London Parks-Summer 2018!


London might be a big, smokey, noisy metropolis but it is also one of the greenest cities in the world with some lovely green and tranquil spaces to escape the hustle and bustle!  Now that the weather is warming up and summer is coming we have put together our recommendations for some of the best outdoor spaces for you to enjoy during your stay with us!

Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

So let’s start with our local parks! We are so lucky that Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are located within a 7 minute walk of Tti! Relax in this beautiful park after you finish your classes at school. Have a stroll through the giant Regent’s Park and walk up Primrose Hill for wonderful views of the London skyline. Amble through the elegant flowerbeds in Avenue Garden, see more than 12,000 roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens, or hire a rowing boat and join the ducks on the boating lake. The nearest tube stations are Regent’s Park, Baker Street, Camden Town and Mornington Crescent.

RegentsPark4      RegentsPark2

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks here in London. It’s worth seeing this nice spot now spring has arrived and all the beautiful flowers have finally blossomed.

Hyde Park offers a wide range of activities like horse riding, boating on the Serpentine, feeding some animals (ducks, squirrels), having a coffee or cold ice tea and some food in the sun.

lf you’re not really into activities you can just lie down on the soft green grass and enjoy the sun for as long as it lasts. Don’t forget to visit all the memorials, statues and fountains Hyde Park has to offer! 

The nearest tube stations are Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch, Lancaster Gate and Knightsbridge. Hyde Park is open from 5am till midnight all year around, so it doesn’t matter if you want to jog in the morning, enjoy your lunch break or the watch the sunset in the evening.

HydePark1   HydePark3

Holland Park

You can never get tired of enjoying the sun and breathing some fresh air. So why don’t visit Holland Park? This park is not just a mixture of trees, it includes beautiful flower beds, animals and several pathways with interesting chill out areas.

The highlight is the Kyoto Garden. It’s a Japanese garden which contains a small waterfall surrounded by lovely trees. Have your own magical moment by standing in front of the waterfall and looking at the koi carps. The other parts of the park are worth visiting as well. Have a pleasant time by smelling the sweet fragrance of the roses or relax by watching the peacocks. The park is open from 7.30am till 30 min before dusk (tube station: Holland Park)

 HollandPark1  HollandPark3

Victoria Park

Also known as the people’s park, Victoria Park is one of the oldest parks in London with canals, ponds, a pavilion, tennis courts and a sports ground which makes it an absolute must see.

It is also perfect for people who like to party because in summer it’s taken over by a number of festivals (example: Lovebox and Field Day last year).

Take a picture at the Chinese pagoda or chill out near the fountains while enjoying some ice cream. Victoria Park boasts a lot of wildlife which includes a deer enclosure, moorhens, Grey and Canada geese and of course squirrels.

The park is open from 7am till dusk from Monday to Sunday. The nearest stations are Cambridge Heath and London Fields.

VictoriaPark1                       VictoriaPark2

Greenwich Park

Make the most of your time in London and combine history and summer! Visit Greenwich Park which is the location of the prime meridian. Climb the hill for a panoramic view of London and afterwards pass by the Royal Observatory and have a journey through space and time. As the park covers 74 hectares you have the opportunity to explore a huge area of nature.

The variety of ways to get to Greenwich is huge! Decide between bus, tube and the Docklands Light Railway (DLR). However, the best mode of transportation is the still getting there by boat. It’s great fun and you get the opportunity to pass a lot of sights. Greenwich Park is open from 6am all year round.


We hope to see you soon and to book your course with us this summer visit our website or email us

Summer in London at Tti School of English!


Summer at Tti School (1)

We hope that you had a nice Easter weekend and a great start to Springtime! We are enjoying the rising temperatures and the blooming nature of London. But as you know, time flies and we are already looking forward to Summer when the sun will shine, the days will be longer, everybody will be outside enjoying all that London has to offer! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to improve your language skills and travel to London because here you’ll find a variety of activities, a mix of cultures from all over the world and the possibility to study English better than anywhere else. If you are still not sure about spending your summer in London, then we would like to give you ten reasons why you should:

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How do you feel after eight weeks of an Exam Preparation Course?


Here at Tti, we are very sad to say goodbye to our Winter 2018 Exam Preparation (CAE/FCE) classes. It has been a challenging journey for our students, but they have prevailed. So how do our little champions feel at the end of their eight-week intensive course?


FCE Course Students


“I feel that the course is complete and very intensive. I was prepared to study, that’s actually why I took an eight-week course. I am satisfied and happy eventually. I will do my exam with a relaxed feeling because I have improved my grammar a lot, as well as my writing and listening skills. I think this course is for anyone who wants improve their English skills but they should prepare themselves to study a lot and come every day at lessons.”


“The course met my expectations in terms of the way the classes were taught, and also in the material that we have used, I think it is useful for the FCE exam because it is similar. I’ve improved my speaking which I found difficult to do in Spain. I really like learning this way, and how we can speak with each other while we are doing the class.”


“When I arrived in London, it was very difficult for me to speak English, almost impossible. Nowadays, I am really happy because I can have a real and good conversation. I think it’s the best to be with a small group of only 5-6 students. I think everyone will find this course useful.”


“I learned to feel more comfortable when I’m speaking. Also about specific topics. Although I also learned to read and understand. I think I improved a lot. I learned how to use expressions and pronouns. My writing has improved a little bit and also my use of English (grammar). And the best thing is I understand what I am reading. Even though it was really intensive we always did different things. We started to read something and the next part of the lesson was speaking etc. I really enjoyed it.”



CAE Course Students


“The course helped me improve the things I wanted to improve. It was always fun and funny with the teachers and the other classmates, I had fun doing the exercises and I learned a lot. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their English in all areas. Thinking about the highlights for me every day was a highlight.”


“This was more intensive than the general class, I feel like I know so much now. There was a lot of work but the time passed quickly. I liked it a lot and I’m not taking the exam so I will do the course again I think to improve more and more.”

If you want to find out more about our FCE and CAE courses starting 16th April, click on the link below: FCE and CAE Exam Preparation 

The Advantages of Private English Lessons


Group classes or private lessons? Many students ask themselves that question when they embark on a language learning journey. Of course, every student is different, but our Director of Studies Marianne believes that there are many advantages to one-to-one lessons, be it face to face or English lessons online. She’ll list the reasons below to help you make an informed decision.


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London’s Hidden Gems!


London is such a huge city with so many nice things to do, such as visiting Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, walking through the National Gallery, shopping on Oxford Street and seeing Big Ben. However, apart from these touristic hot spots, you can find so much more to do and see in this city. We asked our students for some suggestions for different places to visit during your stay. Here are their recommendations! There are some hidden gems here that you should check out!

Blog HiddenGems

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What’s it like to study on a IELTS Course at Tti School of English? Fabrizio from Italy shares his experience!


Fabrizio studied on an IELTS course with us at Tti School of English last year! He also had the opportunity to experience our 30+ General English Course and CAE Exam Preparation Course. Read on to know more about his experience on these courses and at the school.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 4.23.53 PM

What made you decide to come to Tti School and do an IELTS Preparation Course?

I’m an Italian doctor, and I retired in my country in September 2016. Then, I moved to London and I was trying to join the General Medical Council to work here as a doctor. So, I was informed that an IELTS exam with an average band score of 7.5, with no less than 7 in each module was a requirement.

Can you tell me a little about IELTS Preparation Course?

The purpose of the course is to teach students the strategy and structure of the exam.The IELTS exam is divided into 4 sections consisting of listening, reading, writing and speaking part.

In my opinion, a knowledge of English adequate to IELTS band aimed at is mandatory.
The IELTS Preparation Course should not be your option if you are thinking to improve your general English knowledge. There are other courses for that at Tti School, for example, the General English Course.

What do you study on Tti’s IELTS Preparation Course?

The syllabus is mainly about the different modules and tasks of the exam, including selected vocabulary and grammatical structures. Moreover, many mock exams were performed.

Who which you recommend IELTS Preparation Course to?

I would recommend the course to anyone specifically needs this certification for work or who want to study at university in an English speaking country. I would reinforce that a general adequate English knowledge is highly recommended. It is also important to remember that IELTS is not a pass/fail exam.

How has your experience in Tti School and Camden been?

My experience has been both really exciting and instructive. Tti School is well organised, it offers a wide range of activities besides lessons. E-learning is extremely useful and you have access up to 3 months after the end of the course. All teachers are first-class and ready to listen and advise you. A special mention goes to the 30+ class which is really enjoyable for more mature students like me. Nevertheless, I found very challenging dealing also with millennials! The staff are effective and friendly.


In conclusion, I would like to recommend Tti School to all people wishing a deep formation in English as a second language. Also, the venue is convenient and, even if I did not have the chance of using it, enjoyed it, all my classmates told me that accommodation provided by the school is very comfortable and, in most cases, within walking distance.


Last but not least, I found a group of friends among teachers, staff and classmates and I still miss them.


Thank you Fabrizio for this lovely blog and your kind words! We so enjoyed having you here at Tti School!

To learn more about our IELTS Preparation Courses please visit – 

Things to do in London according to our students!


Last week in our Listening and Writing Option 1 class, Steve and his students were working on how to write blog posts. The results were fantastic and here a couple of posts written by Meron, Yusuke, Clement and Emmanuele. They give you their favourite places and things to do in London. Enjoy!

Students in the Listening and Writing Option Class. 



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Exam Courses at Tti!


Our Exam Courses finished last week. Maria studied on the FCE preparation course and took the exam last weekend. Read all about her experience!

Nowadays, most people know how to speak English, even if it is not their mother tongue because most companies demand a high level of English, but how they can they find out what their exact level of English is? Take an exam!


FCE (First Certificate in English), is a Cambridge Exam which allows you to know if your level of English is high enough for the job. The exam has 4 parts. Reading and Use of English, Speaking, Listening and Writing.All of them have specifics exercises and require different skills and it is necessary to achieve an overall score of 60%.

If you want to prepare properly for the exam, you should book a FCE course where they teach you to do the exercises, focus on exam skills as well and improving your grammar and increasing your knowledge of vocabulary and then you will be ready to take the exam as I did.

My most challenging section of that course was Part 1 Reading and Use of English because of my low grammar skills, however I enjoyed the classes a lot and of course, I have improved my grammar skills.

If you are interested in taking this course and want some advice then ask your teacher about any doubts you have and for sure you will pass the exam.


Thanks for your contribution to our blog María! If you would like to study on this course in 2018, then click this link to find out more! FCE Exam Course at Tti School of English. Booking now for our next course starting on 22/01/18. Book before 31/12/2017 and save £433.