London! What is it like for English language students to study here?


In our writing and listening option classes we explore different vocabulary and structures for writing. Recently, the students discussed their favourite experiences here in London, before examining the style of writing required for a blog post. Paulina, from Germany, is a talented student at Tti, and below is an excellent blog post she produced about her experiences here in London.

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International Cat Day 2017


As you may already know we are real cat lovers here at Tti! In celebration of International Cat Day today, our intern Louisa has written this great blog about her cat who she misses very much!

My little rascal: Lotta

Some of you might know Astrid Lindgrens Stories about Lotta on Troublemaker Street, it was one of my favourite books as a child and the protagonist “Lotta” was always some kind of role model for me.

So, of course, when I got the chance to name our new kitten, the choice was crystal clear.

We got Lotta from our closest animal shelter (BTW: Do not shop, adopt!) in December of 2012 and she has made our home a home and our life a lot better.

Her fur has three colours: black, white and a feisty shade of red.


Her character can be described as feisty as her red specks of fur, but don’t be mistaken: She has never in her life killed a single mouse… she occasionally tosses them around our garden and thinks of them as a toy but they were always able to escape last minute.

Our dog might not be as lucky the next time he wants to play with her . Fullgrown Labrador vs. the smallest little cat ever… Thought the Labrador would win the belt? Nope you guessed wrong. One ferocious hiss and a  eager swish with Lottas paw and our dog, Emil, is nowhere to be seen.


I have been in London for 5 ½ weeks now which means I haven’t seen her for a loooooong time and I miss her (and the dog, but it’s national CAT day after all) like crazy. Especially when my feet are cold by night and she is nowhere near me to make them feel warm and cozy again.

So all of you who are able to give a home to a little kitten and are considering anyway: what’s there to think about? You might have to give up your throne as head of the house, because your cat will call the shots now but it is more than worth it!

My cat in her natural habitat: Queen of the castle:

IMG_3265Thanks so much for your contribution to our blog Louisa! For more details about Tti School of English click the link!

International Friendship Day 2017


Whether you celebrated International Friendship Day last Sunday or today, we thought you would like to read this blog written by two of our former students Sara and Paola from Italy who met at Tti! Read on to find out more about their international friendship!
Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 13.31.39
Sara writes…….The first time I met Paola I didn’t know she would become someone important in my life, who I am grateful to have met, to be honest I didn’t really like her very much when we first met!
We are so different but our path crossed while we were both living a similar life experiences ( living abroad, working as a nanny and studying at Tti School of English) and the rest is history!
A lot of fun, laughter, food (it’s all about where and when we eat) and beer. In one word: true friendship.
Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 13.32.10
Paola says……….I could finish this blog to describe our friendship and all the fantastic moments Sarà and I spent together but I’ll also write a few words on this important day. Tti School had an essential role because I could not have met Sara without being at that school and even if at the beginning we didn’t like each other that much, step by step we discovered our friendship could  last forever.
Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 13.30.46
Spending three years in London far away from our families and friends was so much easier with a true friend next to me. We spent such beautiful adventures together, we cried, we laughed a lot and we had such lovely trips together. Now we live in two different countries but we still keep in touch and tell each other all the news we have day by day. I don’t think I could have got through London’ experience without Sara! Happy International Friendship Day to everyone!
Thanks so much to you both for contributing to our blog! To find out more about our school and making friendships visit

Our intern, Nancy!


If you follow our blog you will know that Nancy our intern from Germany is leaving us today. You will also know that she has made a fantastic contribution to our blog regularly updating our readers on what has been going on at Tti and what life is like as an intern in London! Yesterday we published Nancy’s lovely farewell blog and today we publish our reply to Nancy to thank her for her hard work and dedication to Tti School of English. Here is what some of the Tti Team have to say about Nancy!


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Igor Saringer came to Study at Tti School!


Last month we were thrilled to welcome Igor Saringer to Tti School of English. Igor is a successful YouTuber from Brazil with over 1.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel! 


During his stay with us Igor studied on a 20 lesson programme from 9am to 1.20pm. This is our most popular course. To find out more about the course that Igor studied on please follow this link: English Courses at Tti School

He documented his time in London on YouTube filming 9 vlogs about the school and his experiences in our amazing city. We ere also able to follow him on instagram stories. It was fascinating!

Igor stayed in accommodation that we arranged for him through our accommodation provider London Nest. To find about more about the type of accommodation he stayed in check this link to his vlog that he filmed about his studio.

Before he left us we asked him if he would recommend Tti. He said yes and gave these three reasons as to why you should choose Tti School too! 

  • Great location in Camden Town, London
  • Great teachers and a nice environment to study in
  • Great accommodation options many of which are close to the school.

Watch the video of him speaking in Portuguese about these 3 reasons!


Thanks so much Igor. It was great having you to study with us. To find out more about the courses here at Tti follow this link:







Living and Working in London-An Intern’s View


Every week we have a lot of nice suggestions for our students giving them ideas about how to spend their free time. These social programme activities with our teachers are a wonderful opportunity to improve your English language, to get to know your classmates better or to meet the other students in the school. I suggest that you make the most of our social programme activities. Have a chat with our teachers, with other students and have fun while you’re learning more about the city.

One example of a great recent social programme activity was when we celebrated International Vegetarian Week. Our students enjoyed a dinner at the local vegetarian restaurant Mildred’s with our lovely teacher John. Thanks John for going there with our students. As you can see from the picture below, they had a lovely time with a delicious meal.


We had also a great free Listening Workshop with our wonderful teacher Mike. Our students were able to improve their listening skills for free.

Image 1

In addition we had a wonderful Pub Crawl in Camden, where our students enjoyed the popular bars and pubs of Camden. It was very busy, lots of students signed up for this event and our teachers Sally and John led the group. Thanks to Sally and John!

Furthermore we had a fun Games Night with our teacher Tom. The students practiced their speaking skills and improved their vocabulary while playing games!This is always a very good way to improve your English knowledge. Thank you Tom!

The students also visited The National Gallery with our lovely teacher Sally. It’s a very interesting gallery and you should visit it if you’re in London. An other nice event was the Pub Quiz again with Tom. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the students to improve their English, General and History knowledge. Thank you Tom.

We had also a lovely trip to the Tate Britain Museum, where I had the pleasure to go with two students. None of us had been there before but we enjoyed our time there with the famous paintings and drawings of William Turner and a lot of other artists.

Image 3

Now a short update about what I have been doing over the last few weeks. I’ve been to the cinema and I watched the film “Sleepless” which was quite interesting. I would always recommend going to the cinema to watch English movies even if they are without subtitles. It’s not necessary to understand every single word. You can still understand the whole meaning of the story. Furthermore I went with some students to a Brazilian restaurant in Camden (called “Made in Brazil”). I enjoyed the live music and the lovely Brazilian food there. We all had a great time there.

Dinner in Claudia's House

I also went on a free guided tour of London. I was really surprised because I found this tour on the website If you’re interested to learn more about London you should absolutely participate in these kind of walking tours, sometimes they are around one hour but also sometimes about five hours. I went on the movie and film scenes tour around the area of King’s Cross and Russell Square. In my opinion it was a lovely walk. Also the evening course students had a lovely time when we went after the course to a pub in Camden to watch the final minutes of a Manchester United football game with our teacher Mike. As you can see from the picture below, we had a great time.

In the Pub with Evening CourseAnd another exciting thing was that my mother and my sister visited me. I was really proud to show them a lot of nice places in London. We went to different markets, like Camden Market and Brick Lane Market. We enjoyed the sunny days in parks, e.g. Regent’s Park and Greenwich Park. I recommend taking the boat to Greenwich because it’s wonderful to relax on the River Thames while someone is telling you something about London and the most important sights, which you pass during the boat trip. Furthermore we went on the London Eye and experienced an amazing view across the whole city. It was a sensational attraction.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you also enjoy London.

Best wishes, Nancy

Thanks again Nancy for your brilliant contributions to our blog. If you would like more information about Tti School of English then just visit our website

Where will an English Course take you in 2017? Caroline tells us about her experience.


Caroline studied on an IELTS course with us at Tti School of English last year! She is now living and studying in London. Read on to find out where her English course at Tti took her!

I moved to London in January last year, with my boyfriend. We had always wanted to study abroad and as both are passionate about music, we decided that London would be the perfect place for us. When we decided to move to London, I started to look at different options. As a singer and dancer, my first plan was to either audition for parts or apply for a musical education. The thought of applying to a University felt out of reach, due to the high level of English required. My English grade from Sweden was not enough to be accepted into university, which led me to research different English Courses in London.


I have always been insecure about my English and especially my writing, that is why I decided that an English course would be a great opportunity to improve my English. The Swedish company “Sprakpunkten” got me in contact with Tti School of English in Camden Town. The location of the school, the different options of courses and the smaller sizes of the classes, are what made me choose Tti.

During my time at Tti I got to work with fantastic teachers that helped me improve my English in both writing, speaking, reading and listening. All the staff were very helpful and friendly. The social programme gave me an opportunity to meet new people and to improve my English in a different environment.

I did two different courses during my four months at Tti, General English and IELTS. The latter was a suggestion from a teacher, and without it I would not have completed the exam with the same results. The teachers always encouraged me to improve and challenge my English level, which made me confident enough to apply for university.

After a nerve-racking IELTS exam, I finally got the English grade I needed and my application for university got accepted. I am now studying a Bachelor Degree in Music Business and Arts Management at Middlesex University!


Something that almost seemed impossible one and half year ago when I first came to London. On the 28th of May, I am organising my first gig here in London with the music promotion company Float Live Music, that my boyfriend and I started earlier this year. This project is a part of my education and is hopefully just a beginning to bigger projects.

For more information about the band please read below and follow the links!

The Swedish garage rock band The Dahmers are set to play at Nambucca in Holloway, on the 28th of May. The band will be promoting their new album “In the Dead of Night” and this will be their UK debut, wrapping up their European tour through Germany, Poland and the UK.
The Dahmers as in the notorious American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, have been compared to other rock acts like; The Hives, The Hellacopters, The Cramps and Jay Reatard. A perfect blend of punk, garage and 60’s rock, wrapped up in a gritty, distorted, vintage sounding production.
Their latest album was released on the 24th of March on Lövely Records, following up their latest hit EP Nightcrawler which have received raving reviews in Sweden.
The event will take place on the bank holiday of the 28th of May, presented by Float Live Music.
Must listen to track: Nightcrawler


The Dahmers Links:


Facebook Event:

FLOAT LIVE MUSIC PRESENT: THE DAHMERS + THE RIVEN + THE INNOCENT The dirty high octane Swedish garage rock band is set to play at Nambucca on the 28th of May.

Ticket Link: (Promotional code: TTI)

Ticketbud – presenting The Dahmers + The Riven + Support – – May 28, 2017 at 596 Holloway Rd, London N7 6LB, UK. Find event and ticket information.

 Thank you so much Caroline for your contribution to our blog. Congratulations on your place at university! We hope the gig goes really well! To find out more about our school please visit our website

What are the benefits of being a Coffee Bar Monitor?


We are looking for coffee bar monitors at Tti School of English. This is a great opportunity to study English in London. Gonzalo from Argentina tells us about the benefits.

I started my experience at Tti School of English in May 2016 where I worked as a Coffee Bar Monitor and also attended to the General English Course for about five months.


I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina and this was my first time in Europe. Everything was new for me and, to be honest, when I just started my level of English was basic!

At the beginning, I thought it was going to be as one of many others schools of English around London, but that´s not true. For me, it was like home away home, and I can say that I really felt the spirit of Tti. The staff and teachers helped me every day and not only with my English but also to understand and discover this marvellous new country.

Moreover, working as a Coffee Bar Monitor helped me to improve my English faster and meet people around the world, discovering new and rich cultures, different customs and languages. On the other hand I strongly recommend you to participate in the different activities on the Social Programme that the school offers. Sharing time with classmates and teachers, will help you and push you to use the language, make mistakes and improve your speaking skills for FREE!

After five months, I took the decision to continue working in the coffee bar for another two months and started thinking on the idea of taking the FCE course to prepare myself for the Cambridge Exam. It was a tough challenge for me, an intensive 8 week course where you really improve your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills, you learn a lot of new vocabulary and useful expressions. I feel really proud of myself because I passed the exam but even more because I chose Tti School, met excellent people and I had an unforgettable experience for life.

If you choose any school of English in London, you will improve your English, but if you choose Tti School you will have the whole package: a lifetime experience! Come to discover this unique place.

Thank you so much for your contribution to our blog Gonzalo! It was a pleasure having you to study with us. For more details about our school or becoming a coffee bar monitor check out our website:

Accommodation in London.


Here at Tti School of English we know how important accommodation is to our students. In fact where they are going to stay in London is almost as important as the course they chose. We understand that for students to be happy and relaxed at school they must feel comfortable in their accommodation. With this in mind we work hard to make sure that we have a wide range of accommodation to suit all requirements at the same time as being mindful of budgets. Everybody has different expectations and different priorities. For some people location and proximity to Tti is the most important aspect yet for others, it is the opportunity to have a cultural exchange. Some students like the idea of sharing their accommodation whereas others want more privacy. We cater for all of these priorities. Just take a look at our accommodation portfolio!

Tti Student Houses:

These are by far our most popular accommodation option. Located in Camden Town just a 5 minute walk to school our student houses offer single and twin rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen on a self catering basis. Ideal for younger independent students on a budget. The minimum age is 18.


Student Residences:

We offer  two residences year round and one extra for the summer months of July and August. So three in total. All our residences are purpose built university halls of residence offering self catering accommodation. They are all within walking distance of Tti! (Walking distance is 30 mins) 

Our Standard Residence has single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom. Ideal for younger independent students on a budget. The minimum age in this residence is 18.

Our Premium Residence has single rooms with a small private bathroom and a shared kitchen. It also benefits from lovely communal spaces both inside and outdoors too. It is located in a quiet residential area and is perfect for all students aged over 18.

Our Standard Summer Residence is a perfect summer option. It is located in Zone 1 so access to both Camden Town and central London is so easy even on foot. The accommodation offered are single rooms with small private bathrooms and a shared kitchen. The minimum age in this residence is 18.

SummerResidence (1)


Another really popular option, homestay offers the opportunity to live with a host in London and get more immersed in both the English language and British culture. It is also really flexible with various options such as bed and breakfast, half board, private bathroom and even walking distance requests all possible. Simply the best way to maximise your exposure to the language and consequently make faster progress. This accommodation is ideal for all of our students from age 16+.

accom feedback


We have two studio options both located right  in the heart Camden Town. This type of accommodation allows total independence and privacy offering both private kitchen and bathroom facilities. You will need a bigger budget for this accommodation but that is off set as you wont need to pay so much for your travelling! This accommodation is ideal for more mature students. The minimum age is 18.

All of this accommodation is available to students booking an English course at Tti!  For more details about our accommodation and our courses visit our website: