A Christmas Retrospective-My first Christmas in London by Ligia.

Yes , we know it’s nearly February but our Registrar , Ligia who is from Venezuela wanted to share with us her first ever Christmas holiday spent here in the UK!  Here she tells us a bit about the differences she found between the UK & Venezuela .  From Christmas cards to the typical Christmas pudding here’s a look back at Christmas 2015!! 


Top Five British Christmas traditions from a Venezuelan point of view

Christmas is an important event for Venezuelans and this is my first December far away from home. Fortunately, my new family and colleagues have made me feel as if I am at home, showing me their lovely English Christmas traditions.

I have learnt so many things since I arrived in London. The English have excellent manners and that is simply fantastic, which is why I want to tell you about my top 5 Christmas traditions so you can have an idea of how lovely it was for me.

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