How Tti School of English can help you achieve your career goals in 2019.


On your first day at Tti School as part of your speaking test, one of the questions we ask all of our students is what their main objective is for taking the course. It’s really important for us – and you – to know what your aims are, as with this information we can help you reach your goals in the fastest and most effective way possible. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular answer we receive is that students are learning English in order to improve their career prospects.

writing workshop

Some students have just finished university and are using their gap year to improve their language skills. Some students have been sent to us by their companies, others are looking for a promotion and know that stronger language skills will benefit them. Sadly, some people have found themselves unemployed or redundant but have taken the positive step of using their career break to build on their skills. Whatever, the situation, one thing is for sure here at Tti we can help them all achieve these goals.

Obviously, just by taking the decision to come to London and take a course with us is the first step and simply by taking our General English courses some of these objectives can be met as basic language skills will be improved over the duration of the course. However, since career progression is one of the main reason for students to join our school, we have also put in place some extra programmes to support the language acquisition and help students to improve their chances of employment or promotion!

Every Thursday afternoon we hold a Career Workshop. This is an opportunity for students to join a small group and get some practical advice from one of our experienced teachers on CV and cover letter writing, interview and presentation skills, updating your LinkedIn profile as well as writing applications and personal statements for university.


Getting a globally recognised qualification will also enhance your career prospects and at Tti School, we prepare students for three of the most popular English language tests. IELTS and the Cambridge First and Advanced exams. IELTS preparation is the most popular and courses run year round and start every Monday. Our Cambridge courses run for 8 weeks in closed groups three times a year. The next one will start on 15th April.

We can also prepare students for a variety of other recognised qualifications such as TOEIC, TOEFL, OET and BEC. We prepare students for these less frequently requested exams on an individual basis with one to one tuition. Typically students chose our Special Combination course for this type of exam preparation as it allows them to combine a group course of General English with the one to one tuition focusing on the specific skills required for the exam. This course is also great for students who want to focus on improving a particular area of their English skills so once again it is an opportunity that we offer to help with your career progression. For example, if you have a big interview coming up, then individual tuition is a great way to prepare or perhaps you want to focus on the English used in your career field, for example, Medical or Legal English then once again our private tuition is the best way to that.


Why not get some work experience while you are in London? This is such a great way of enhancing your CV and really maximising your time in the UK. We offer very different programmes suited to different student profiles but they all have one thing in common, they will all definitely improve your career prospects. Get some work experience in your career field and take our Professional Work Experience programme. Get some practical experience and earn some money while you are in London and take our Paid Work Experience Programme or give something back whilst also gaining some invaluable experience with our Volunteering Programme.


If you are already living and working in London then we can help you to consolidate and fine tune all that English you are learning in your everyday life with our part-time evening course which takes place every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7 pm to 9 pm. This course looks at the English skills you will need in the workplace, and in life, offering a practical and friendly learner environment and a great opportunity to meet people in a similar situation to your own.

If you are in need of some inspiration why not read one of these blogs written by Tti students who have achieved their goals?

Angela, Rocio & Manuel.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol or enquire today to see how we can help you take the next step up the career ladder. We are waiting to hear from you.

Where will an English Course take you in 2019? Manuel tells us about his experience.


I’ve been taking English courses at Tti School for the last ten years, studying there every time I’ve been to London, which is one of my favourite cities in the world.

The first time I travelled to London was in August 2008. During the economic crisis, one of my best friends and work colleagues, Vanesa, was fired from our company. She went to London looking for a new job and a new life and I decided to go and visit her. Before my visit, I asked her to help me research English courses. I was lucky because she was visiting Candem when I asked her. She was walking just in front of your school… and she told me to go there (she only told me about this “selecting method” some years later…) I choose an intensive 30 lesson programme, for three weeks.
It might sound quite weird, but It was the first time I had studied English in English, and I was so scared about it. Thanks to the Tti team, I felt comfortable with my English level throughout the whole course and it really helped me to increase my self-confidence when I had to speak with others. As a result of all these things, when I returned to Spain my interest in English started.
Over the following years, I returned regularly to London to study at Tti and I developed both an interest and skills in English, through experiential classes and a very rich and varied offer of activities that the school organises. During this period of time, I have learned and I have met lots of new friends from all corners of the world with whom I still keep in contact. To study at Tti means learning in a homely environment, with friends around. Friends are the most important thing I have got during all these years studying at Tti School.
Tti teachers have always listened to me, answering my questions patiently and guiding me along the path of learning English. They mix theory and practice, consolidating what you have learnt during the first part of the class.
Recently, I was talking with Ray Dalio, who was in Madrid for a couple of days. I was talking with him in English, thanks to Tti!
Thanks for your contribution to our blog Manuel! If you would like more information about studying at our school then please click on the link:

New Year-New You!


Happy New Year and a warm welcome to our first blog of 2019! So, another new year, another set of resolutions and plans for a new life. Traditionally in many countries, people use the change of year as a time for quiet reflection and to make plans. Perhaps start a new course or quit an old bad habit. And here at Tti we are the same! Read on to find out what the some of the team are planning for 2019.


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Christmas and New Year in London


Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and unlike many other schools, Tti School stays open during the holidays! Every year we offer a course for our current students and students visiting London for those two weeks who wish to improve their English.


The content of the lessons will depend on the makeup of the classes – our syllabus and lesson plans are negotiated depending on students’ needs, lacks and wants. But everybody should expect fun lessons led by experienced teachers who will incorporate Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills as well as work on Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. You may have a lesson explaining the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland that will incorporate listening tasks, vocabulary building and speaking presentations. Or practice a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs around decorating the house for Christmas. Or even complex grammar points used to express the future, to give advice and recommendation and even grammar needed to speculate, hypothesise and complain.


Of course, Christmas and New Year is a special time to visit London and students should expect some of the lessons to incorporate some of the traditions and themes of Christmas. As well as the lessons, our always exciting Social Programme is particularly special during the holidays with plenty of activities with the best the city has to offer in this magical time. We have planned visits to galleries, museums and special exhibitions, visits to traditional restaurants and award-winning pubs as well as Winter Festivals and even the giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square – in the heart of historical London. Not to mention the fantastic Sales in the West End where all prices get dramatically reduced on the 26th of December.


The school atmosphere is cosy and oh so very festive with our Christmas decorations and mince pies to snack on while in class. It’s a very special period to study in London and we guarantee that you will have the best of times!

Christmas & NY course (4)

To find out more about our Christmas and New Year course please follow this link:

What’s it like to live and work in London?


Live and work in London-An internship in London…..Thilde joined the Tti Team as an intern. She is from Copenhagen, in Denmark and is here to support us with some of our administration tasks for two weeks. This is her first blog post about her time living and working in London!


Read on to find out more about what it is like to intern in London!

Today, Monday 15th of October was my first day as an Intern and my second week in London is starting now. I’ve been to another English School last week, which helped me get prepared for the internship at Tti School of English. My purpose with this internship is to learn about work ethic and experience other costumes as well as working culture. It will help me get more independent and responsible and benefit me in my future.

I’ve met my workmates and done some small tasks to get me started. It’s been exciting and fun to experience what it is to work as an adult and to apply what I’ve been taught from the school. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next two weeks bring me!

It’s now my second day at Tti School, I’ve been doing a lot of desk work as to do copies of CD’s so we are ready for the exams next week.

I’ve been writing a lot of questions from students who used to go here, who has recommended the school to other students. It’s been taking a while but it’s a task I have to do during the week. Because of the many tasks, I had to do to daytime just flew by.

I’m starting to learn how to do small tasks by myself without any help, and I’m really looking forward to doing some marketing tasks and maybe some research. I find it fun but also challenging but in a good way, the things I learn here will definitely benefit me in the future.   

After work, I’m going to a musical about Michael Jackson called Thriller Live with my classmates from my school in Denmark who also have internships here in the UK in different places. It will be nice to see them again because I haven’t seen them since Friday, and I really miss hanging out with them since I’m used to seeing them every day.


Today has not been as busy as yesterday. I’ve been working on some schedules where I collect data to marketing, I find it really exciting but I have also found out that it takes a lot more time and preparation then I might think. I’m becoming much more familiar with the IT system and I’m starting to get bigger tasks and already been given more responsibility. We’ve had the usual (so, I’ve been told) weekly Wednesday meeting, here we talked about what tasks have been done and are in progress and also an improvement for the staff and the school to make it an even better place for students to come and study. A quite exciting thing I was told to do was, observe a class (to be a student for a lessons), so at 11 to 11:50 I was in Luke’s class as a normal student. I wrote a report on a topic I’d been given and got to learn some grammar which was very useful, plus I got to meet some of the students who go to the school which was really nice because they don’t see me as often because I’m in the office, so today I’ve met some new faces (yet again:).

After work, I will go and see my friends parents from Denmark who are visiting London for a week. Due to the fact that I’ve now been in London for a week and a half I consider myself being quite familiar with central London and so I will be their tour guide for a day.


I will show them SOHO and China Town all the tourist attractions but also focus on things I’ve found myself such as small cafes, local pubs, small beautiful parks and a shopping centre known as London Designer Outlet close to Wembley Stadium.


So I’ve finished all the tasks I’ve been given the past few days, I’ve done the statistics of the students to the different agencies and prepared classrooms 3 and 1 for the exams which will start next week. There hasn’t been much to do today other than preparation for the Leaver’s Ceremony, so I have made 25 welcome packs for the new students coming on Monday!

The weather was very nice so I decided to go to Camden Market where I got the best fish & chips I’ve ever had and this yummy waffle with ice-cream from Bubble Mania.


At the evening, I went to In Parma (10 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1SH) an Italian restaurant. I met up with my 3 friends and we went enjoyed a lovely Italian meal.


Some of the students from the school had a social activity, they were going to the pub. I was also invited but I couldn’t go because of my appointment with my girlfriends, but I heard they had a lot of fun!


So, I’ve been working on a marketing task were I had to answer a bunch of questions about the school from an agency. It was quite hard to find all the right information, but I managed to almost answer all the question without help :)

Also, every Friday we have the Leaver’s Ceremony where all the students who finished their courses get a certificate and we all say goodbye to them. There was about 7 leaver’s and they’ve all been enjoying classes and the teachers gave them credit for their hard work.

It’s nearly Halloween and here at Tti School, we are having a Halloween Party! I’ve been decorating the school a bit today so people really can get in the Halloween spirit.


I must leave a bit earlier because of my mom and sister are coming to visit me and spend the whole weekend with me, which I’m really looking forward to because I really miss them a lot.

Thanks Thilde for your contribution to our blog! To find out more about our school please visit our website:


Where to see the best firework displays in London 2018?


“Remember remember the first week of November!”

On 5th November this year people across the UK will light bonfires, let off fireworks, and burn effigies of a man named Guy Fawkes. The reason they do this is that it is the anniversary of The Gunpowder Plot (1605); a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London by a group of dissident Catholics.

In 1603, Protestant James I became King of England. His predecessor Queen Elizabeth I had repressed Catholicism in England. Many Catholics hoped that James, being the son of the late Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, would be more sympathetic to their plight. He wasn’t and continued to carry out persecutions against them.

When is Bonfire Night?

The main firework action takes places on Monday, November 5th 2018, although events will run before and afterwards. Start planning your night of pyrotechnic fun using our listings below.

Where are the best firework displays in London?

Firework displays take place across the whole of London. Stay in your local area, or venture further afield, and pick a fireworks party that’s sure to end with a bang.


Firework Displays in London 2018! Here is our guide!


Book in your friends and family as the annual Battersea Park Fireworks display is back on Saturday 03 November 2018 to ignite the skies of Wandsworth inspired by this year’s theme, “Circus”.

Head over to Circus West Village at Battersea Power Station before or after the fireworks to enjoy one of the many new restaurants, bars and cafes now open in this exciting new riverside quarter. There is something for all the family to enjoy plus you’ll also be able to hop on and off the MBNA Thames Clippers River Bus at the Battersea Power Station Pier.

Gates open at and the bonfire is lit at 7.30pm by Councillor Jane Cooper, Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth. Fireworks start at, there is no entry after.

Tickets: £10.00 + booking fee


Battersea Park, London, SW11 4NJ


The Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival is easily one of the biggest displays in town. In fact, it’s so lofty, this year it’s happening TWICE, Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd of November. See impressive fireworks exploding with a glittering panoramic view of London as its backdrop while munching on street food and drinking craft beer. There is a family specific area, too.

Tickets: from £8.50


Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY



The Lambeth Fireworks display is back in Brockwell Park this year Saturday 3rd of November and promises to be bigger and better than ever with two displays for the price of one ticket. The first will be a kids’ movies themed display and will be followed by ‘The Time Tunnel’ show – fireworks choreographed to anthems from the ’90s onwards which to take revelers on a nostalgic journey. There will also be funfair rides, bars and plenty of great food from the likes of BBQ, Mac to the Future and Le Rac Shack.

Tickets: £10


Norwood Rd, London SE24 9BJ


Also known as the Tower Hamlets Fireworks, this is one of the few remaining free fireworks events in London. The theme of the display this year is Monsters, inspired by the first science-fiction novel Frankenstein which was published two centuries ago. The firework display and accompanying soundtrack have been designed by pyrotechnics group Walk the Plank and will start Sunday 4th at 7 pm. You’ll want to arrive early to enjoy a mulled wine from one of the local stalls in the park though from 5.30 pm.

Tickets: FREE event! No booking required


Grove Rd, Bow, London E3 5TB


Gates open at 6 pm on the 5th of November. The show will be a magical display with fewer bangs for the younger audience. This will be followed by a spectacular light show. The main family fireworks display including choreographed lights will take place at 8.30pm

TWO shows one fantastic price and even better news ticket prices are the same as last year!

Tickets: £8.50


Crystal Palace, London, SE19 2EL



As one of the capital’s rare major displays that’s still free, Blackheath attracts crowds of up to 100,000 to its all-day Guy Fawkes bash. This year’s event is on Saturday 3 November 2018.

Colourful fairground rides take over the heath from midday, food and drink stalls open at 5 pm and the fireworks kick off at 8 pm and will last for around 15 minutes. Don’t miss a wander through Blackheath Village, where the celebrations spill out into the streets.

Tickets: FREE.


Blackheath, London SE3 0TZ


Wembley Park Fireworks Night returns on November 4th 2018 with FREE ‘Light Up The Night’ festival for all the family, to celebrate Brent’s cultural diversity in an explosion of music, colours, fire and light, which combine the best of Bonfire Night and Diwali. It will be free to members of the public, making it a unique experience for communities in Brent and London-wide.

Wembley Park’s Light Up the Night Festival will feature a packed programme of activities for everyone, including three stages with live performances and the ultimate fireworks displays across Wembley Park.

Starting at 4 pm, Light Up the Night will feature live performances, Doctor Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory – an interactive environment with nine ingenious fire installations – and a fire and light parade created by Emergency Exit Arts, culminating in a firework spectacular at 7 pm.

Tickets: FREE


Wembley Park, London, HA9 0EG


And if you miss this chance but you are still in London at the end of the year…keep in mind that Bonfire Night in London is not the only large-scale fireworks London event. At the end of the year, London’s largest annual fireworks display place: London New Year’s Eve fireworks. You must book the tickets in advance! Tickets are £10 each and you can book up to four per person. Have fun!

For more ideas on what to do in November check out our Social Programme at

Adult English Courses in London!


The weekly social programme excursions are a unique aspect of our 30+ course.

As part of our 30+ course, we enjoy a variety of class excursions for educational purposes. Our trips vary from walks to enjoy the views from the top of Hampstead Heath, tucking into a bite to eat at the famous Borough Market to visiting museums and galleries. At the beginning of each week, we discuss suggestions as a group (as well as check the weather!) finding a suitable activity and time for everyone, fitting around other classes and social activities.


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Autumn in Camden Town


In this blog post Ophelia, our Senior Registrar has put together a list of upcoming local Camden events that you should check out!


Hello everyone! Summer might be fading away, but that doesn’t mean that events in our lovely borough are slowing down!

23rd September: Parliament Hill Street Party

The theme of this Sunday party is “Bunker Down at Haddo House”.There will be a virtual bunker tour, art workshops and installations, live music, food stalls, table tennis competitions and much more. For more information simply follow this link:

Until 7th October 2018- Frieze Sculpture Festival


Frieze Sculpture returns to the English Gardens of Regent’s Park for three months from summer until the end of  Frieze London Art festival, featuring works by 25 contemporary and modern artists presented by world-leading galleries. The free-to-view sculpture trail is the most accessible part of London’s biggest art fair with more than five million people visiting last year.

It is free of charge and you can find more information at

19th October: “Bad Moon Rising: a Creedence Clearwater Revival Special “ (at the Blue’s Kitchen and Bar)

We’re celebrating one of the greatest bands of the 60s, one that sold over 26 million records, played at the legendary Woodstock Festival and ranked in Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest artists of all time. Along with The Beatles and Stones, Creedence dominated the charts in the UK and USA during the counterculture period of the late 1960s. The Midnight Special will be performing their biggest hits to keep you grooving from 10:30pm.

Entry is only £5.70, and you can buy your tickets at

Have fun and send us some photos of these events if you attend!

 Thanks Ophelia! For more information about our school visit our homepage

Millennial language


Millennials or Generation X – people who were born between 1985 and 2000 and have no idea of what life was like before mobile phones are the current generation in their prime years. True, they get a lot of bad press but they have created a language of their own. In this Academic Blog, our Director of Studies Marianne will look into the most common words and phrases Millennials created as well as their complex online communication codes.

Surfing the net in the city
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