the English language.


As you can see, there is something for everybody here, whether you’re looking to improve your casual chatting skills or are thinking of taking an official exam!

So what are you waiting for? Enrol or enquire today to see how we can help you to improve your English skills. We are waiting to hear from you.

What does London mean to you?


Despite its somewhat average weather, London will always have a magnetic charm. From beautiful parks, interesting and free museums to some of the best restaurants in the world, historic pubs and a vibrant nightlife.

We have been asking members of the team here at Tti what London means to them, and they have given us a range of opinions about this multicultural and diverse city. One thing that is for sure is that #LondonIsOpen.

“London means important places for a music lover like me! From visiting the mythical Abbey Road to any of the clubs and places where so many movements were born: New Romantics in Holborn, Punk Culture and Amy Winehouse in Camden, raves in Brixton, festivals in the summer London has it all if music is your passion!” – Ophelia, Senior Registrar.


“As well as being my home, where my work, friends and connections are, London also means free time. And all my free time is spent around delicious food. The food scene in London is to.die.for.  Without a doubt the most varied and exciting in the world. Forget the old (old old) myth involving England and food, London is where you can find anything you want to from anywhere in the world, for any pocket. From the swanky restaurants owned by Michelin starred, celebrity chefs of West London, to the food truck scene all over the city come rain or shine, to the hidden cheap-eats BYOB gems of Brixton, Clapham and Hackney to finally the intimate, unique experiences that the supper clubs provide – such as dining in a tube carriage, have a famous chef cook for you and your friends in their home, pop up restaurants at the back of clothes shops in Bricklane and the millions of cooking lessons-turned dinner dotted around town. If you’re looking to tickle your tastebuds, look no further than London!” – Marianne, Director of Studies.


“London means cycling down terraced streets at night, watching foxes streak out from between parked cars. It means reading in the park on sunny afternoons in June and July, sometimes dozing off while others kick footballs and crack open beers and listen to music out of their phones. It means colonising pub benches in the summer, enjoying the slow process of evening fading. It means always having too much to do, of being spoilt for choice.” Tom Gatehouse, Teacher.


“Apart from all the day to day pace, London is a place of cultural depth and diversity, innovation and history. Millions of different worlds contained within one city. Every day is an opportunity to discover a new one.” Jonny, Teacher.


“Learning a language isn’t just about learning some new words and grammar rules. It’s about learning another culture. It’s also a journey of self-discovery. Where best to do that in the world? London.” Ado, Teacher.


“I consider London my new home. I love its diversity, multiculturalism and from different backgrounds. In particular, I love its food markets and the fact that you can find food from anywhere in the world. And you can always find something fun to do.” Vesna, Teacher.


“London is a city I love living in because I can see or experience something new every day. No two days are the same in a city where there is something for everyone, 24/7. But the best part for me is the cosmopolitan nature of London. I bet you can find a teacher for almost every language that exists in this vibrant city.” Sally, Teacher & Social programme Organiser

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“London is a city of unlimited things to do and a place where I can find unlimited excuses not to do them. A city with 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, and the Tesco Meal Deal. In galleries here, you can find some of the greatest works of art ever created by human hands, and under the bridges, some of the laziest graffiti to ever come out of a spray-paint can. It is my home, by choice, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” Tom Miles, Teacher.


If you want to come and explore this amazing city at the same time as improving your English, find out more about our school following the link:

This is the right school if you want to prepare for the IELTS exam!


My name is Kia-Min, 23 years young and I come from Berlin, Germany. I’m a nurse and would like to gain some experience abroad, that was the main reason why I took a 5-week intensive IELTS preparation course at the Tti School of English. It was definitely the right choice!


The combination of 15 lessons of General English and 15 lessons of IELTS lesson each week are optimal if you want to be prepared for the IELTS exam.
Especially in the IELTS course, the focus is separated into four parts (speaking, listening, reading and writing), with exam tips being constantly given during the lessons. Many real IELTS past papers are discussed in the group and there is a weekly mock exam under real testing conditions, with detailed feedback afterwards.
The class is very small and the teacher can give everyone attention and can give everyone a voice.

Also during my time at the Tti School of English, I had to talk a lot and I was able to improve my English skills significantly! The teachers always adjust the content of the lesson, so every student can learn what they really need; there is a friendly family atmosphere at the school and the teachers are incredibly motivated. The admin team makes sure that everyone has a nice stay here.

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Students come from everywhere in the world and are of different ages. The best thing here is, it is how easy it is to make a lot of new friends. Every day there is a social activity in the afternoon that includes speaking workshops, going to pubs, watching movies together and more.


I felt very comfortable here. Thanks, everyone for the support and for teaching me interesting lessons!


Ich bin Kia-Min, 23 Jahre alt und komme aus Berlin. Da ich von Beruf Krankenschwester bin und beruflich neue Erfahrungen im Ausland sammeln möchte, habe ich mich für einen 5-wöchigen Sprachkurs bei der Tti School of English entschieden und das war definitiv die richtige Wahl! Mit einer Kombination aus 15 Stunden General English und 15 Stunden IELTS Kurs pro Woche habe ich mich optimal aufs Examen vorbereiten können.

Im IELTS Kurs wirst Du gezielt auf die 4 Bereiche (Speaking, Listening, Reading und Writing) des Examens vorbereitet, wobei all die Tipps und Tricks für das Examen erlernt, geübt und häufig wiederholt werden. Etliche Originalaufgaben werden in der Gruppe besprochen, wöchentliche „mock exams“ (Prüfungsaufgaben unter originalen Prüfungsbedingungen ) werden geschrieben und genauestens korrigiert, damit Du sie nachher auch für Dich auswerten kannst. Es sind wirklich kleine Klassen, sodass die Lehrer auf jeden individuell Acht geben können und jeden zu Wort kommen lassen. In der Tti School of English kommst Du nicht drum herum eine Menge zu reden, das mir persönlich einfach ungemein beim Verbessern der Sprache geholfen hat. Der Unterrichtsinhalt wird auch speziell an die Wünsche der derzeitigen Kursteilnehmer angepasst, damit du auf jeden Fall das lernst, was Du speziell brauchst.

Insgesamt ist es eine besonders familiäre, schöne Stimmung in der Schule. Die Lehrer sind unglaublich motiviert und auch das Organisationsteam achtet darauf, dass Dein Aufenthalt so wird, wie Du es Dir vorstellst. Die Teilnehmer kommen aus der ganzen Welt und sind jeden Alters. Das Beste ist, dass es unglaublich leicht ist neue Freunde zu finden. Jeden Tag gibt es Freizeitangebote von Sprachworkshops bis hin zu Pubbesuchen und Filmabenden. Hier fühlt man sich sehr schnell wohl.

Ich danke euch für eure Unterstützung und den Spaß, den ihr beim Unterrichten vermittelt habt. Dank euch kann ich sicher bald wieder zurück nach London kommen und freue mich schon darauf euch dann zu besuchen!

Thanks so much to you Kia! It was great having you with us! To find out more about our school, please follow the link:

What’s it like to live and work in London?


Live and work in London-An internship in London…..Thilde joined the Tti Team as an intern. She is from Copenhagen, in Denmark and is here to support us with some of our administration tasks for two weeks. This is her first blog post about her time living and working in London!


Read on to find out more about what it is like to intern in London!

Today, Monday 15th of October was my first day as an Intern and my second week in London is starting now. I’ve been to another English School last week, which helped me get prepared for the internship at Tti School of English. My purpose with this internship is to learn about work ethic and experience other costumes as well as working culture. It will help me get more independent and responsible and benefit me in my future.

I’ve met my workmates and done some small tasks to get me started. It’s been exciting and fun to experience what it is to work as an adult and to apply what I’ve been taught from the school. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next two weeks bring me!

It’s now my second day at Tti School, I’ve been doing a lot of desk work as to do copies of CD’s so we are ready for the exams next week.

I’ve been writing a lot of questions from students who used to go here, who has recommended the school to other students. It’s been taking a while but it’s a task I have to do during the week. Because of the many tasks, I had to do to daytime just flew by.

I’m starting to learn how to do small tasks by myself without any help, and I’m really looking forward to doing some marketing tasks and maybe some research. I find it fun but also challenging but in a good way, the things I learn here will definitely benefit me in the future.   

After work, I’m going to a musical about Michael Jackson called Thriller Live with my classmates from my school in Denmark who also have internships here in the UK in different places. It will be nice to see them again because I haven’t seen them since Friday, and I really miss hanging out with them since I’m used to seeing them every day.


Today has not been as busy as yesterday. I’ve been working on some schedules where I collect data to marketing, I find it really exciting but I have also found out that it takes a lot more time and preparation then I might think. I’m becoming much more familiar with the IT system and I’m starting to get bigger tasks and already been given more responsibility. We’ve had the usual (so, I’ve been told) weekly Wednesday meeting, here we talked about what tasks have been done and are in progress and also an improvement for the staff and the school to make it an even better place for students to come and study. A quite exciting thing I was told to do was, observe a class (to be a student for a lessons), so at 11 to 11:50 I was in Luke’s class as a normal student. I wrote a report on a topic I’d been given and got to learn some grammar which was very useful, plus I got to meet some of the students who go to the school which was really nice because they don’t see me as often because I’m in the office, so today I’ve met some new faces (yet again:).

After work, I will go and see my friends parents from Denmark who are visiting London for a week. Due to the fact that I’ve now been in London for a week and a half I consider myself being quite familiar with central London and so I will be their tour guide for a day.


I will show them SOHO and China Town all the tourist attractions but also focus on things I’ve found myself such as small cafes, local pubs, small beautiful parks and a shopping centre known as London Designer Outlet close to Wembley Stadium.


So I’ve finished all the tasks I’ve been given the past few days, I’ve done the statistics of the students to the different agencies and prepared classrooms 3 and 1 for the exams which will start next week. There hasn’t been much to do today other than preparation for the Leaver’s Ceremony, so I have made 25 welcome packs for the new students coming on Monday!

The weather was very nice so I decided to go to Camden Market where I got the best fish & chips I’ve ever had and this yummy waffle with ice-cream from Bubble Mania.


At the evening, I went to In Parma (10 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1SH) an Italian restaurant. I met up with my 3 friends and we went enjoyed a lovely Italian meal.


Some of the students from the school had a social activity, they were going to the pub. I was also invited but I couldn’t go because of my appointment with my girlfriends, but I heard they had a lot of fun!


So, I’ve been working on a marketing task were I had to answer a bunch of questions about the school from an agency. It was quite hard to find all the right information, but I managed to almost answer all the question without help :)

Also, every Friday we have the Leaver’s Ceremony where all the students who finished their courses get a certificate and we all say goodbye to them. There was about 7 leaver’s and they’ve all been enjoying classes and the teachers gave them credit for their hard work.

It’s nearly Halloween and here at Tti School, we are having a Halloween Party! I’ve been decorating the school a bit today so people really can get in the Halloween spirit.


I must leave a bit earlier because of my mom and sister are coming to visit me and spend the whole weekend with me, which I’m really looking forward to because I really miss them a lot.

Thanks Thilde for your contribution to our blog! To find out more about our school please visit our website:


Millennial language


Millennials or Generation X – people who were born between 1985 and 2000 and have no idea of what life was like before mobile phones are the current generation in their prime years. True, they get a lot of bad press but they have created a language of their own. In this Academic Blog, our Director of Studies Marianne will look into the most common words and phrases Millennials created as well as their complex online communication codes.

Surfing the net in the city
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